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POLL: Who Do You Want Brad to Pick in the End?


I can't wait to see who you all think should win. My personal choice for Brad would probably be Chantal, but I think in the end, he will pick Emily. He just seems to be more in love with her. You can share your reasons for your vote by clicking comment below!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



I agree that it's definitely going to be emily, but come on, chantal is so desperate, insecure and needy (not to mention always crying?? what is that about? talk about giving girls a bad name) that i think she needs a little more time to grow up before she can be part of a stable, lasting relationship. she's definitely not right for brad.

Catrina Davis

I think Brad is definitely going to choose Emily. He was infatuated by her the minute she stepped out of the limo and has favored her through the whole series. I think they will make a great couple and Chantal will make a great new Bachelorette.


I think he will pick Emily as well and think that is crazy. He may ne infatuated with Emily but watching them is as exciting as watching paint dry. Sorry Chantal got a bad rap as far as editing goes. A little too much wine and a little too much honesty and that's what shows. At least we weren't left guessing. Emily says I'm starting to like you and then is in love with him. On the preview of Brad and his family he says I am falling in love. Not yet? And you propose? Sorry hard for me to fathom a union that will go something like this. "Ricky remember Mr.Brad? Good, I'm marrying him." Just saying.

Dumb show

Come on - Brad is such a dork. He needs his Mommy to make a decision for him and he is not ready to be in situation where he is responsible for a family. He likes the lifestyle where he is giving gift. I see Bachelor 3 since he will bomb out again.

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