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Ding Dong Michelle is Gone! 'Bachelor' Fans Rejoyce!

We go from Costa Rica to Anguilla this week on “The Bachelor”.  While things heat up for some, they turn into a cold dead fish for others.  This week, there were three one-on-one dates and one group date.  There are no roses being given out on the one-on-one dates, but there is a rose up for grabs on the group date.




The first date of the trip is a one-on-one for Emily!  They go to a private desert island called Sandy Island.  They take a helicopter there of course!  I haven’t counted or anything, but I would be willing to bet that there have been more helicopters on this season than ever before!  I never thought I would say this, but I’m honestly getting bored by it! 




Brad admits to Emily that she makes him nervous and he always regrets missing opportunities to kiss her and not having the right things to say.  Emily says she feels the same way, and the kiss.  He even tells her that he cares about her so much and he knows he’s not supposed to say it but he cares for her more than he should probably admit at this point.  Wow, it totally sounds like he could be falling in love with her! 



After a fun afternoon, Brad and Emily settle down to dinner.  That’s when Brad drops the bomb on Emily.  He tells her he would really like to meet her daughter if he goes to meet her family.  They go back and forth on it, and Emily is really hesitant because she’s never had her daughter meet any man that she was dating before.  Yet, she knows it’s unreasonable to expect a proposal from someone who hasn’t met your daughter.  Then all of a sudden, he tells her that she’s getting a rose, that he wants to meet her family, and that she should get on the phone and talk to who ever she needs to talk to set the whole thing up!  Wow!  That’s crazy.  If he doesn’t pick her in the end, that can’t make the woman he did pick feel very good when watching this, but I guess it’s all part of the process!



Next, Shawntel gets a one-on-one date.  This is her second, and poor Britt is so disappointed.  She still has yet to get one, but there’s still a one-on-one up for grabs.  Shawntel runs up and kisses Brad and he almost seems taken aback at how passionate she is and how happy she is to see him.  They go for a bike ride around town and stop at a farmers market with music and food.   A lady there asks them if they are in love and she tells them that they should hold hands and kiss.  It was very sweet. 

Then, they walk over to a grassy area and there is a goat with two little babies!  So adorable!  They have a picnic there, and that’s when Shawntel tells him that she’s falling in love with him.



Later, they have dinner by the ocean and she tells him she’s falling in love with him again!  Sheesh, it’s still pretty early in their relationship, and I think that once is enough!  It’s not like he’s going to forget, I think she’s coming off a little needy.  All of a sudden it begins to rain, they share a cheesy look with each other, and then they begin to kiss.  They also got a concert by Bankie Banx, and got to share some passionate moments dancing in the moonlight.



The next one-on-one date goes to...BRITT!  At long last!  Michelle has sour grapes and says that it’s such a waste for Britt to get a one-on-one date with Brad.  The ladies were all just green with envy because Britt got to go on a private yacht with Brad.  They swim out to the yacht and then drink some champagne.  Despite her fears, she later goes cliff diving with Brad and they seem to have fun.  But did you notice that they really didn’t seem to click? I don’t know if Brad’s mind was with the other ladies, or if it just wasn’t there. 



Brad also noticed it wasn’t there, but went into the dinner portion of the date with an open mind.  After several attempts at conversation, he tells her he knows there’s no rose, but he’s sending her home anyway.  OUCH!  So, Britt pleads her case and says that maybe things would get better if they had more time, but that was just a futile effort.  She’s sent back to the villa on a tugboat and has to tell the ladies at the house that she’s there to pack her bags.  I felt so sad for her!



In the middle of the night, Brad wakes up Michelle, Ashley, and Chantal for their group date.  He surprises them with the fact that they will be doing a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition that hits newsstands on February 15th!  Michelle is thrilled, Ashley is concerned about having a small chest, and Chantal wishes she didn’t eat all week.  All three are very pretty and have nothing to worry about.  Chantal can suck it in, and Ashley can get some pushup help, but Michelle, she’s just crazy and nothing is going to help that.



Out on the beach, Ashley takes off her top!  She covered herself up with two seashells, but wow, this show just got a lot racier than I thought it was going to! 

Then Chantal does too!  I couldn’t believe it!  As much as Brad says he enjoyed that, he says it was uncomfortable to watch it with the other ladies. 

Then Michelle says that she wants to do a shoot with Brad and starts to lick his face and make out with him in the sand in front of the other ladies!  Brad later admits he let this go way too far.



Once the photo shoot was over, they went by a pool for a pool party.  He took some time to reassure Ashley of his feelings, and talked to Chantal for a while and he asked if her feelings were the same.  She told him that she still loved him, but felt like he was disconnecting a bit.  He told her, don’t worry it’s just the group date aspect of the whole thing.  Then, while talking to Michelle, he started to express some doubts.  I think her forwardness finally caught up with her.  He says that he thinks they are too similar and may find themselves butting heads too much in the future.



As Brad’s date from hell continues, he decides to pull Ashley away and reassure her of his feelings by giving her the date rose.  This of course, pisses Michelle off to no end, and then Chantal starts crying!  I really did feel bad for her.  At this point, group dates are brutal!  She tells him that if he can’t give her a rose out of three girls he should just send her home.  He says, well there are more roses tonight and I have reasons for everything.  She doesn’t really understand.  He asks her if she’s ok, and she says “I’m OK” sarcastically.  It was a rough end.



Then, Chris Harrison sits down with Brad and they talk for a while.  He tells him to make sure he is sure of what he wants to do and Brad says he is.  In fact, he’s so sure, he doesn’t want to drag things out.  He tells Chris to tell the ladies that there will be no cocktail party tonight.  Of course the women are upset and worried!



In the end, Michelle is sent home.  He asks if he can hold her hand as he walks her out and she says no.  He asks her if she wants to talk and she says no again, and just gets in the limo.  Once inside the limo, she lays her head down on the seat and says NOTHING...very weird!



So next week, Brad will visit Emily, Chantal, Shawntel, and Ashley’s hometowns!  In the previews, it shows Brad meeting Emily’s daughter Ricki, and it seems like they don’t have an easy time getting to know each other.  Also, on Shawntel’s hometown date, Brad visits her place of work...the funeral home!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,


Jennifer Matarese



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