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'The Bachelor' Brad Womack: I Found Love

In a conference call today, Brad Womack, the 15th "Bachelor" said that he has found love!  So fear not viewers, you will get your "happily ever after" after all!


Brad answered quite a few questions today and he answered them all very honestly and sincerely.  You can really tell by talking with him that he is taking this process very seriously and is truly in love with whichever woman he has selected.  He could not, however, tell us if he was engaged.  That, ABC is keeping top secret!  Check out a few audio clips from the interview below!


What do you say to viewers who may be skeptical to watch you this second time around?



Tell us what it was like being back at the mansion.




Were the ladies apprehensive about the fact that you were "The Bachelor"?  How did you calm their fears?




Check out this clip where my question makes Brad break out into a cold sweat!



Also the cast of characters, AKA the lovely ladies, was announced today!  I'll post a full list with pictures when it becomes available!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


For a list of all 30 Bachelorettes, CLICK HERE.



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