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New Interview with Chris Harrison the Host of 'The Bachelor'

This week, instead of one of the eliminated bachelorettes, (because let's face it...who were they and why were they so boring) Chris Harrison, the host of "The Bachelor" took some time out to talk about how this season is going so far.

Chris harrison 
He answered a lot of questions about the rumors that are swirling around out there right now so let's get right to what he had to say.


About the rumor that Brad recently broke up with season 11 contestant Bettina to be on "The Bachelor" again:  Chris said that it is simply "not true" and that if it was true, she would have been invited on for the second episode to confront Brad.  He said that they pretty much know every detail of his life and the lives of their contestants, so they would have for sure used that as some "shocking" material.  But, it wasn't true so they did not.


About Emily's NASCAR date this week:  Chris said that the date was set up before Emily was even selected to be on the show and that it was just happenstance that she ended up on the date.  They did not want to put her on the one-on-one (because she already had one), the two-on-one (because its obvious Brad likes her and would pick her), and the only thing left was the group date.  They decided not to tell Brad about the fact that her deceased fiancee, Ricky Hendricks, was a race car driver because they wanted to let it play out "like in real life".  The producers figured this would push their relationship in one of two ways: either it bonds them closer, or Brad realizes this is too much for him to deal with.  I personally still think it was in poor taste for them to do this, but Chris says you have to see the emotion that comes out of it and you will change your mind.


On Michelle Money:  She's not as crazy as you think.  Chris seems to think she's quite smart and plays Brad well.  He thinks she's entertaining and has a dry sense of humor.  He doesn't think she's crazy though...I beg to differ.


On possibly replacing Regis Philbin when he retires:  He says the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise is his family, and he loves living in California.  He is deeply honored that his name would ever even be brought up for a position like that, but he didn't quite see it happening.  He said he is enjoying all of the other opportunities ABC has given him like the "Miss America Pageant" and the "National Spelling Bee".  Chris is also hosting the Red Carpet for the Oscars for TV Guide.


I had the opportunity to ask him about how he felt about Jamie the therapist stealing all of his time with Brad before the rose ceremonies.  This is a bit of a sore topic actually!  He seemed to think that part of the story line was necessary for the first two episodes, but by now, we get the point, Brad was in therapy!  He says that this is the last week we should be seeing him hopefully, and then we will get back to the rose deliberations and Chris and Brad's guy talk.


Ok, that's all for now, I'll post the full transcript tomorrow and you'll want to come back for that!  It has some other juicy tidbits!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese




"Was in therapy" ahh yes he was, but any one who thinks that three years of therapy is going to fix a life time of problems is stupid. So what if brad is talking with his therapist, as long as he is talking to some one, I see no problem with it.

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