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February 2011


Preview of 'The Bachelor' Dates in South Africa!

Brad Womack and his trio of ladies heads to South Africa this week!  How amazing!  Brad said before the season even started that his favorite date was on a safari.

Look who got that date!  Chantal!  Could it be a sign?  Here is a preview:


Keep on reading for more video clips! 

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Full Transcript of Shawntel's Interview

Here is the full transcript of Shawntel's interview!  She goes into detail about her feelings about each of the three remaining ladies and which one she feels is right for Brad.  She also talks about how there was creepy funeral music edited in for portions of her hometown date. 

Question: So we just wanted to get right down to it and ask, was it your idea to take Brad into the morgue or was it the producers?

Shawntel Newton: You know, it was a little of both. I kind of thought, you know, I just might as well lay all my cards out on the table with Brad. And him coming to Chico, I mean this is my job. This is where I grew up with and I thought if he wants to get down on his knee and propose to me, I mean he might as well come into the funeral home and see, you know, what I grew up around and what I do. So I kind of just thought well let's just do this.

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Shawntel: I Went Through the Stages of Grief When Brad Sent Me Home

Shawntel Newton, the prettiest funeral director ever, spoke about her time on "The Bachelor" and what she went through when Brad sent her home.


Shawntel says that she did love Brad, and that she went through the stages of grief when he sent her home.  She said that she is doing OK now, but she does compare it a lot to someone who has had a death and lost a loved one.  Shawntel said that you go through the same stages: She got angry, wondered if she could have done something different, etc...


But she says she is not in love with him anymore.  It was incredibly hard for her to watch the show now and see the one-on-one time that he shared with the other women, especially when Brad would express his feelings to them and it was similar to what he told her.  She feels Brad is really lucky to have such great girls left and thinks they all have something great to offer him.

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Preview of Next Week's 'The Bachelor' in South Africa!

Brad and the ladies truly get the trip of a lifetime next week when they all head to South Africa!  It's down to Chantal, Ashley, and Emily in the competition for Brad's heart!  Here's a press release from ABC about next week's show:


Romantic adventures await Brad and the final three women - Ashley H., Chantal and Emily - as they travel to spectacular South Africa. Brad and the bachelorettes settle in at the picture perfect Lion Sands Private Game Reserve in Kruger National Park in Sabi Sand, South Africa. The Bachelor begins his South African journey with an exclusive safari with an excited Chantal, who can't wait to explore the African wilderness with him. As their jeep powers through the rugged terrain, the couple find themselves up close and personal with remarkable creatures... giraffes, elephants and lions roam freely around them. Later, at an intimate dinner, Chantal wastes no time making her feelings and intentions clear to Brad. Will her passion serve as a cautionary red flag to the Bachelor, or will he throw caution to the wind and offer her the fantasy suite card so that they can spend the night in a romantic tree house in the wild?

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Lots of Highs and Lows on Hometown Date Week on 'The Bachelor'

I love hometown week.  I feel like this is when you really get to see how “The Bachelor” reacts for real with each of the ladies, and get a better idea of who is good for him.



Brad heads first to Seattle to see Chantal O.  She says it’s crucial for her to have her parents approval, and in this case, she had very little to worry about.  He starts off by checking out her house and her three pets.  She has a dog named “Boca” who is the cutest little Pomeranian, and two cats named “Jinxy” and “Bailey”.  They were all so cute.  Brad loved how confident and secure she seemed at home, and that was exactly what he started to fall in love with in the first place.  Best of all, Boca approved of Brad because Chantal said he’s a biter and he didn’t nibble on Brad.


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Preview of Brad's Hometown Dates with Ashley and Emily

Brad's whole relationship with Emily hangs in the balance this week, and it all depends on how her daughter, Ricki, feels about Brad.

Brad looks like he does the smart thing and brings a gift for Ricki, my guess is it's a Barbie...but it seems like things get off to an awkward start.  I really hope for their sake their day in Charlotte, North Carolina improves!


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Preview of Brad's Hometown Dates with Chantal and Shawntel

Brad travels across the country to meet the ladies families on the long awaited hometown dates on this week's "The Bachelor".

Brad heads to Seattle to meet Chantal O's family!  She gives him some of her famous razzing before they go to see her home and meet her family members.


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Full Transcript of Interview with Michelle Money on 'The Bachelor'

Here's the full transcript of the interview with Michelle Money from "The Bachelor"!  The questions that I asked are in PURPLE.


Question: Looking back on it, do you wish that maybe you had not been so outspoken to Brad about the other women?

Michelle Money: No. No. No.

I don’t feel like – you know, a lot of our conversation wasn't just about the other women. You know, there was a lot of really great conversation that was just between him and I. So, no, I feel like – I feel good about that.

Question: And then, I was also wondering there is a lot of people that are considering you this season as villain. Is that something you expected going into the show?

Michelle Money: I never in a million years expected to be the villain to be really honest with you. I'm actually really surprised and was really shocked and really upset by it in the beginning. And, yes, it's been hard to kind of see just one very small side of me being the only side being portrayed.

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New Interview with Michelle Money of 'The Bachelor'

Michelle Money, the villain on this season of "The Bachelor" spoke about her time on the show.

Michelle brad 

First off, she says despite the way she was edited, she has no regrets and would do the whole thing again.  Michelle said that she said a lot of nice things about the other girls, her family, her daughter, and her experiences on the show that simply never got shown.

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Deleted Scene from this Week's 'The Bachelor'

Chantal gives everyone a big reality check in this deleted scene from this week's "The Bachelor".

This scene picks up right after the girls return to the villa after their group date from hell.  Ashley is flaunting her rose all over the place, and everyone else is like, "wow a photo shoot, how fun!"  Chantal tells it like it is to the ladies, and I think she is spot on to feel the way she does!


Do you think Chantal is over-reacting or just in love?  Stay tuned because tomorrow, I'm taking part in a conference call with Michelle!  Hopefully we can get to the bottom of her crazy behavior!


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