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Jealousy Reaches New Heights on Las Vegas 'Bachelor' Dates

The emotions are getting amped up to the max on “The Bachelor”.  People’s feelings are now fully getting invested and if you thought you saw tears before, that was nothing!  Is it just me, or are the girls more jealous early on than in past seasons?



First, Chris Harrison comes into the ladies mansion and tells them to pack their bags because they are headed to Las Vegas!  Woo!  They have just one hour, but they manage to pack all of their stuff and get to the airport.  Brad is already in Vegas and waiting for his bachelorettes to arrive.  He welcomes them at the Aria Hotel & Casino at CityCenter.  It’s gorgeous there!  It’s kind of weird seeing Brad with everyone at once, and it’s not a rose ceremony.



Brad leads them to their amazing suite at the hotel and pulls out the date card.  Instead of reading it himself, he places it on the coffee table and practically sprints out of the room.  It’s revealed that the lucky lady to get the one-on-one date this week is Shawntel!  Shawntel gets ready and runs outside to meet Brad, she leaps into his arms when she sees him.  Remember, the reason she’s doing this is because she did this time and time again when they were filming their “action movie” on that group date a couple weeks ago. 



He takes Shawntel to this amazingly high class luxury mall, and tells her, go wild!  Shawntel gets to buy whatever she wants, and ABC is footing the bill!  (So that’s why my paycheck was so small this week!  Just kidding!)  They try on clothes, look at shoes and purses, and Brad just keeps saying, “That’s great, put it on the counter, we’re getting it!”  Lucky girl!  They go to Fendi and buy a beautiful black dress for her to wear later that night and she gets a purse worth about $5,000.  



They return back to the suite, and you can just see all the ladies sitting there, green with envy!  They ask Shawntel to show them her purchases, but she doesn’t really want to because she knows they are jealous and not happy for her.  Still, she shows them anyway, and the green-eyed monster grows.   Chantal said that watching the whole experience made her feel heartbroken.



Brad leads Shawntel up to the roof and they take in the bright lights of Vegas.  Then, they have their own private dinner, right there on the roof.  That’s when Shawntel drops the bomb on Brad that she is a funeral director and embalmer.  Yikes!  So, being that he’s a good sport, Brad asks her what embalming actually is and how you do it.  Shawntel continues to munch on her dinner and explains how you make an incision, drain the blood out of a corpse, and then fill in their veins with a chemical fluid.  I thought Brad was going to throw up.  Still, he really does have an open mind this time around!  He tells her that she’s the hottest funeral director he’s ever met.  He gives her the rose, and then fireworks start to go off all around them in the sky.  This of course, leads to a make out session!



The group date card arrives at the suite and it says: “Let’s go speed dating”.  When all the ladies names are announced except Ashley S. and Ashley H. the two begin to cry because that means they are going on the dreaded two-on-one date where one of them must go home.  Michelle sits there and gloats about how she’s so happy and doesn’t care who goes as long as someone does.  I swear, she seems so evil sometimes!



The gaggle of girls heads off in two silver limos to the NASCAR track.  Yes, poor Emily is on this date.  Her finance, Ricky Hendricks, ended his race driving career at that track when he crashed, and later went on to manage, but then died in a plane crash on the way to a race.  It’s such a tragic story and there’s no way this date doesn’t dig up some seriously bad memories for Emily.  The girls are having fun taking turns driving around the track, but Brad realizes something is wrong with Emily. 

He takes her aside to talk and she reveals to him that her dead fiancé was a NASCAR driver.  Brad says he feels like a total jerk, but Emily says that’s why she didn’t want to tell him.  He says if she wants to go home, he will end the date and everyone will leave.  This was so sensitive of him, but Emily says being there is something she needs to do.  She manages to drive the car around the track and says that the first few laps were for Ricky, but the last one was for her and she’s ready for love again.  It was really touching. 



Then they all head off to an after party at a private pool.  Brad takes Emily aside again and Alli is not very understanding about this.  She says that the one with the worst story gets the most attention.  Well in this case, I think they should all just chill a little and be a bit more understanding.  Hopefully these girls will never have to endure what Emily did.  Brad tells Emily that he’s worried that Ricky left such a huge space to fill and Emily gets worried that Brad is just like every other guy she has been out with. 



Alli later talks to Brad about how it’s so hard to “feel special”.  Gag.  This seriously ticked me off.  This girl was acting so jealous and insensitive.  Chantal also voiced her concerns to Brad, but said that his sensitivity to Emily’s situation made her “LOVE” him even more.  Brad stopped her and was like, “love?”  She tried to backtrack but it was too late, the L word had officially been dropped!  In the end, all the tears were moot, because Emily got the rose.



Another date card comes and everyone knows what it is.  It’s the two-on-one date for the Ashleys.  It reads: “Come swing with the king”.  It ends up being for Cirque du Soleil Viva Elvis.  The ladies get to try out swinging high in the rafters with Brad.  After a very awkward dinner, Brad tells Ashley S. that he didn’t see her as his future wife.  WOW.  I really thought H. was going to go!  He walks her out and she holds it together until she gets to the limo and then the flood gates open once she’s inside.  She really cried A LOT!  Poor Ashley S.  She said that she felt like her “fight” was gone.  I hope she gets it back! 

Brad returns and says that despite sending S. home, he’s happy, and then he and Ashley H. make out.



After that date, Brad feels like he needs some therapy.  So, he calls up his buddy, Jamie the therapist.  It’s the same old, same old here.   He’s left with the important message that strength and vulnerability can co-exist.  I really do hope Chris Harrison is right and we can go back to him chatting with Brad next week.  This whole therapist routine is getting old.



It’s cocktail party time and Brad talks to Chantal again.  She explains how she feels about the Emily thing and Brad says he was honestly just being sensitive to her situation and he would have done the same for any of the girls.  He also tells Chantal to “quit giving me so much crap”.   HA!  Also, she at one point said that she was sick of talking about the whole thing and Brad said “good”.  Sheesh!  These two are funny together.



Brad later brings Alli a small little cake that had some green trim on it because he said she was wearing green when he first met her and he wants her to know she’s special.  Gag.  Marissa comes by and gives him an envelope with the things she would have texted him through out the past few days had they been going out in the real world.  Strange, but this last ditch effort by her fell too short.


Michelle took some time to drag him off to her lair and tells him that he’s not allowed to talk.  She basically gives him a lap dance and says to him that it’s time for him to send some girls home.  She leads him back out of the room and says, “Next time we are together, you can talk.”  Seriously Brad, haven’t you wised up yet?!



Michelle, Alli, Britt (this was a little bit of a surprise), Jackie, and Chantal received roses and joined Shawntel, Emily and Ashley H. to make up the remaining elite eight.  Marissa and Lisa (who?) joined Ashley S. in getting the boot. 



Next week, they all head to Costa Rica!  It looks like Brad may finally begin to question Michelle (let’s hope so!).



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Lara Ashburn

I am sorry but Michelle needs to go home no one likes her and I don't see what Brad sees in her... She is mean and thinks Brad is hers... I hope next week he sends her home

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