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Shawntel: I Went Through the Stages of Grief When Brad Sent Me Home

Shawntel Newton, the prettiest funeral director ever, spoke about her time on "The Bachelor" and what she went through when Brad sent her home.


Shawntel says that she did love Brad, and that she went through the stages of grief when he sent her home.  She said that she is doing OK now, but she does compare it a lot to someone who has had a death and lost a loved one.  Shawntel said that you go through the same stages: She got angry, wondered if she could have done something different, etc...


But she says she is not in love with him anymore.  It was incredibly hard for her to watch the show now and see the one-on-one time that he shared with the other women, especially when Brad would express his feelings to them and it was similar to what he told her.  She feels Brad is really lucky to have such great girls left and thinks they all have something great to offer him.


Out of the three left, Shawntel thinks that Brad is in love with Emily.  She thinks that she's the complete package for him.  She says that Brad loves her mothering instincts and the fact that he can become an instant family with her.  The one thing holding her back slightly is the fact that Brad probably will never be able to live up to Emily's lost love Ricky.


Shawntel says she was shocked when she was sent home.  She said that she totally thought Ashley H would be sent home because she was the only one who hadn't told Brad that she was falling in love with him or that she loved him.  She says she really did think her hometown date went really well, and thought Brad seemed OK with her line of work.  She says it did freak him out to lay on the embalming table, but she wanted to bring him to the funeral home to just put her cards out on the table.  Shawntel thinks that it was more the fact that her dad had such a problem with her leaving the family business that made him think twice.


Shawntel said that her family really did like Brad, even though they were shocked that she was falling in love and willing to uproot her life.  She says that the possibility of her leaving Chico never crossed her family's mind, let alone hers in the future.


Will you be seeing Shawntel again?  Perhaps, but only if she's chosen to be the next "Bachelorette".  As for being on "Bachelor Pad" she basically said no way!  Although, she admits she would have fun watching it if there were girls from her season were on it.


In the end, she says she was glad that we at home got to meet her family and see how involved in the community they are and how much they help people through their tough times.  She says her family was very proud of how she represented them and their profession.


I'll post the full transcript tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese 


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