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Interview With Chantal O'Brien Following 'The Bachelor' Finale

Chantal took some time out of her very busy day yesterday to explain what she was feeling and how she is doing since "The Bachelor" finale aired.  Here is the full transcript of that conversation!


Jennifer Matarese:         Hi.  So I was wondering, when you – when Brad started telling you that it wasn't you.  What started going through your head in that moment?


Chantal O’Brien:           At that point, I was just trying to tell myself to not cry, and not freak out.  And as you can see it took a lot.  But I was just really trying to hold myself together at that point.



Jennifer Matarese:         And what was your family's reaction when they found out that it wasn't you in the end?


Chantal O’Brien:           My family was pretty shocked.  When they met Brad you know, they definitely had the feeling that he would be proposing to me.  And I – and, you know, my dad would have given his blessing had he not got that.  So I think everyone was a little surprised at the outcome.


Question:          So tell me, what can you tell us about your new guy?  That was really good news, even though with that, why were you crying about Brad?


Chantal O’Brien:           Well the reason I was crying in the After is because what you didn't see, is I had just seen the letdown for the first time.


So I was more crying at seeing myself cry.  That was a funny thing to do.  But you know, yes.  You heard me say a little bit at the after that I am seeing someone new.  And I can tell you that he is great.  And he is super-supportive.  And has not been watching the show.  So that's a bonus.


Question:          OK.  And then what – I am sure it's not true.  But what about the rumors out there that you're pregnant?


Chantal O’Brien:           Oh, wow.  Well.  You know, unfortunately I can't say my weight gain was due to that.  So no, not at this time.


Question:          Were you surprised to hear about the problems that Emily and Brad were having?


Chantal O’Brien:           Yes.  I actually was really shocked.  And honestly, I had no idea until watching along with you guys last night.  Because I was kept in a separate room.  So I didn't see their filming.  So I was very surprised.


Question:          And as far as advice to them, what would you – I mean, you know, you are in this bubble.  Everyone is looking at you and watching you.  What advice would you give to them?


Chantal O’Brien:           I think just to tune out everything except for them and their relationship is really going to be key.  Because obviously they feel something special towards each other.  So I think they just need to move on and try to be as normal as possible.


Question:          Last night when you heard, or last night when you were watching (inaudible), Emily say that she wasn't ready to marry Brad.  How were you feeling, since you were always very gungho about forget the final rose, let's just get married?


Chantal O’Brien:           Yes, I mean Emily and I are very different people.  So I wouldn't expect her to necessarily, you know, look at the situation the same as I am.  And I have also been married before, so I have gone through that.


            So, you know, I think that I can't even begin to relate to where she is coming from right now, considering everything they have gone through in the tabloids, and having to watch him with other girls.  So it's really too hard to compare the two.


Question:          And what advice do you have for future bachelorettes?


Chantal O’Brien:           The biggest advice I can give to any future bachelorettes is just to go into this with an open heart and an open mind.  And not to be scared of being vulnerable, and having real emotions.


Question:          Hi, Chantal.  Thank you so much for giving us the call today – you know, great getting on the call with us today.  So we're so happy to hear that you're happy.  Do you think Emily and Brad will in fact, make it?  Because they're under so much pressure now.


Chantal O’Brien:           Yes, I really don't know.  I mean what will happen with them, I am not privy to their relationship and what goes on.  I'd like to think that it will work out because you know, he has strong feelings for her, as you can see.  But who knows what will happen.  We can only just hope for the best for them.


Question:          And did you get to talk to them at all?  You know, after the rose ceremony?


Chantal O’Brien:           I didn't.  I was kept completely separate from everybody that was there.


Question:          Good.  So as the runner up, you were in the prime position to be the next Bachelorette.  Do you think you would have done the show if you weren't in this relationship that you are in now?


Chantal O’Brien:           I definitely would have loved to do the show had I not been in a relationship.  I think it's an amazing opportunity.  And, you know, if you're really real about how I was about wanting to find that person to spend your life with it's definitely a different way of doing it.  But I believe it can work.


Question:          OK then, had you already had discussions, and maybe agreed to the role.  But then this relationship came along, and you know, maybe you chose to turn it down, or you know, basically, how did this relationship affect your plans, and could you elaborate on how your relationship came about?


Chantal O’Brien:           It really was never an option to do The Bachelorette because of the fact that I was in a relationship.  And my relationship came about, you know, very unplanned.  It was something where I met this person through a mutual friend.  And it completely caught me by surprise.  But it was obviously a very good surprise.


Question:          That is actually part of my question.  I was going to ask about being a Bachelorette.  But I am so glad that you are involved with someone new.  However, you seemed very emotional talking to Brad on the After the Rose show.  So where do your feelings lie for him, you know, right now?  Different?  Or you know, is it just it was so painful to experience those feelings, or?


Chantal O’Brien:           Yes.  The best I can answer the question is by saying that you know, I went into this experience completely, you know, open and honest.  And, you know, a lot of time has passed since, you know, everybody saw in South Africa.  And I am completely over Brad.  But, you know, going back and watching you know, the tape, it was emotional because I was reminded of, you know, what I was feeling at that time.  How crushed I felt, you know,.  And how hopeless I felt in thinking, am I ever going to meet someone?


            So a lot of my emotions that you saw on that were really about me thinking, you know, God, how horrible of a place I was at at that moment.  And that's what really affected me.  And then also, what you saw with Brad was just wanting to feel like you know, I wasn't the only one who had emotions.  I wanted to make sure that you know, we both felt like there was something during that journey.


Question:          One of Emily's biggest I guess complaints last night was, you know, watching the Final Rose Ceremony, and Brad talking to you.  And she still felt that even though he was telling you good-bye, there were still kind of these emotions and stuff. 


            Of course, we're seeing an edited version.  So were there other things that he said to you that maybe were a little bit clearer that – and pardon me for saying this.  Like, him telling you, “I am just not that into you, I am into somebody else “that maybe we missed watching the edited version?


Chantal O’Brien:           No.  I think you pretty much got a good idea of what I got.


Question:          I was just wondering, you know, you were very emotional on After the Rose, final rose.  And especially when Brad responded to you in a really evasive manner when you had asked him, you know, when he found out, when did he – at what point did he know you weren't the one.  And I am wondering, how are you feeling about that today?  Do you feel like you're over it.  You've gotten your closure?  Or do you still, when you think about it, do you feel like angry?


Chantal O’Brien:           There is no part of me that is angry.  I feel like at that time I was just more surprised by his answer.  It wasn't what I was expecting to hear.  So I was a little caught off guard.  But in all honesty, I do feel like, you know, I am in the space I need to be.  So I almost feel like I should be thanking him for the decisions that were made.


Question:          OK, great.  And another question, how do you feel about Ashley being the next Bachelorette?


Chantal O’Brien:           I think Ashley is going to be awesome.  She definitely has this spunky personality and has a ton of energy.  So if anything, I just think those guys are going to need to step up their game to keep up with her.


Question:          Hey, Chantal.  There were faulty spoilers out there for most of the season that Brad had picked you and not Emily.  I am wondering, were you aware of those rumors online?  Did anyone talk to you about them?


Chantal O’Brien:           Oh, I was very aware.  Even – I even was getting congratulation notices from people. 


Question:          It – was – did you think that was you know, funny, or was it hurtful at the time?  How did you feel when you saw that?


Chantal O’Brien:           You know, it definitely – it happened really fast.  So it was hard to be getting you know, congratulations from people.  But I think it kind of, you know, made me get a thick skin pretty fast, which is definitely something I needed to get through the rest of the season.


Question:          So Emily clearly got upset watching Brad's relationships with the other women, particularly you.  Because you made it all the way to the end.


Chantal O’Brien:           Yes.


Question:          So Emily was obviously, you know, concerned with the time you spent with him, and that maybe her time with him wasn't so special after all.  So if Brad had picked you, do you think you would have handled the situation differently than Emily?  Or maybe even better than she handled it?


Chantal O’Brien:           You know, I give Emily a lot of props.  Because I think that being in that situation is really tough.  No matter – no matter – even if you know, that that's what this is going into it, it's completely different to experience it.


            So I can't say that I would have at all handled it better.  I mean it would have been really difficult for me to see his interactions with her or any of the other ladies, for that matter.


Question:          OK.  You touched on this a little bit.  But you seemed to get frustrated when Brad mentioned that you deserved to be in the final two, and that's why you were there, rather than him truly wanting you to be there, because he was falling for you.  So did you have that feeling at all while you were on the show that, you know, Brad was already emotionally invested in Emily, and just felt like you deserved to stick around?  Or were you convinced that Brad really returned the strong feelings for you that you had for him?


Chantal O’Brien:           I was 100 percent convinced that Brad had strong enough feelings for me that he would propose to me at the end.  Had I thought at any point that it was not that, I would have just packed my bags and gone home.  And that's why I said over and over again, hey, if you're not feeling me, then please send me home.  Because you know, there was no reason for me to be there just to be there.


Question:          OK.  So then during the After the Final Rose special, do you think that Brad was just basically downplaying his feelings for you as to not upset Emily, which is something that Chris Harrison touched on, you know, during the special?


Chantal O’Brien:           Yes.  I definitely think that you know, Brad was downplaying what we had.  I think it's pretty undeniable when you watch you know, the show, what we had and that it was special.  And we definitely had you know, a great chemistry.  And that he did have feelings for me.  But I think he's probably in a tough situation right now.


Question:          We were wondering at what point during that final rose ceremony with Brad, did you realize that this was not going the way you had hoped it would go. 


Chantal O’Brien:           Did you say for at the final?


Question:          Yes.


Chantal O’Brien:           Pretty much as soon as the conversation started, it didn't seem like it was going off the way I had expected it to be.  You know, I wasn't really – it wasn't that I was necessarily hoping for some big closure.  But I did expect for him to at least acknowledge that there was something there.  And from the get-go, I didn't seem to get that from him.


Question:          Yes.  And you touched on this a little bit.  But that – I mean you were so clear the whole season, saying to him, if you really don't think this is it, just let me go now.  Is that part of your biggest frustration with the way things went down at the end?


Chantal O’Brien:           You know, at this point, I am not frustrated at all.  At what you saw, yes, it was frustrating.  It made me sad, because it made me feel like, you know, gosh, I really put myself out here.  I have been open.  And, you know, please don't just tell me that it was you know, you just leading me on.  But I don't believe that's what it is.  So that's why I am not upset and frustrated about it.



It's so great to hear that she is on her way to falling in love again, and hopefully this time, it's with the right guy!  Best of luck to her!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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