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Full Transcript of Interview with Michelle Money on 'The Bachelor'

Here's the full transcript of the interview with Michelle Money from "The Bachelor"!  The questions that I asked are in PURPLE.


Question: Looking back on it, do you wish that maybe you had not been so outspoken to Brad about the other women?

Michelle Money: No. No. No.

I don’t feel like – you know, a lot of our conversation wasn't just about the other women. You know, there was a lot of really great conversation that was just between him and I. So, no, I feel like – I feel good about that.

Question: And then, I was also wondering there is a lot of people that are considering you this season as villain. Is that something you expected going into the show?

Michelle Money: I never in a million years expected to be the villain to be really honest with you. I'm actually really surprised and was really shocked and really upset by it in the beginning. And, yes, it's been hard to kind of see just one very small side of me being the only side being portrayed.

Question: Tell us about that black eye?

Michelle Money: Oh my gosh.

Question: There has got to be more to it.

Michelle Money: I wish that I had some better story to give you. But truly, I woke up with a black eye. The night before, I wasn't drunk.

It was just a normal night. Like I washed my face, put my eye cream on and everything was normal. Went to bad and woke up.

And I was kind of rubbing my eye and my eye was really sore. And went to look in mirror and I’m like, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” And so, it was really funny because with all word like – I was like, “does anyone have an idea how I got this?”

We all sat down and talked about it like I was so like beside myself that this had really happened to me. So, I actually I think that it might have been stress related or like a popped a blood vessel. I have no idea.

Question: Well, I guess we’ll have to live with that as the explanation.

Michelle Money: I know. I wish that I have something better for you. I really do because like this, my answer, the truth sounds really stupid.

Question: Now, here’s the tough question. Did you ever really feel that Brad was falling for you?

Michelle Money: Yes, absolutely. If I didn’t feel like that, I would not have been there. I would have been home with my daughter.

So, you know, Brad and I actually had a really strong connection from the beginning right when we met, you know. And our connection was definitely strong. And he was very – I made it very clear to him from the first night that if he felt like I was not the right girl for him, I asked that he would send me home like immediately.

Because, you know, I have a 5-year-old at home that I left to go and pursue this relationship with him. And so, you know, a lot of what you didn't see is like, you know, our conversation that was, you know – that was a lot more, you know, intimate and connected. And we had a really great like and. Our communication was really great and everything. So, I know that when he sent me home that was -- he knew 100 percent that that was when I should go home.

Question: Do you have any hard feelings?

Michelle Money: No. No hard feelings whatsoever.

Question: Can you talk about where you think it started to go wrong? Did you have any clue that night that you wouldn’t be getting the rose?

Michelle Money: You know, I had a feeling that something was off. Brad and I, you know, even though you didn't see it in Costa Rica, we had a really, really great conversation. I wish that you guys would have been able to see it.

Unfortunately, you didn’t. But our conversation was really, really great. And I felt really good going into Anguilla.

But once we got to Anguilla, after we had our photo shoot and we had some time at the pool to talk, I could tell that he was – that it was different. I could tell something was different. And I think that – in my opinion, I think that’s when I – I think that he really started falling in love with Emily. That’s my guess.

Question: OK. And what advice would you have for other women who want to go on The Bachelor?

Michelle Money: You know, I just think you just have to be true to yourself. All you can do is just be you. You know, – you know, yes, this is a T.V. show, but it's also very real.

You know, and when I left the show, I felt really great about, you know, the choices I made and who I was. And I felt really confident that I was true to myself and that Brad got a really pretty clear idea as who I am. And I just think you have to really open your heart up and be vulnerable. And, you know and – I mean, I guess that's all I can say.

Delaina Dixon: So, do you say anything when Brad walked out with you or in the car, what was going through your mind at that time?

Michelle Money: Brad and I actually did have a conversation. Unfortunately, it wasn't shown. But we had a really great conversation that gave me closure and helped me, you know, feel confident in his decision.

And, you know, I was really just excited to go home to my daughter.

Question: Looking back on it, do you still think Brad is the right guy for you or have you gotten beyond that at this stage?

Michelle Money: Yes. No, I’ve absolutely gotten beyond that. And, you know, I think it doesn't matter if I think he is the right guy for me.

If he doesn't think I’m right for him, then it’s like irrelevant. You know, I think that I’m not his type. And I personally think that his type of girl is more along the lines of Emily.

Jennifer Matarese: So, going back to how you said you thought you were portrayed, do you think it was a problem that, you know, things being edited out or do you kind of feel like there were moments that were – that came off so intense that was really how you were feeling at the time?

Michelle Money: I feel like I have a very sarcastic, dry sense of humor. And if you don’t get the full spectrum of who I am, and that’s not revealed to you and you’re only getting that one side of me, I see how that can come off as very intense. So, for me, I feel like when you just get a small chopped up version of me being sarcastic, it comes across the wrong way.

And so, I do feel like it’s a combination of both things like not having my – you know, all – like not having my – all of my personality being shown along with the fact that I have a sarcastic sense of humor.

Jennifer Matarese: OK. And would you ever go on Bachelor Pad or would that just be too much time away from your daughter and everything?

Michelle Money: Yes, I don’t think that I could leave my daughter like that again. You know, that was really hard for me. I really, at this time, you know, I would say no.

I wouldn’t be able to do something like that.

Jennifer Matarese: What if you were asked to be The Bachelorette?

Michelle Money: If I were offered the chance like I would have to be able to bring my daughter with me. And I don’t know when the shooting schedule – I mean, she’s got school. And so, I wouldn’t like to pull her out of school to go to The Bachelorette.

You know, what I mean. It’s just I don’t see it. My daughter is my number one priority.

And so, I guess it’s all kind of situational. Like, I don’t know how to answer that right now.

Question: A lot of viewers had a really strong reaction toward your actions and what you said in the house. What did your family and friends think of it?

Michelle Money: Well, I didn’t watch the show. Once I found out that I was being portrayed as the villain, I was very upset. And I actually didn’t really watch the show.

And so, all I really had to go off of was the reactions from my friends and family. And to be honest, everyone who knows me was very upset. And I would get phone calls every day about different ways that like different promos that were being shown and commercials about me. And, you know, it was very upsetting to everyone who knows me.

Question: And now, you’ve talked about how hard it was to leave your daughter and how you weren’t happy being portrayed as the villain. And you say you don’t regret your actions too much on the show, but do you regret going on the show especially now that you’re not going to receive the final rose?

Michelle Money: I do not regret going on the show in any way. I’m so glad I did it. And I had such an amazing experience.

And, you know, I wish that all those experiences would have been able to be shown, but they weren’t, unfortunately. But my experience with it was nothing but positive.

Question: Alright, so, the – you said that you did have a conversation with Brad on the way to the limo, right? It wasn’t?

Michelle Money: Yes.

Question: OK, so, because it was portrayed pretty much like you said “don’t hold my hand, don’t touch me, don’t talk to me.”

Michelle Money: Yes.

Question: So, that was not how it went out?

Michelle Money: No, it was not.

Question: OK. And then, so limo ride, you know, being – I mean, obviously, we see a lot of girls get in that car and cry and break down and, you know, lose their...

Michelle Money: Right.

Question: You know, their S. But do you think that was it planned for you to not show any emotion? Were you just shocked? Were you – I mean?

Michelle Money: You know, I actually did have emotions shown. And I did have a lot to say and I wish that that would have been shown, but it wasn’t. And, you know, I was – I was bummed out.

You know, I really did want that rose. I really wanted to see like I feel like when I left, I was surprised that how kind of relieved I was. But I also would have been really happy to have had the rose and had the chance for him to come to my hometown and meet my family and my daughter.

I felt like what I was feeling was strong enough to take it to that level. Unfortunately, he wasn’t feeling that.

Question: OK. So, would you say you did – I mean, did you sleep on the limo drive?

Michelle Money: Yes. I did.

Question: OK. And then, my other question was, you know, you were pretty adamant the whole time that none of the other girls were right for him and you felt like you were the best choice but not looking obviously, would you be out of the race for lack of a better term. Is there someone that you do think could be possibly right for him that could last?

Michelle Money: You know, I think of all the girls – of the girls that are left, I think the best choice for Brad would be Emily.

Question: OK. Why do you say that?

Michelle Money: Because Emily is – I feel like Brad needs someone who is – who is a little bit more soft-spoken and feminine and she’s just that Southern belle. And she’s just – you know, she’s just a lady – a fair, ladylike and sweet and soft. And I think that’s the kind of girl that would be best for Brad.

Question: So, I was wondering are you ready to start dating again now or are you at all worried about how like you’ve managing the show, how they might have reacted to it. Is it kind of affecting your dating life?

Michelle Money: You know, I feel like any time – you know, as soon as I was portrayed, you know, I think once you – once you actually meet me face to face and have a conversation with me, it’s very clear that I’m not a villain.

So, I’m not worried about dating, you know, at all. I think more than anything I’ve just had a hard time finding people to date in Utah. And, you know, its – with being a single mom, it’s hard to get out and travel and meet new people and have, you know, the opportunity to meet different men outside of where I’m from.

And so, I’m – you know, I’m hopeful that I’ll meet somebody. And I definitely still want – I mean, I still want the same thing. I want to get married.

I want to have more kids. I want to, you know, be in like a committed, healthy relationship with somebody. And I’m very hopeful that I will find that.

Question: Yes. And so, what are the characteristics would you be looking for?

Michelle Money: I’m looking for somebody who is very confident, somebody that can make me laugh, somebody that’s funny and someone that I can trust, you know, to be a great example to my daughter, you know.

Question: You keep saying that you actually did have a conversation with Brad on the way to the limo but you haven’t really told us what you’ve talked about. So, could you tell us a little bit about what that conversation was?

Michelle Money: The conversation I had with Brad was like a very personal conversation and I’m glad I had it. It gave me the closure that I needed. And it was something that was positive.

It was positive. It was a – it was – it was – it was a great conversation for me and I’m glad we had it.

Question: And it seems like Brad made a really big deal out of whether or not he’s going to get to meet Emily’s daughter but that didn’t seem to be an issue with you guys. Do you know why?

Michelle Money: I think Emily’s situation is very unique because Emily’s daughter has never been around – has never really had that kind of a figure in her life, unfortunately, because her father passed away. And I think that Emily has been very good about being very careful about the men that she lets into Ricki’s life because of the unique situation that she is in. And so, I think that her situation is very unique and very delicate.

Question: I wanted to ask you about Chantal O. the way the editors made it look like that you had – you guys had issues together. Was that true?

Michelle Money: You know, I don’t – I don’t have anything against Chantal. Nothing. I think Chantal is a great woman.

I think she’s beautiful and smart. And I think nothing but, you know, wonderful things for Chantal. You know, I think it’s unfortunate that everyone only got to see like more of like this kind of catty side between us.

I think that a lot of the issue was – for me personally, I think that Chantal was very hard to get to know for me. She’s very – I feel like I had a connection with every girl at the house except for Chantal. And so, you know, Chantal is really – she’s kind of like a guy’s girl.

You know, she is – you know, she keeps her distance from women. And I think that’s just who she is. And I – but I think that that’s fine.

There is nothing wrong with that. I just – I left the show feeling like, you know, if I ever saw Chantal again, I would be so happy to see her. I would give her the biggest hug and be so happy to see her. But it – but I still don’t think she’s right for Brad.

Question: Got it. And you mentioned like before the rose ceremony that at the cocktail party you wanted to talk to Brad. What were you planning to talk to him about?

Michelle Money: Well, I thought, like, at that point I was really like kind of unsure with where we were. I felt very disconnected from him in Anguilla.

And I could tell that something was off. And, you know, at the time I didn’t really put it together that his heart was probably with someone else. I was still very confused.

And, you know, I wanted to have a little bit more like clarity and confidence from him that taking that next step and meeting my family and my daughter was going to be the right decision for us. And so, I really wanted to have another conversation with him before that decision was made.

Question: Do you have any regrets about doing it – about being on The Bachelor?

Michelle Money: You know, my – I have no regrets. When I left the show, I felt very confident and that I was – that I was true to who I was. And, you know, all I can do is be me.

I can't be anybody else but me. And, you know, at the end of the day, one very small side of me was shown and that's unfortunate, but it doesn’t – I know what my experience was like and I know what really happened and I know the like amazing friendships I have made and the amazing, you know, opportunity I had to get to know, you know, Brad, who is a great guy. And so, I’m very glad I did it.

Question: OK. And what do you think of your Sports Illustrated shots?

Michelle Money: I’m real – I’m happy with them. I think the Sports Illustrated shots look great. You know, I think it’s such an honor to even be in that magazine. And I think everyone looks amazing.

Question: So, you know, we’ve watched Brad treat the women very well, obviously, on these very exciting dates and he took Shawntel on a shopping spree in Vegas. Why do you think it’s so important for him to kind of lavish the women with such generosity?

Michelle Money: I think that’s just part of who Brad is. I think Brad is a Southern gentleman. I think that that’s his core.

I don’t – I don’t know. I think he is just – he is very considerate and he is very thoughtful and mindful of everyone who’s around him like how they might be feeling. And I think that’s just who Brad is.

Question: And do you think that of all the women left that they are all in love with him?

Michelle Money: I don’t know. You know, I really don’t know. I know that Chantal made it clear that she was in love with him.

But I wouldn’t be able to even guess that.

Question: So, you said you had a conversation with Brad on the way to the limo that, you know, we didn’t get to see. So, when you were silent in the limo as well, was that also just the editing or did you actually have things to say and react?

Michelle Money: I did have things to say and I did react. And, you know, me lying down was actually a result of me being incredibly carsick from talking to the camera while driving down a bumpy road and lights in my face. And so, the reason I laid down is because I literally was going to throw up.

Question: OK. So, you said – you know, can you elaborate a little bit on what you actually did say then?

Michelle Money: I just kind of – kind of talked through the conversation that I had outside of the limo, which was a good conversation. And I felt like, you know, I was in a good place. And I felt like that it’s just felt good about his decision.

I felt more confident in his decision. And, you know, I talked a lot about my family and my daughter and how – you know, they asked me if – you know, what I had to say to the world and what I wanted to be remembered by. And I said that I want to be remembered as a girl who is loving and who’s forgiving and kind and a good mother.

And, you know, I spoke about my family and my daughter a lot. And I felt good about Brad’s decision.

Question: OK. In the show, you briefly mentioning your daughter to Brad when you had a one-on-one date with him, but Brad, you know, didn’t really seem to bring her up as much as he did about, you know, Emily’s daughter when he was with her and your divorce also seem to get barely mentioned compared to Brad’s questions about Chantal’s prior marriage and many of the other bachelorettes’ past relationships as well. So, did you ever really get, you know, any in-depth conversations with him about your child and such or were those topics just maybe not edited in to the show?

Michelle Money: Right. You know, I felt like I – I felt like I talked about my daughter so much that I needed because my issue from the very beginning with Brad was if he does not feel like it’s right – I’m right for him, And if I don’t feel like he’s right for me, we need to be honest with each other and just tell each other like don’t wait for a rose ceremony, just be straight-up with me because every second that I’m here with you is a second that I’m away from my daughter.

And so, I spoke about my daughter in every conversation I had with him because I was really struggling being away from her. You know, I had just as many emotional breakdowns as Emily did, if not more I had. And, you know, I was really – every girl in the house knows that my struggle and my desire to really have that one-on-one date with Brad was because I had my daughter at home.

And so, unfortunately, none of that was aired, but Brad knows. You know, Brad and I and all the girls that were there know like that was my ammunition behind, you know, this “like aggression” to get to know Brad. But, you know, that’s why I went on the show, was to get to know Brad.

And I took advantage of every opportunity that was – that was given to me to have that time with him because I wanted to know if he was someone that I could see in my future. Because if he wasn’t, I wanted to go home.

Question: I just want to touch briefly on you’ve just – you’ve spoken a lot today about editing and things you said and, you know, just like the last question that things you wish would have been shown. Is there one specific thing looking back on your experience and knowing that, you know, didn’t make it to air that you wish people would have seen?

Michelle Money: Oh there’s hundreds and hundreds of stuff. I mean, as far as one specific thing, I wish more than anything that people could have seen like the kind things that I had to say and the nice things that I said about the other girls and about Brad. And, you know, I wish people could have heard me talk more about my love for my daughter and my family. And that my intentions of going on the show were, you know, very true to the fact that I just wanted to get to know Brad, you know.

And so, there’s a lot that I wish that would have been shown. But that’s what you get for signing up for a reality T.V. show.

Question: And you were – you were talking a little about, you know, if you saw Chantal again that you would give her a big hug but you will probably see all of the girls at the, you know, after the rose things where you guys all get together. Is there anything you’re anxious about, you know, knowing you’re going to go back in and seeing all the girls of excited or anything you kind of want to, you know, rehash with anyone when you get back together with all the girls?

Michelle Money: No. I mean, I’m really sad that Chantal is getting a lot of like negativity towards her shoot and her physical appearance. And it makes me really, really sad that people can be so cruel.

And I think that Chantal is beautiful. I think her body is beautiful. I think that she is like a confident, amazing woman.

And I hate to think that she is feeling anything less than that. And to be put in a situation where you go and do a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated like right without any warning. I mean, a lot of those models, you know, have months to diet and prepare for something like that.

And we were really put on the spot at the last second. And, you know, we all – we all gain weight in our lives, up and down and lose weight. And that’s just part of life.

And it’s like it’s so sad to me how cruel people can be about Chantal and her physical – I mean, I think Chantal is beautiful. And I just – more than anything, just want to give her a big hug and tell her she’s, you know, a beautiful, amazing woman.

Question: Hi, Michelle. I just wanted to touch on that you talked about people’s reaction to Chantal’s shoot. Does that mean you’re kind of following the news stories out there about yourself and the other women?

And that’s the way.

Michelle Money: No, I don’t read – I don’t read any of that. I do keep in touch with producers and with friends and family who inform me of, you know, what’s being said. And so, I actually don’t.

I don’t get online. I don’t – I don’t read anything unless there is something that I am informed of that I should be aware of. I stay away from it because there’s so much negativity.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does, someone is going to have something negative to say about you. And at the end of the day like I know who I am. And I know that the people who love me and that I love know who I am and know that I am, you know, a great woman and I have so many positive things to add to the world.

And I’m, you know – have a lot of worth and I feel like it’s so easy to get online and to read these magazines and start feeling, you know, less of who I am. And it’s so unfortunate that that’s the society that we live in. But, you know, going into this situation; you kind of have an idea that that’s going to happen.

But until it really happens, it’s like – it’s you can’t – it’s you can’t explain it. It’s like a very overwhelming negative energy that is around you all the time. And you have to counteract that with as much positivity as possible.

And so, for me, I just stay away from it.

Question: OK. You did joke on air that you didn't think Brad and Britt would even be friends even on Facebook. Do you think you will be Facebook friends with Brad or any of the other women after they have seen you on the show?

Michelle Money: Yes, I absolutely do. I think I will definitely be friends with Brad. I think I’ll be friends with, you know, everyone on the show.

I mean, I don’t know how they feel about me. I know that for every girl there, I would love to be friends with them forever and the same with Brad.

Question: Thank you. Michelle, when you’re on the show, everybody’s talking about you being a hairdresser and one of the girls left have said you were really nice and that you had done everybody’s hair. But then, also, posted online, there is a clip of you as an actress. So, can you explain – are you trying to be an actress or are you a hairdresser?

Michelle Money: No, I have been in modeling and acting since I was 15 years old. So, growing up in Utah, I have always – I have always done that on the side. In Utah, there is not a ton of work.

But there’s enough to make like some good extra money on the side. So, my main source of income comes from doing hair. And so, for me, it’s like I would feel very like – I don’t – I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that I’m an actress or a model because that’s not where my sole source of income comes from.

It’s just kind of like a side – something I have always done on the side. Coincidentally, right before I went on The Bachelor, I booked a lead role on a film. And, you know, we started filming.

And during this filming process, I actually – that’s when I got casted on the show – on The Bachelor.

And so, it was all just kind of this ironic like coincidence that I got my first lead role in a movie, you know, right before I left to film The Bachelor. So, it’s been kind of like a unique coincidence.

Question: OK. Because sometimes when you were talking I was wondering if you were just trying to do that to get more time on the air for publicity. Then, you said that's your sense of humor.

Michelle Money: Yes, it’s absolutely my – I mean, trust me like if I wanted to go and promote myself just like a model or actress like, you know, I wouldn’t have walked off the set on the, you know, Red Cross commercial shoot where I would’ve had this opportunity to show my acting skills. You know what I mean like?

And on the – on the – for the photo shoot with Sports Illustrated, I would have, you know, like pushed myself as being this model or, you know, like that’s just not who I am. It’s not my personality to, you know – I definitely did not go on the show to promote anything other than the fact that I want to be in a relationship with someone and I want to get married again. And that’s my – that’s the core of who I am.

That’s what I want. I don’t want to be known as a model or an actress or anything. I want to be known as a mother.

And I want to be a good wife. And I want to be – those are the things that I value in life and those are the things that are important to me.

Question: My first question is what was it like to live in that house with all the girls all competing for the same man?

Michelle Money: Oh my gosh. Living in that house, at first it’s so fun. You know, it’s like – it’s so exciting and everyone’s just put in this like such a unique situation and, you know, there’s tons of like really fun, positive energy.

And, you know, I’m a girly girl like I love to do hair and do people’s makeup and do wardrobe and accessorize. Like that stuff is really fun for me. So, I really enjoyed being in the house with the other girls.

But once it kind of started getting down like right before we left the house to go to Vegas, it got a lot more intense, you know, with the different girls. And what happens is you start like – start sizing yourself up to everybody and you start comparing. And, you know, unfortunately, you don’t get to have any feedback from Brad as far as where his feelings are.

And so, all of us are like reading into every move he makes and every word he speaks and every – you know, like everything that he does because we have nothing else to go off of.

And so, you know, in our head it’s like this mind game of like OK, is he just giving that to me or is he talking that way to other girls or, you know? You know, it’s funny because I felt like I had this like unique relationship with Brad.

But, you know, it’s very apparent that he was having those unique relationships with everyone.

That you don’t ever get to see that. And so, it’s really intense. But it’s also really fun.

It really is like a fun experience.

Question: Great. Well, also, you portrayed as the villain on the show.

Michelle Money: Yes.

Question: And, you know, that’s kind of what they cling in your center and a lot of a drama. Do you think you were more there as the producer's pick or you think it was really for a real connection with Brad?

Michelle Money: I'm sorry. Say that again. Do I think I was there for what?

Question: Do you think – I mean, since you are portrayed as the villain.

Michelle Money: OK.

Question: And you’re not. Do you think you were there more of a producer kind of push through the show or was it a real connection with Brad?

Michelle Money: Oh, I see what you’re saying. Like did they keep me around just to kind of – no, I think that I absolutely – I think it was definitely because I have a connection with Brad. You know, again, like I made it very, very clear to Brad from the very beginning like, please, just if you do not feel like I’m right for you, please let me go home. I need to go back to my daughter. And I, really trust that Brad would have done that and did do that exactly when he felt like the connection was not strong enough to continue.

Question: With four ladies left, how about handicapping their chances for us?

Michelle Money: Oh, man. My personal belief is that Emily is the last girl standing.

Question: You think that?

Michelle Money: Yes, I really do. I hope so. More than – and maybe it’s just like these hopes that I have.

Emily was my best friend in the house. And so, I know Emily probably better than anybody on the show. And I really, really, really hope that it’s Emily.

Question: Does anybody know that how well connected she is to the Hendrick family?

Michelle Money: Yes. Yes. She eventually like – you know, she was very specific about who she would talk to about that situation, but – I mean, we all knew that her, – you know, her fiancé who has passed away was, you know, the Hendrick son.

Question: So, who is the runner-up?

Michelle Money: Chantal.

Question: And after that? Who’s next to go home?

Michelle Money: I think – OK, I think it’s going to go – I think – this is my personal opinion. I think it’s going to go – I think next week – I think, this Monday Shawntel N. is going to go home. Next is Ashley H. and then I think it’s going to be Chantal and Emily.

And I think Emily is going to be the one who ends up with him.

And I do think – I will say this – I do think that Emily will be the one who ends up with him if she chooses that that’s what she wants.

I don’t think it will be a matter of, like, if Brad chooses her, I think it might be a little bit more of like if she chooses Brad too. Do you know what I mean?

Question: What if Brad chooses nobody? He has already it once.

Michelle Money: I don’t think he will. If he chooses no one, good for him. If he doesn’t feel like there’s anyone that’s good – that’s right for him, good for him. Be true to yourself, be honest. Like good for him.

Question: Now, I’ve heard you say a number of times you live in Utah.

Michelle Money: Yes.

Question: How much did the fact that where you live have to do with the modesty issue at the photo shoot?

Michelle Money: You know, I am – I grew up Mormon and that’s a – that’s my core. That’s like the core of who I am.

And I’m grateful for that. And I feel very blessed and lucky to have been grown up – to have grown up in such a like – with such strong foundation of my self-worth and my understanding that I am a daughter of God and that there is a bigger – this life is much bigger than just this world we live in. You know, and I have it like my personal belief.

And on that issue of morale and being modest – of modesty is mine. It’s mine. That’s the way I feel.

It doesn’t mean that anyone else who does it is right or wrong. That’s just my personal way of living. And not that I'm like this perfect person that’s always like modest.

But in regards to like taking my top off, that’s just a decision that was mine that I made and I’m not passing judgment on the other girls for doing it. It’s just – it was just a personal choice that, you know, was for me.

Question: Now, if asked, would you be the next Bachelorette?

Michelle Money: I would really have to – truly like it just – it’s so much about my daughter. You know, like my daughter is my number one priority and, you know, Jason got to take his son with him. I think for the filming I would need to know more of the details of that.

But I don’t know. I can’t answer that right now with having like the information, you know, in front of me.


I know that I had an amazing experience on the show and to be able to do it again would be so fun and so incredible. And, you know, I really do want to find love. And I really do want to get married again.

And I want to have more kids. And I want to like move on with that part of my life. And I just turned 30.

And I feel like, you know, – I just feel that’s the goal for me is to really have like a family. Like family is what is really – what really matters in life, you know. So, those are my goals.

It’s not to go out and be like some famous actress or some big famous reality star. Like, you know, I’m in a situation where I can’t – I can’t really like up and – I could. But I choose not to just like up and leave Utah because Brielle’s dad and her family and everyone is in Utah and the situation right now.

And I feel like for her it’s kind of the best thing to just kind of be in Utah right now. And so, you know, my goal is really to just – is family. Family is what is important.

Family is what matters. And I want my own family. And I want to do it the right way.

And I want to be with the right guy. And I don’t ever want to get divorced again. So, you know, for me it’s worth the wait.

So, I don’t know. It would have to be – I would have to have more information about it, you know.

Question: I was looking online and Chris Harrison had said in an interview that you were playing Brad extremely well. And my question for you is, did you ever intuitively feel that the show was kind of – kind of putting you to the position of playing an evil character or a villain?

Michelle Money: Never, not even once. Not even in one small sort of way. Never.

You know, there is – we’re filming like – there is like 300 hours of footage for each episode and you’re seeing like an hour and a half of that many hours. You know what I mean? There is so many other conversations I have had and interviews I have had and interactions with people like.

And, you know, I think – I think the one thing that I – but I think the reason I am an easy target for something like that is because I am upfront and I am direct. And I am, you know, like honest. And I don’t know.

I’m not easily swayed, usually, you know. So, it’s like I feel like I was kind of an easy target as far as being like the outspoken, aggressive woman. And I think – I mean, again, I never thought I would be the villain. Ever.

Question: What's your hair tip for the spring? What should we be doing? It’s like a, you know.

Michelle Money: With our hair?

Question: Yes. What should we be doing? Is it locks or?

Michelle Money: Oh, I’m all about like – I'm all about like long, healthy, shiny, flowy movement. And I really am kind of into like that bohemian look.

So, kind of like if you can pull it off like part of the middle and like – you know, like – just kind of like you just got out of the ocean like very – like natural looks. And I’m really loving like the melting technique that the colors they are doing and how it looks like very natural. Natural tones, not anything too like louder.

Natural, I just – I'm really into just like natural looking like beautiful, long, healthy. I don’t know. I just – that’s my opinion.

Question: You’ve said in the past that you didn’t think that Chantal was really a match for her. And I’m wondering what you think that he sees in her and if you could reiterate a little bit you don’t believe that she’s right for him.

Michelle Money: I think that Chantal is with Brad – as far as what I noticed, you know, while filming is she’s kind of like jokey and like would kind of, like, tease him and, you know, kind of push him and make fun of him and kind of try to lighten up the mood with – kind of in a teasing way. That to me came across a little bit more immature. But that being said, you know, I think that he probably found a lot of like – so, I felt very comfortable with her doing that and felt a little bit more relaxed.

And a little bit more like – you know, and I think the fact that she fell in love with him very fast, I think that he probably really liked that. You know, it probably gave him confidence and probably gave him more like security with her. And, you know, you could definitely tell that she was crazy about Brad and head over heels and then totally in love with him, from what she said.

And I think anyone loves to feel that way. Everyone loves to feel loved. And kind – you know, like you’re the queen of the world for him like just he was – I think she made him feel like he could do no wrong. Did that make sense?

Question: I think so. Because it sounds like – I mean, Shawntel, the other Shawntel has also been saying as well that she – you know, she basically said she was falling in love with him as well. So, what do you think is the difference with Chantal O. that he feels – you know, that you think she’s actually going to make it to the final two?

Michelle Money: I think that Chantal O. was a lot more emotionally invested. And I think that she was – because she did get so emotional and so vulnerable, I think that – in think that Brad felt a lot more security with Chantal O. in how vulnerable she got and how like emotionally distraught she would get about like not getting a rose or whatever. And I think Shawntel N. is a little bit more composed.

I think Shawntel is a little bit – Shawntel N. is a little bit more like – I think she’s a little bit more mature. And as far as like emotionally, it could maybe a little bit more emotionally stable, which I think for Brad with kind of understanding who Brad is, I think

Brad needs someone who gives him a lot of confidence and security with where they’re at with him.

Question: Hi, Michelle. Just a couple of more questions. You and Brad obviously had quite a physical attraction to each other and sexual chemistry, which many of the bachelorettes found apparent.

So, looking back, do you think that was basically, you know, the only basis of your relationship with him and that it might have lack, you know, that emotion or romantic aspect or do you feel like you just really did naturally have a strong connection with him in more ways than one?

Michelle Money: We had a lot of connections in a lot more ways than that. Again, I wish you could have seen that. But, you know – but we did – I mean, that we did have a strong, you know, physical connection to each other as well.

But it’s really interesting because the last few times that we – like when we were – when we kissed in Anguilla and all of that like I could feel that his kisses weren’t as like passionate or as like emotional or like I think that’s kind of what helped me realize that his heart was with someone else by the way that he would kiss me. I could tell it was a little bit more cold. And so, I think that like because we had like this great – like connection like great communication, great like understanding of each other and good conversation and everything.

Like that helps the physical connection. That helps like that sexual connection, too. And I think it got to a point where that went a different direction with him or his heart was with someone else.

And I think that it made him feel uncomfortable like to be kissing someone that like his heart wasn’t with. And I think that’s actually what helped me realize like that – that his – that he was definitely into someone else.

Question: You touched on this a little bit, but a lot of the other bachelorettes I have talked to the season accused you of having an in-it-to-win-it attitude and basically questioned whether you really were into Brad or just basically looking to win the competition. What’s your response to that?

Michelle Money: I was definitely there for the right reasons. That’s what – I mean, I don’t know about the other girls. But like I went on the show to find love.

And, you know, I made it very clear that if I felt there wasn’t a connection with Brad, that I needed to go home. But I did feel a connection with Brad and I felt like the connection was reciprocated. I felt like he felt the same way.

And so, absolutely, I went for it. And I think if you don’t, I think you’re doing yourself a disservice. I think that’s exactly why you should be there.

You should be there to win it if that’s what you want. And you still like that’s – I mean, if that’s the purpose of the show. If you know what I mean, like I was in it to win it, but I was in it to win it based on the feelings that I was feeling and based on the way he felt about me.

And so, I think if you go about that in a – in an – in a different way, I think that that’s – I don’t think that’s fair to any of the other girls when I think that that’s just doing yourself a like disservice. Do you know what I mean?

Question: Yes. And how did you end up on The Bachelor, we’re you nominated and was it your first time applying for the show?

Michelle Money: Yes, my little brother secretly like submitted me online. And I got a phone call from a casting producer like the next day. I was very confused. And then my brother told me what he had done and so it was my brother.

Question: OK. Last question. This is kind of a little funny one.

But you reportedly got your acting start in a Backstreet Boys video, and you apparently, you know, receiving a rose from one of them, which is a funny coincidence considering you ended up on The Bachelor and it’s all about giving.

Michelle Money: I know.

Question: Roses.

Michelle Money: So funny.

Question: Any thoughts on that?

Michelle Money: I do think it's just ironic. I just think it's – yes, I mean the irony of that is really, really funny. It is.

It's like, I didn't even think about that until someone had done some story on it. But, yes, it’s funny to look back at that and then to be where I’m at now. That’s pretty ironic.

Question: Hey, Michelle. One last question. You kind of touch on this a minute ago, but I’m just wondering why do you think only one side of your character was shown in editing when someone like Emily is getting such a sympathetic edit?

Michelle Money: Because it’s a T.V. show. And, you know, like the viewers want to see, you know, some drama. And it’s – that’s part of what the risk that you take in signing up for a show like The Bachelor.

Like you go into it knowing like that’s what people want to see is the drama. And it was funny because, you know, we all got along so well and kind of felt like, I don’t know what kind of drama they’re going to pull from this.

But, you know, I – It’s because it’s a TV show. And, you know, I kind of think of The

Bachelor as like I think it’s – I think it’s football.

It’s like football for women. Like women just like to have their favorite, you know, like have their opinions about the different girls and, you know, their thoughts and feelings on them. And it’s kind of just like it’s football for women.


I'll post some more previews this weekend!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


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