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Ashley and the Guys Spend Time in Sin City!

Ashley had some really great moments and some really horrible ones this episode.  The game is officially on when Chris Harrison drops off the first date card.  It goes to…William!  It read, “Want to make a splash in Vegas?  I do!” 

Ashley william1 
Ashley picks him up wearing a little white dress and they head to the airport in a convertible.  Then, they hop aboard a private jet and it’s off to Las Vegas.  It’s funny, because once they are in Vegas, they are a hot item.  People are coming up to them and chatting with Ashley and asking her if William could be the one, and it looks like he’s got potential. 



Ashley william cake 
They head to a cake shop and start sampling wedding cakes.  William is a little perplexed, but he goes with it.  They pick a cake for their ceremony and move on to the jewelry store.  Now, he’s really sweating it! 

Ashley william rings 
They pick out some rings, and when the lady at the store asks when the wedding is, he says “next summer”, but that’s wishful thinking, because it’s today!



Ashley william2 
They meet with the officiator and it’s on with the show, but wait, Ashley has no flowers!  Don’t worry, William handed her a potted plant to walk down the aisle with haha!  They got to the “I do’s” and William said, “I do”!  That threw Ashley for a loop.  She was really flattered that he said “I do” and was having a great time, but didn’t want to jump the gun when she’s got 17 other hotties waiting at home.  She answered, “I will eventually, but not at this moment.”  Ha, William was kind of left at the altar and he still thought it was the best date ever.  He did get the first kiss though!  They kissed it up big time in the chapel.


Later, they had dinner in the middle of the Bellagio Fountain!  How amazing!  William rowed them out there on a little boat.  The only problem with this date in my mind here is that tourists were yelling comments to them the entire time they were chatting and eating!  That’s a little awkward.  Anyway, they share their histories, which are actually quite similar (both had alcoholic fathers) and we learn that William’s dad died after he was severely beaten and left on the side of a road after a drunken night out.  How sad!  William talks about his career as a cell phone salesman and says that he actually would like to be a standup comedian.  Interesting…


Then, then fountains explode with water and they share their first kiss(es) as a crowd cheers them on.  They both talk about how it was their best date ever.  It seemed pretty great, let’s hope it can last!


The next date card was the big group one.  It went to Constantine, Ryan M., Chris, Ben F., West, Lucas, Nick, Steven Blake, Matt, Ames, and Bentley.  Hope I got those right! The date card said: “In sin city, boys will be boys”.  They were all off to Vegas too!


They meet Ashley at the hotel and they head straight to the JabbaWockeeZ.  They are so amazing; they show how great dance crews can be!  They break the guys up into two groups of six and they have to each come up with a routine.  The winners will get to be in the show that night with Ashley.  “The Best Men” group made their dance routine about a wedding while “Rhythm Nation” did a play on the rose ceremony.  In the end, “Rhythm Nation” won!  The poor “Best Men” had to take a direct flight back to the mansion where the other guys couldn’t believe how soon they were back.


After an awesome performance, they have an after party where Ashley has a group date rose to hand out.  She takes some time to spend one-on-one time with each of them.  She spends a little time with her fellow dentist, Blake, and things seem to go well there.  West also tells his story to her about his wife’s death and where he is at with everything now, it was a really heavy conversation.  Then our favorite (NOT) Bentley, takes her to a little room where they chat.  She basically begs him to stay and tells him that he would win in a way, he gets way over confident, but says he may leave at some point because of his daughter.  Really, he tells the camera that he is not into Ashley at all and wants her only to tickle his pickle…ewwww.  He is so gross.  This guy can’t get off of this show soon enough.  He apparently went on to promote his family entertainment business, but what family would ever want to give any business to this scum bag?  He’s really terrible.

Later, if you aren’t mad enough already at listening to Bentley spout on and on about how he’s not into Ashley, she up and gives him the rose!  Seriously girl!  What is wrong with you!  You were warned!   I know it’s so hard to not think that isn’t it?  But, we have to remember that she doesn’t hear everything we hear him say. 


Time for the last date.  There are five guys who haven’t gone on a date yet and the date card says, “I’ll see one of you in Vegas” and it has a coin with Mickey and JP’s faces on it.  So they flip the coin and Mickey wins the date.  He is so handsome!   When he arrives in Vegas, Ashley says, “He’s better looking than I am.”  This girl needs some confidence!  He’s cute, but don’t get carried away! 


They go and pick out some wine, and she gets hoisted up into a super high wine cellar, and they sit and have some of the wine by a huge fish tank with sting rays inside.  This whole time, they continue flipping the coin for each decision they make.  It’s cute, but a little lame.  While sitting at the table, he wins a coin toss and he asks her “When is the last time you cried?”  How weird is that?  I really thought that was strange of him and it made things get serious real fast.  She talked about watching herself being dumped on TV by Brad. 


Don’t forget, there’s still a rose on the line here.  She takes it out, twirls it around and suggests flipping a coin.  He can’t believe that she would make something some important hang on a coin toss, but luckily, he wins.  I kind of wish he hadn’t have won so she could really give it to him and tell him how she feels, but she did tell him he would have gotten it no matter what.  I think he should have flipped the coin on accepting it too.


Later, they walk out on the beach and it’s very beautiful but simple, and Colbie Callait comes out and sings just for them.  He was shocked, but it was a perfect time to share a first kiss!  I really like Mickey; he seems like a nice guy!


Back at the mansion, it’s time for the rose ceremony!  Ashley looks fantastic in her black dress!  I really liked it.  JP is really upset about the whole coin toss thing so he grabs her as soon as possible to talk to her about where they stand.   He has her flip a coin for a kiss, and he wins!  She could have gone for just a kiss on the cheek but goes full on the lips for quite a while and then tells him not to worry about the rose ceremony.


William is out there trash talking and doing jokes while impersonating President George W. Bush, and West, along with some of the other guys are not amused.  They are also not amused when William, who has a rose, steals Ashley away from Nick who didn’t have very much time with her at all.  William tells Bentley about his date with Ashley and he says, “I would rather be swimming in pee than planning a wedding with her.”  Ouch!  That is so hurtful and terrible that he would say that!


Jeff, the masked phantom, gets some time alone with Ashley and talks about how he had a brain hemorrhage when he was younger, and he is also divorced.  Just as he’s about to take off the mask, Matt interrupts them!  What timing!


Let’s get to the rose ceremony.  William, Bentley and Mickey already all have roses.  West, Constantine, Ryan P., Ben C., Nick, Ames, Lucas (who?), Jeff (the mask), JP, Chris, Ben F., and Blake all get roses.   One of my favorites Matt gets the ax.  I love how he calls his mom to tell her he’s coming home and he needs love and French toast haha!  Also leaving is Stephen (bad hair) and Ryan M.   


Next week, the guys do a group date at a comedy club it looks like and William makes a faux pas.  He tells a joke about how they thought Emily or Chantal would be the next “Bachelorette” and it makes her cry!  His days could be numbered!!!!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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