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Transcript From Interview With Chris Harrison on 'The Bachelor' Finale

Here is the transcript of the conference call interview with Chris Harrison all about the big "Bachelor" finale.  He talks about if he thinks the couple will make it, what they can do to work on their issues, and what he thinks of Ashley as the new "Bachelorette"!


Question:  My first question is, you know, how the presenting the rose is always such a big deal.  Was there a reason that last night's episode, the final rose was not presented?


Chris Harrison:  It's so funny.  That's been the most talked about thing this morning.  And it was total producer lapse.  And we absolutely shot it.  And it happened.  And we're probably going to put it up on ABC.com.  But it's funny.  I talked to the execs last night from ABC and the producers, and I said, why did we leave that off?  It was the first time. 


            And our executive producer, Martin Hilton, just didn't think it would be that big of a deal, honestly.  And didn't know it would stir everybody up the way it did.  But you know, because we had the proposal and all that.  And we moved on after the final rose special, and he didn't realize he would cause such a stir.


            But so it did take place, and we will show it.  And I think our fans have taught us a good lesson.



Question:  OK.  And I don't know if you can talk about this.  But, you know, when we had the hometown visit with Emily we didn't see Ricki’s grandparents from, you know, her late fiancé.  And I was wondering, you know, was that a choice that they didn't want to be on?  Or is she getting pressure from them to stay in the hometown, and that would be part of the problem that they're having with her not wanting to move to Austin right away, which she did say last night.


Chris Harrison: Yes, I mean – you know, who she chose to show and have on the show was you know, her decision.  You know, and I don't know, nor would I ever get into her relationship with the Hendrick family.  You know, from what I understand it's good.  And that's all I know of it.


            But, you know, who she introduced us to, it's always up to her.  And what they do in their hometown is up to them.  And I don't think she's against moving to Austin.  You know, I am a parent.  So I very much understand her line of thinking, and where she's coming from.  And I really respect it because, you know, at this point, your life is not your own anymore.  Your decisions aren't your own.


            And you no longer get to live this selfish life.  And, you know, Emily knows that.  And that's one thing she was trying to explain to Brad, that you don't just get to do what you want anymore.  And as much as Brad loves the idea of becoming a parent, I think she is very careful and protective of her daughter.


            And that makes me like her a lot more.  And it makes Brad love her that much more.  And so I think she's decided to take it slow in honor of Ricki.


Question:  Well, great finale last night.  Definitely, you know, very shocked by the outcome.  And so after the final rose keeping, you know, when did you hear that Emily and Brad, you know, are going through a difficult time, like any normal couple.  You know, were you surprised that they have broken up already?


Chris Harrison: No.  Well first of all, they're not broken up.


Question:  Well I am sorry, they did in the past (inaudible).


Chris Harrison: Well yes.  You know, it was, you know, several weeks after we shot in, you know, in South Africa is really when the show started airing that it became, you know, a big problem.  You know, and part of that was, you know, self-admittedly, you know, Emily's insecurity of watching Brad on the show.  And watching him with Chantal in particular.  And obviously that is something you can talk to her about in a little bit.


Because what Brad and her shared was real.  And it was tough for her to watch that.  And maybe in hindsight she wouldn't watch the show again.  But, you know, part of the problem with them was, A) going through just a normal relationship.  B), having to deal with watching the show.  And, you know, no offense to you.  But see the bullshit that was printed in the tabloids.


And that's tough to deal with.  I mean, you know, when you have you know, magazines throwing money left and right, paying ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.  And you know, and printing you know, just garbage to try and save, you know, a failing magazine then that's tough to deal with.


            And so, you know, I felt bad for them.  And, you know, some of the things that were said went way beyond the line of decency.  And it's not that they don't – you know, didn't sign up for this, and they have opened their lives up.  And they know that.  And I know that.  But there is a line of decency that was definitely crossed with them.  And so I think that's part of the reason they have decided  “screw everybody.  We're not doing press today.  We're going to go back to Austin and live our lives and be happy.”


Question:  And on a lighter note, do you – are you excited about the decision for Ashley H to be the next bachelorette?


Chris Harrison: Absolutely.  I love it.


Question:  How do you think she'll do?


Chris Harrison: I think she's going to do great.  She is a spitfire man.  If you get to know her, which you will.


She has this great charisma and charm.  And just puts everybody at ease.  She's a professional woman, which I also love.  Because I don't think – I was trying to think back.  We really haven't had a true professional woman as our Bachelorette before.  You know, someone who's career is so important to them.  And so they're so good at it.  You know, being a dentist and all that.


So I am really excited of the prospect of her coming in.  And I think she has got this great likeability that the guys will enjoy.  But she also at the same time, as you saw with Brad, you know, has her vulnerabilities, her regret, and, you know, some things that she's dealing with as well.  So it's going to be a great season.


Question:  So were you surprised – you spent a lot of time with Brad.  Were you surprised that he chose Emily in the end?


Chris Harrison:  You know, I wasn't at all.  I wasn't surprised who the final two were.  I wasn't surprised at you know, Emily ending up with the final rose.  Well she would have ended up with the final rose if we had shown it.


            But, you know, from the moment she got out of the limo, Brad took a liking to Emily.  You know, they just had something that was a little different.  And it's not to say you know, look, Brad, if you ask him, he'll tell you from the moment she got out of the limo, she was the only one.  Which look, if I am engaged to the girl, I would tell my wife the same thing so I don't get in trouble.


            But you know, what he had with some of these other girls was very real, whether it was Ashley or Chantal.  But he just always had something different with Emily.  And he always talked a little different about her in their relationship.  It was – you could just tell there was something there.  And in the end it was very clear it was going to be her.


Question:  And Brad hinted to viewers last night on After the Rose that really early on, he had kind of set it in his head that Emily could be the one for him.  Did he ever say anything to you about it?  Or did you have any suspicions that she was the one for him?


Chris Harrison: Absolutely.  I mean we spent so much time together whether it was you know, hanging out in Anguilla or Costa Rica or whatever.  And you know, off camera where I would – you know, it's like I always do though.  It's like I'd just say hey, what – you know, how was your date with Ashley last night?  How was Chantal? 


            And you know, when I would talk to him about Emily, it was just something a little different in the way he talked about her where he would just you know, as only Brad could put it.  He's be like, “hey, you know, man, there is just – there is something about this girl.”  He's like I really think you know, she might be the one.


            And but that's what it would be.  Like I think. You know, I really feel like she could be.  And so to his credit, he didn't give up on the others.  And that's what one of the main problems I think that you can talk to Chantal about, and it hurt her.  She really wanted to validate that her feelings were real.  And that what Brad was saying to her was real.


            And I really believe it was.  It's just what he had with Emily was different.  And he just loves her more.  There's no easy way to put that.  There's no easy way to tell a woman, I am just in love with somebody else.  You know, it's just going to hurt.


Question:  So on last night's show, you said you and Brad had talked about him and Emily getting married on the After the Final Rose special.  Can you elaborate on that in terms of how the discussion started, how far along did they get, and how close did it actually come to happening?


Chris Harrison: Yes, absolutely.  You know, Brad had mentioned as soon as the show was over – and both of them, you know, we're very excited.  And let's get married, and let's do it you know, tomorrow.  And, so you know, once we got back to the United States and realized things were still going very well at this time, you know, we decided hey, let's make After the Final Rose a wedding.


            And we went to Brad and said, let's do this.  And he was onboard and was excited about it.  And at first, I think Emily was pretty open to it.  But I think the more she thought of it, there's a couple reasons.  First of all, the more she thought about it is, you know, to take a woman's wedding day from her and make it kind of a private event is not a good idea.


            You know, when she does get married, you know, she wants to do it right.  She doesn't want it to be a secret from family, friends, and everybody.  That was one reason.


            And I think also, the more she thought about it, the more she realized rushing into a wedding with a daughter and, you know, not 100 percent sure where this is going, it's just it would be a little irresponsible.  And so I think she is the one that really hit the brakes and slowed it down and decided, you know, let's wait this out.  Let's watch the show and see where we are.


            And which was a responsible smart thing to do.  And I am glad she did it.


Question:  OK.  And Brad had seemed very clear from the beginning that he expected to have whatever girl he picked to move to Austin.  But Emily apparently isn't willing to do that yet.  So how did that happen?  You know, did Brad somehow never discuss that with her?  Or do you think he still would have even picked her if he had known that at the time?


Chris Harrison: No.  And I think Emily knows.  You know, he was very forthright with Emily.  And she – you know, they've talked about it extensively.  I just – it's not that Emily won't move to Austin.  It's that, you know, again, going back to her daughter, it's like being a dad, you don't – you can't make decisions for yourself anymore.


            I think if all things being equal Emily would move to Austin yesterday.  But you know, all things aren't equal.  She has a daughter.  She has a life.  And she's in school.  And so you have a larger responsibility.  And so, you know, Emily is in Austin right now.  They're spending time together.  Then Brad will be up in Charlotte. 


            So I think they're going to, you know, kind of go the Jason and Molly route.  And Jason had to do the same thing for his son.  He couldn't just go to Michigan and be with Molly.  So, you know, it's a different route they're going to have to take.  I think they'll get there.  But it's you know, Emily will have to be reassured that this is really going to work before she up and moved to Austin.


Jennifer Matarese:  So do you think that they'll be able to work out these issues, and the long-distance relationship and everything?  Will they be able to pull through this?  Did you see signs of that?


Chris Harrison: I do.  I mean look.  It's absolutely easy for everybody in the magazines and radio and TV to go – to say they're going to break up.  I mean that's just an easy – it's an easy thing.  And they're easy to take shots at.  Couples are – always are.  I mean you know, statistically your neighbors are going to get divorced tomorrow.


            So it's easy to say it's not going to work.  But you know, from my perspective, two friends of mine that I saw and have gotten to know, I think they will try to make it work.  And I think they will fight like hell.  And the reason I give them a good chance now is I think before you had these two stubborn people, and they were kind of butting heads as they were apart and dealing with this apart.


            Well, now it's over.  They're together.  And now they have a bit of a unified front.  And I have talked to Brad already this morning and last night, and know that it's kind of working in their favor in this respect.  And that it’s them against the world. 


            You know, now instead of the tabloid BS, you know, causing problems, and causing a rift in the relationship, they can laugh at it and talk about what a joke it is.


            You know, like literally I read this morning on a web site – just a second ago before I got on this call, that the quote/unquote inside source said that Brad and Emily are broken up for good.  And it's just like – I mean you can't fight that.  Like it's so ridiculous, and it's such BS, you can't – you can't go out and fight every stupid rumor and every stupid tabloid report.  All you can do is laugh at it.


            And I think that's one of the great things about having Molly and Jason and Trista and Ryan and Ali and Roberto on the show last night, is people that have been in their shoes.  People that have – were able to pull them aside last night and say look.  You are bigger than this.  This is about you guys.  Don't worry about the tabloids.  Don't worry about all this garbage going on.


            You know, do what you want.  And what they want right now is to be alone and go have a relationship.  And so that's what they're doing right now.


Jennifer Matarese:  And do you know, if Brad has had any time to see little Ricki again, and how they're going to approach, you know, introducing him to basically their family?


Chris Harrison: Yes.  No, I think they will.  And in due time.  You know, and that is up to Brad and Emily and in due time I am sure they will share to, you how they're going to go about it.  But, you know, I know Emily well enough to know that she will do what's right for her daughter first.  And her and Brad second.


            And that – and I am guessing that will mean taking it slow and working their way into Ricki's life and vice versa.  Ricki into Brad's life.  I know she wants to make it work.  I know she loves Brad dearly.  And I know Brad loves Ricki very much, and wants to be a part of this girl's life.  And so because of that, I think they have the resolve, the stubbornness to make this work.  And that's why I really feel it will end up working out.


Question:  We just wanted to say that you were awesome last week in the Woman Tell All show when you came to Michelle's rescue.  And we were just wondering how you felt at that moment.  What was going through your head when the girls just kind of relentlessly kept going at her.


Chris Harrison:  You know, it's interesting.  I have had a lot – you know, a lot of people talked about you know, is it a good thing to defend her, or maybe I shouldn't have, and I was too easy and I got duped by her.  And she was just acting.  And, you know, I just take it like – I guess I just – I guess I just call them like I see them.  And I can only react to what I feel in that moment.


            And, you know, there is no one telling me what to do or producing me or whatever.  It's just I've been doing this long enough that they – the producers really just give me free reign.  And if they care to show it on television it's up to them.


            But at that time, this girl was just destroyed.  And she was distraught.  And I know people have said she was faking it.  And I'm like believe me, if you were sitting there, this girl was not faking it.  You know, she was literally shaking and hyperventilating.  And that was the main thing.  She really couldn't catch her breath and talk.


            And she was – if you saw her body language, she was like cowering.  And so I did get protective of her.  And regardless if I believe her or not, or think that she deserved some of it.  That's beside the point.  At that moment, I just thought this girl didn't deserve to get beat up on. 


            And I found it interesting.  The girl just kept going and going.  And she'd apologized several times.  And so I just said enough.  You know, and I guess I stood up for her and did it in a way that was a bit abrupt.  But you know, I definitely stand by it.  Because that's how I felt at the moment.


Question:  Well, it was very cool of you.  And also, we were wondering, in the promos for that special there is a clip of Brad it seems saying to Ashley H that he has sabotaged their date in South Africa.  And then that never appeared in the special.  And we were wondering if you could tell us about that.


Chris Harrison: Yes.  Well I think what Brad meant, and you know, there are some times where we'll show something in a tease that won't air.


            Because I think what you are shown is self-evident enough and paints the picture.  And what Brad meant was that that night was just bad.  I mean it was a – it was a bad date that went worse.  And got worse as the night went on.  And he just – he was questioning Ashley so much, and really put her on the spot.  And so they really never had a chance to even have a good night from really from their dinner on.


            And so, you know, he really felt bad later about kind of putting the screws to her that night.  And just not being able to relax.  But, you know, that was part of her problem too, and her defense mechanism and kind of sabotaging it as well.  She never really allowed Brad to love her, and allow Brad to, you know, she never understood how Brad could like her and she was just – I don't know. 


            She just had this I guess self-doubt the entire time.  Of how could he like me?  You saw it in Anguilla too.  When Brad was literally trying to give her a rose, and she was saying, don't send me home.  He's like I'm giving you a rose.  And so you know, I have talked to Ashley about that.  And we have laughed about it.  And I am like you were so – you know, so insecure.


            And she's like I know.  I hate it.  I like go back and I watch that girl on the show and I want to just slap her.


Question:  A couple questions.  Number one, what are your thoughts about certain web sites that often have the results before they're officially announced, and then they are, as we saw in one, a prominent case with one prominent web site that had been kind of the show's villain.  They got the – they had gotten the answer as to who Brad picked wrong, even after he was promoting for three months who the winner would be.  What are your thoughts on sites like that?


Chris Harrison: You know, it's – not to go to a larger picture here.  But, you know, it's going to happen.  In this day and age, like that's where we are unfortunately in this world.  Whether it's you know, tabloids putting out you know, paparazzi pictures of us on the road, or whatever, you know,.


            Like it's just going to happen.  Or WikiLeaks.  You know, dropping national security secrets.  You know, like it's – that's, you know, when was the last time you didn't know who the judges were on American Idol?  Or who was going to be on Dancing with the Stars a week in advance?


            Like in this day and age of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and there is just – there is no accountability.  It's not like you're at CNN and you have to have three sources before you'll go with a story.  You know, I actually talked to – and I usually don't ever get into this.  But I actually talked to a tabloid reporter who wrote this ridiculous article about Emily.


            And I said, OK.  Tell me who your sources are.  And please don't tell me there's one unidentified source.  Because that would never be enough in the world of journalism to go with a story, much less a cover story with headlines.


            But that's it.  If you hear hearsay, and even if you pay somebody 15 grand for a story, that's a source.  And you can go with it.  And it can be the cover of your magazine or whatever.


            So it's changed so much.  And journalism has changed so much.  Again, this is a much broader topic that I'll get into when I teach college about how to be an actual journalist.  But you know, it's something that you can't fight.  And you almost have to embrace it as a television producer now.


            And we have changed our show to really be more transparent.  And you look back and say a Roslyn situation, or Justin Rego who was on Ali's season.  Where you don't just not give somebody a rose.  Now you really show hey, they had a girlfriend.  And not only that, but here are the voicemails.  And here's the girlfriend talking about it.


            Like we have to go so far beyond what we used to just because you know, you're going to be held accountable.


Question:  OK.  And a little more lighthearted topic.  Since you are the expert on all things Bachelor, and you talked before about, you know, dealing with the tabloids and the like.  What does it take, do you think, in your mind, what does it take to be a contestant on the Bachelor or Bachelorette?  What does someone need to be ready for a show like this?


Chris Harrison: You know, it definitely a thick skin.  You know, in the end.  I think you have to be you know, self-assured.  Confident of who you are and your decisions.  Because in the end, that's what you're left with.  I mean the tabloids are going to go away.  There will be another flavor of the month.  You know, in a month or so. 


            You know, and Brad and Emily will be able to live their lives.  And I think that's what Jason and Molly and everyone was trying to tell them.  Like, don't worry about it.  This too shall pass.  And so, you know, I think it's just having perspective.  And those people that come in and have a good base.  A good family.  A good background.  A good support system to go back to and realize A), what's real, what's meaningful, you know, and what you stand for.


            And as long as you stand by that stuff then you're fine.  Because ex-girlfriends, you know, look.  If your 28, 30, 38-years-old like Brad is, you're going to have exes.  You're going to have people in your life that will come out of the woodwork, and ask for money from magazines, and sell their story for however much.  And try and get their 15 minutes of fame.  And try and attach themselves and date people from our show.


            And that's going to happen.  And so – but I think if you have good perspective, and you're a decent human being, and, you know, what's real in this world for you.  Then it's OK.  It'll go away.


Question:  I'm good.  Thank you.  My first question is, I know the Bachelors like Brad come to you for advice.  But do any of the girls come to you for advice?  Because you seem to be like the father figure on the show.


Chris Harrison: I like to think of the older brother more than a father figure.  So I am not so old.  It's – you know, it depends.  It really depends on, you know, when it's the Bachelorette, of course they do you know,.  Like Ashley, I am sure will.  I have done it with Ali and Jillian.  Because you get to be friends with these people.  And you get to be protective of them.  And you want them to do well.


            And like, I think after the After the Final Rose special is a good example of trying to help.  The whole hour was really almost a therapy session of trying to help Emily and Brad.  And that was my entire goal.  My goal wasn't to drag anything out of them and beat them up and really be sensational.  I just really wanted to help them.  And that was part of bringing all those couples in.  And giving them some advice and helping them along the way.


            And absolutely throughout the show, whether it's Brad, or it's going to be Ashley coming up.  And I will fight tooth and nail to help them.  As long as I feel like they're being genuine and being honest with me, and they really want it, then I will do anything in my power to help them out.


Question:  OK.  Another question is you mentioned teaching journalism in the future.  Is that something you're planning on doing?  Or is that …?


Chris Harrison: No.  I am going to keep my day job for a while.  But yes, I do.  I actually speak at US from time-to-time and other places.  And it’s just funny, like I just – you know, I haven't grown up as a journalist.  And I started as a newscaster and sportscaster.


            You know, I look at the stories that are printed now, and I laugh.  I'm like, I would have been fired for going with some of the stories that are put out now.  But it's also changed.  I mean so much has changed.  Just – if you think about the time that our show has been on, in 10 years.  When we started, there was no Twitter, no Facebook, no blogging. 


            You know, none of this existed.  There was no texting when we started.  So there was a lot more accountability.  And there was – you know, there weren't so many web sites and places to where people could just throw up an opinion and go with it.


            And that's really forced the tabloids and you guys to kind of up your game, and really have to get a little more sensational to keep up with, you know, these blogs and other places that can just print what they want.  So it's tough.  And the game's changed a lot.  And so in – and journalism has changed a lot.  It's an interesting time.


            And so, and the thing is again.  I am not holier than thou to think that what we're doing is saving the world.  And Emily and Brad are above all this.  They're not.  They opened their lives.  They signed up for this.  And they knew to a certain degree what they were getting in for.


            I just think there's got to be some line that could be drawn, where it still stays somewhat respectable.


Question:  Just wondering, it came out last night about Brad's temper.  You spent a lot of time with him.  Did you ever experience it?  I always thought he seemed really even keeled, and a pretty low key.  So did you ever experience what Emily was talking about?


Chris Harrison: I did not.  Although why would anyone ever be mad at me?  So – no.  But you know, what's funny.  You brought up a good point.  I would love to talk about that.  And Emily felt bad.  We talked about this immediately after.  As I was saying good-bye to them.  She's like I feel bad, you know, that I said that word. 


            I'm like – because – it's funny.  We talk about religion on TV.  And a good example is, if someone says Jesus on TV, you might as well have said Jesus 1,000 times.  Because it's so like religion is so powerful.  And Emily felt the same way when she said he has a temper.


            You know, immediately it sounds 1,000 times worse.  And she kind of regretted bringing that up because it made it seem like, you know, Brad is this monster, and he's tough to deal with.  And he's not.  You know, but I promise you, they are two of the most stubborn people you'll ever meet.  Neither one of them is wrong.


            And let me tell you something about sweet Emily.  You know, sweet little Emily can handle herself, too.  And she's stubborn as a mule.  So they both you know, have – they butt heads.  And they have these knockdown drag-out fights.  And were getting into it like you know, normal couples do.  But, you know, when she brings it public and says that, I think immediately everybody thinks, oh my God, he's like yelling at her.  He is verbally abusive.  And he's a bad guy.


            You know, it's not the case.  But they were battling with something separately.  And it was tough.  You know, they were really divided.  And she was going through it.  And then Brad was trying to explain himself.  And every Tuesday morning they would try and pick up the pieces.  So, you know, a lot of that has changed just from last night to today where they are now kind of this unified team. 


            And now, I think this stubbornness and this will to fight will definitely behoove them and help them move forward.  Because now they're together.  And it's kind of this us against them mentality.


Question:  OK.  And another thing I kind of noticed, watching it last night.  It seemed to be a little bit of a case of she wasn't just like not that into him.  Like, he seemed completed besotted by her.  But I think – I sensed a reservation on – I mean was I completely wrong on that?  What – how – what are your feelings?


Chris Harrison: No, I get that.  And, you know, it's funny.  And I don't know if Chantal is on the line listening.  But it was really funny because Emily was talking to me about her.  And she was like I watched the show back, and I watched Brad and Chantal, and like they look so comfortable together, and their dates were so great. 


            And she's like, then I watch Brad and I.  And it almost looked awkward and uncomfortable.  And like –but Brad is like that.  He is like that with women.  When he really likes them, he gets nervous.  It's almost like a schoolboy crush.


            And they always have this weird almost cute awkwardness about them when they're together.  And obviously I have been with them in private, and they don't have that.  But definitely on camera I get that.  And it almost seems weird together.


            But, you know, when they are off-camera, when they are just hanging out and talking, they are, you know, adorable together.


Question:  But do you think the difference in their ages – because I always thought that was a little bit of a problem is coming into play here?  Obviously Emily knew what she was signing up for, you mentioned it yourself.  The show was edited, so she is not seen – exactly what happened.  So I am kind of wondering why she is backing off now, and why she is so upset.


Chris Harrison: You know, a couple of things.  Well first of all, to answer your question about the age.  Normally, I would say that's a good point.  I think, you know, Emily has lived unfortunately a longer more experienced life than hopefully any of us will have to ever endure with the tragedies, and her and being a single mom.


            I almost look at Emily honestly – you know, I am older than Brad is.  But I feel like she is as old as I am when I talk to her.  I mean she is so mature.  And it's not like that with all the women on the show.  I think it would have been different, and they probably would have gone their separate ways had it been a different girl who might have been younger, and they were facing these same problems.


            But, you know, Emily has this resolve, and this maturity.  And that's why I think they'll make it.  You know, honestly, that's why I think they will go back and fight this out.  Because they are a very mature couple.  Brad, just life experience.  But Emily too.  And having a daughter, and knowing what's real and what's important.  That I think they will have the resolve, and will gut this out.


Question:  OK.  So you are saying that they will get married.  But if they – how long do you think it will take them to get to altar, and if they don't get to the altar, would you guys bring Brad back for a third try?


Chris Harrison: There will not a third time.  I told Brad, I was like this is it, man.  You're done.  You know, good, bad, indifferent, you know, don't screw this up because that's it.


            But, you know, in all seriousness, I don't know when they'll get married.  I hope it's soon.  I hope it's, you know, a year.  But if it's five years down the road, whenever it is, I promise you I'll be there front and center.  You know, I would probably if I was guessing, I would probably guess that Ali and Roberto will walk down the aisle first.  And then, you know, hopefully Brad and Emily.


            But, you know, I felt – I didn't want to put them on the spot either you know, because you know, one thing I have learned with these couples is, you know, I want them to live their life.  I want Ali to have a wedding when she wants to get married.  You know, when it's right for them.


            And I love the fact they're still together.  They're living in San Diego and doing good.  And I love the fact that you know, Emily and Brad are in Austin right now.  And you know, starting to date.  And going out in public for the first time.  And taking those baby steps.


            So, you know, I do think they'll get married.  When?  I don't know.


Question:  I was wondering.  There was an episode where Brad said he loved Emily.  And that's something we usually don't see, where the Bachelor actually professes his feelings.  What made the producers decide to show that?


Chris Harrison: You're right.  I think – I don't know if it ever has happened before.  We didn't show it.  But with Brad, the thing with Brad, coming back the second time is, and it made it tough as a producer because he was so forthright.  He was open.  He was so honest.  And he absolutely went – you know, he gave it all in every relationship, whether it was Ashley, Chantal, you know, Emily.


            And he really explored every opportunity and every change with all of them.  And he was almost honest to the point of us having to say, you have to back it off a little bit.  Because, you know, he did essentially tell Emily, I am falling in love with you.


            And he basically, told her you know, at the end of – before the proposal that you know, I want to be a father to Ricki.  I hope you'll allow me to do that.  You know, and I want to be with you.  But, you know, I just thought – I think we felt that with Brad, it was because he was – had gone through what he had been through, because he had overcome these issues, I think it was more important to show Brad in this honest light.  And not really play the quote/unquote game with the viewers as much, and keep you in the dark as much.


            I think we really wanted to show this guy was sincere.  And also maybe show that it was going to end with this love story, which it did.


Question:  OK.  And one last question.  Emily said that she was shown as boring on the show.  What is she really like?  I mean because a lot of people did think that she was a little bit too even keeled.  And …


Chris Harrison: I know.  It's funny.  And she always tells me.  She's like, would you just ring a bell in my ear when I am not being interesting.  And I was like, Emily, just be yourself.  I'm like, you know, you're not here to put on a show, although it is a show.  I'm like that's our job.  I'm like just be yourself.  And she is a lovely woman.  And I don't know what – I don't know if she wants to come our juggling or swallow fire or whatever.  But I am like, that's not your job.  Just be the great girl you are.


Question:  Does she have a sense of humor?


Chris Harrison: She does.  Yes.  Yes.  She does.  That's – she does.  And, you know, that's funny about people say about Brad.  Like, what's the one thing you don't know about Brad?  And I am like Brad has a great terrific sense of humor.  And he is a lot more outgoing.


            And this – you know, and Chantal I think will be a perfect person to talk to about this.  And what this does to you.  And you are a little bit different.  And, you know, because you know, you're going to be seen on TV.  And so for a while, you kind of act like the person you think you want to be perceived as.  And it's tough to open up.  And it's tough to be yourself.


            But, you know, and so Chantal I think, will give great insight to that.  And I think Emily was the same way.  It's like don't – you know, don't worry about it.  Don't worry how people see you on TV.  The main thing is Brad saw who you are.



That's the entire thing if you've made it this far!  I'm posting the transcript with Chantal next!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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