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New Interview with Michelle Money of 'The Bachelor'

Michelle Money, the villain on this season of "The Bachelor" spoke about her time on the show.

Michelle brad 

First off, she says despite the way she was edited, she has no regrets and would do the whole thing again.  Michelle said that she said a lot of nice things about the other girls, her family, her daughter, and her experiences on the show that simply never got shown.


She says that she "never thought in a million years" that she would get cast as the villain.  Michelle said as a result, her family and friends were very upset, and she hasn't even watched the shows herself.  Every time a new commercial would air for the show featuring her, she would get a bunch of phone calls from upset family and friends.  Michelle admits that she's very sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor.  She said that she could see how it would be easy to separate that, and if nothing else is shown about her personality, people would be left thinking she was really intense.


Michelle said that she did feel like Brad was falling for her, and she definitely had strong feelings for him or she wouldn't have stayed on the show, and taken that time away from her daughter.  She thought his feelings changed sometime between Costa Rica and Anguilla.  She said although he still kissed her, she didn't feel that same passion she once had.  She didn't understand why and would have liked the chance to talk to him before the rose ceremony, but now she realizes that he was just falling in love with someone else.


As for who that someone else is, she seems to think it is Emily.  She said she believes that Emily and Chantal will make the final two, and she hopes so much that Brad picks Emily.  She thinks she could be exactly what he is looking for.  As for Chantal, she said that she really likes her, but thinks that she is too immature for Brad, but that she does make him feel loved and needed and that's why she's going to make it so far.


Another interesting side note on Chantal, apparently a lot of people have been saying that she looked "chubby" on the Sports Illustrated shoot and to them I say, are you crazy?!  That girl is drop dead gorgeous!  Michelle even said that it is so unfortunate, because while the other "real" models have time to get in shape and diet, that had just minutes to prepare while the "models" had months.  I have to say, I agree there, and I think they all looked fantastic!


Michelle said that she could not see herself going on "Bachelor Pad" but if given the opportunity to be the next "Bachelorette" she would consider it if she was able to bring her daughter with her.  She doesn't think she would be able to spend that much time away from her ever again.


Also, about Michelle's bizarre exit: She DID talk inside the limo!  She says she talked about her and Brad's conversation (apparently they did talk before she got in the limo) and how she had closure.  She also mentioned how she felt relieved to be getting back home to her daughter.  She says she laid down in the limo because doing the interviewing and the winding roads made her very carsick.


I will post the full transcript of Michelle's interview tomorrow so stay tuned!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese




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