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December 2010


One Week Until "The Bachelor" With Brad Womack Begins!

We are just one week away from the premiere of "The Bachelor" with Brad Womack!  Is it just me, or has it been a super long wait?!

To get you even more excited about the premiere, how about some previews?


In this first one, Michelle wants Brad to know that she's a W-O-M-A-N!  Take it easy lady, I think he gets the point. 


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Brad Womack: I'm a Better Person Now

Is Brad Womack a better person now?  Honestly, I don't think he was that bad to begin with.  I know I was hard on him in the past, but I think when you see these two preview clips, you might change your mind a little bit.


I mean, look at his face in the picture above.  This guy is clearly heartbroken.  This picture is from the first time Brad was "The Bachelor".  It's right after he sent both Jenni and DeAnna home.  He obviously felt so awful to do that, but from most people's perspectives, and even my own at one point, we couldn't understand how he couldn't fall for either of them and take the process this far.  He honestly tried, and he just couldn't commit to either.  I just think he wasn't ready and they weren't the right people for him.  Both DeAnna and Jenni have moved on to other relationships and are happy.  They found their right people, let's hope Brad can find his "one" now.

In this first clip, we relive what Brad went through when he let Jenni and DeAnna go.


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Full Transcript from 'The Bachelor' Brad Womack's Interview

Here is the full transcript as promised from yesterday's conference call with Brad Womack, the next "Bachelor"!  The questions I got to ask, are in purple.



Question:  So I wanted to know if after the first rose ceremony you were thinking, ‘I’m so glad I came back, or, what did I get myself into?’


Brad Womack:  I think after the slap I was thinking,’ what did get myself into?’  No, I’m kidding.  I was so, so happy to be back.  I really was so thankful that I was asked to be back and I was very, very happy. 

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30 Bachelorettes announced for 'The Bachelor' with Brad Womack!

The list of the 30 Bachelorettes for Brad Womack's season of "The Bachelor" have been released!  They are:


Alli, 24, an apparel merchant from Columbus, OH



Ashley H., 26, a dentist from Philadelphia, PA


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'The Bachelor' Brad Womack: I Found Love

In a conference call today, Brad Womack, the 15th "Bachelor" said that he has found love!  So fear not viewers, you will get your "happily ever after" after all!


Brad answered quite a few questions today and he answered them all very honestly and sincerely.  You can really tell by talking with him that he is taking this process very seriously and is truly in love with whichever woman he has selected.  He could not, however, tell us if he was engaged.  That, ABC is keeping top secret!  Check out a few audio clips from the interview below!


What do you say to viewers who may be skeptical to watch you this second time around?


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Ali & Roberto Make a Cute Christmas Thank You Video

Ali and Roberto made a super cute thank you video to two of their fans who sent them a very special Christmas ornament.

Click the picture to play the YouTube video.


Wasn't that so cute?! They both still seem so happy together and it's nice to see them enjoying the holidays!  It's also great that they say they are going to make another holiday video for Christmas!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


What Brad Looks for in a Woman, and Why He's Ready to Commit!

Brad Womack has released more answers to your burning questions about his love life ahead of the big premiere of "The Bachelor" on January 3rd!


First, he tells us if he's ready to commit to someone.



Next, he shares what he's looking for in a woman.


Those were pretty good answers.  Brad will share one more video on his Facebook Fan Page ahead of the big premiere so stay tuned!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese

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