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Ashley and Brad 'Lost in Translation' in South Africa

This week was a little hard to watch.  The emotions got very real, very deep, and very hurt.  But let’s start at the beginning.


Brad departs New York City and heads to South Africa to meet his three remaining bachelorettes: Chantal, Ashley, and Emily.  Sabi Sands, South Africa, looks just amazing.  It really is the opportunity of a lifetime for all involved in this process.



Brad’s first date is with Chantal.  He asks her to guess what they are going to do and she says, “Safari?”  Good guess.  I wonder how she figured it out seeing as they were both dressed like Jack Hanna.  The safari was really remarkable though.  They saw a pride of lions, a giraffe, baby monkeys, elephants, zebras, a rhino, wildebeest, and a Hippo!



A guide with a gun walked them down to the bank of a river where they had lunch.  That hippo was grunting and rooting around in the water the whole time they picnicked!  They had a great conversation and Brad said something that was so sweet.  He told her, “Is it weird for me to say that I miss your family?” Aww.  He really did have a great time in Seattle with her whole family!



Chantal uses his comments as a spring board into the conversation about how she can’t wait to meet his family.  He tells her that he would love that (she’s in!).  He then said that he probably shouldn’t say this, but he tells her anyway that he feels the most comfortable around her than any of the other girls.  That’s a really big deal and totally final two material if you ask me!



Later that night, they have dinner and they talk about how an engagement means that you are truly serious about getting married and Chantal says that means that when she says yes, it means she would marry him tomorrow.  He told her he really liked that about her and that he really needs more spontaneity in his life.  Have you noticed how his eyes just completely light up when he talks with her?  The very predictable fantasy suite card arrives, and Chantal says of course I’d love to go to the fantasy suite with you.



The fantasy suite in this case, was probably the most amazing ever on the show.  They spent the night in a tree house!  It was basically a bed on an elevated platform right in the middle of nature.  My question is, what happens when it rains?



The next day, it was Emily’s turn.  It must be weird to wake up with one woman, kiss her goodbye and go on a date with another, but 'tis the life of “The Bachelor”!  Brad tells Emily to excuse him for a moment and returns riding a giant elephant!  They get Emily aboard and then they ride off on the Elephant.  Then, they stop for a while to watch the elephants play at a big watering hole.  There were even little baby elephants too, which of course, reminded them both of Ricki and how much she would love to see the babies.



Brad asks her if she is picked how she will plan telling Ricki that she has a boyfriend/fiancé.  Emily said she hasn’t really thought about that too much and she’ll cross that bridge when she gets to it.  She in turn, then asks him if he can see himself being a father to little Ricki.  He tells her that he’s spent a lot of time thinking about it, and that he absolutely can.  This conversation really bonded them together.  They basically agreed to become a family!  If he doesn’t pick her, it’s going to be a very difficult conversation.



Later, they have dinner and Brad is just stumbling around with his words because he is so nervous.  But, Emily does her best to put him at ease, and tells him to ask her any questions she wants.  The fantasy suite card comes, and she says that because she is a mom and wants to be a good example, she will go with him to the suite, but only to talk and get to know him more because she doesn’t want to give up that precious time.  Brad had a smile a mile wide.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy that happy to learn that they were just going to “talk”…unless “talk” is a code word for something else we don’t know about!



Inside the gorgeous suite, Emily actually tells Brad that she is falling in love with him.  Brad says he can’t keep it to himself because he doesn’t want to leave her hanging, and he admits that he loves her too.  This is getting really deep!  Seriously, if he doesn’t pick her, what on earth can he tell her to explain this behavior?!



Finally, it’s time for Ashley and Brad’s disaster date.  They take a long walk out to a helicopter where Ashley starts screaming “No!” and runs away.  That’s not a promising start now is it?  Brad tries to reassure her and tells her, “do you know how many times I’ve flown and everything had been alright?”  Um, yeah Brad, you’ve been in a helicopter about a dozen times on about a dozen dates with other girls.  Still, she gets in and has an amazing helicopter ride.



Then, they go for a picnic up at “God’s Window”.  It’s so beautiful.  The views are truly spectacular and nothing I say here will really do it justice.  The conversation quickly went south.  They talk about her moving, her future plans, and if she can find balance in her life.  She doesn’t have anything reassuring or positive to say, and Brad is kind of left bewildered.  He tells her that she reminds him of the way he was in his 20’s…completely focused on his career.



At this time in the show, the big “Dancing With the Stars” Season 12 cast announcement was made!  CLICK HERE to check out our “Mirror Ball Blog” to read all about it!



Later that night, they have dinner, and she tells him the wheels are spinning in her head after their talk earlier.  They both realize they have a problem communicating.  Brad brings up that when she was talking about places to live, she never even brought up Austin, which is where he lives.  He also noticed that when they talk, they talk about their plans separately and never seem to talk about them making plans together for the future.  The fantasy suite card comes and they go there so they can keep talking, but it doesn’t get any better.  They are in a super romantic setting and they are making small talk about mosquito nets.  Cue the chirping crickets…



It’s time for the rose ceremony and I think we all know what’s going to happen here.  He pulls Ashley aside before it starts and ends things.  She doesn’t put up a fight at all.  He says to her, “That’s it?” and she tells him, “I’m not going to beg you to change your mind.”  It was really difficult to watch.  They did have a connection but something got “lost in translation” to use their words.



Of course, Chantal and Emily accept their roses, and there you have it.  They are the final two!  They will meet Brad’s family in Cape Town in two weeks, but first, we have “The Women Tell All” next week!  I hope to post some juicy previews for you throughout the week!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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