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Ashley's Journey For Love Looks Like It's Going To Be A Rocky One

Goodness, this season looks like it has a lot of controversy, I can't believe so much has been revealed on the very first night!


Let's start by Ashley meeting her 25 bachelors.  These little introductions are always so amusing.  It's really hilarious what the guys will do to stand out from the pack. 


Ryan P. is the first out of the limo, and hellooo Ryan P.!  You are just what the doctor, er, I mean, dentist ordered!  They hugged and he tells her that Brad's loss is her gain.



Jon is out next and Ashley tells him she likes his tie.  Bummer dude, that's not really a great way to start, but he recovers by picking her up and carrying her around.


Lucas, who seems a bit dull meets Ashley and she tells him he smells good.  Well at least we know he knows how to bathe.



William had so much to tell Ashley, too bad he forgot it all as soon as they met!  But I like this guy a lot.  He lost his dad and misses him so much.  He also does not like people who drink a lot because he lost his dad to alcoholism.



Mickey wastes no time and kisses Ashley right away.  I don't think she liked it very much though because she pulled away and was shocked!  Still somehow, he makes the cut tonight.



Tim is all awkward and weird - maybe some alcohol will help later, stay tuned to find out.



Ben C. tells Ashley he is happy that she is "The Bachelorette" but the twist, he says it in French, which Ashley speaks and loves that he does too.


Stephen is out next and all I can remember about him is that I hated his hair.



Chris D comes out and does a little rap for her, aside from that, he's pretty cute.


West comes out and gives her a compass and it's just sort of weird but Ashley likes him.  He lost his wife 7 years ago, and it seems kind of strange.  She suffered from seizures and died in the bathtub, but he was investigated.


Anthony, the butcher from Jersey, he is so sweet, but kind of like a reincarnation of a character from "Saturday Night Fever".



Rob jokes that he doesn't have any crowns for Ashley to check out.



Ames is very successful and has about a million college degrees and has run even more marathons and super marathons, but decides to give her some ballet tickets.  I wonder if they will ever get to use them.



Matt is kind of cheesy, he teaches her a secret handshake, but fortunately for him, he's easy on the eyes.



Now it's time to meet Jeff, the masked man.  I like to call him "The Phantom".  He doesn't care that everyone is going to make fun of him. 



Ben F, a winemaker, comes out next and even brings some wine and glasses from his vineyard to have a special toast with Ashley.  I really liked this introduction, it was well done!



Frank starts to dance with Ashley then grabs her under her toosh and starts to carry her around.  Interesting fact and note to future guys who appear on "The Bachelorette": Ashley did not keep any of the guys who picked her up.  So knock it off!



Michael says it's the first time he has ever been excited to see a dentist!  I thought that was cute.


Chris M. comes out with a crazy Canadian accent.  I grew up in Buffalo, NY and have heard lots of Canadian accents but this one was STRONG.



Ryan M. does a little pose when he gets out of the limo (the same one Ashley did on her season with Brad) and then they take some photos together.



JP from NYC comes out and does nothing special, but it's a good introduction.



Nick decides that poetry is the way to go.  I really just hated it and would have sent him home right then and there, but she decides she likes his blond highlighted hair and keeps him around.  I think Ashley has horrible taste in men's hair.  If I think it looks stupid, she hands them a rose, I don't get it!



Handsome Blake gets out of the limo and he just tells her he'll see her inside (ps he's also a dentist!)



Bentley comes out of the limo and it's a little awkward.  Ashley really doesn't want to like him because a friend of hers from a previous season knows Blake's ex-wife.  He's apparently on the show to help his family entertainment business.  Alas, because a lot of people want that forbidden fruit, she starts to like what she sees.  He also has a kid with his ex-wife but not even that can scare her away.s



Constantine is really sweet and he ties a bow around Ashley's finger with some dental floss.



Ok now it's time for the cocktail party.  Ryan P. (aka her future husband, or at least I think he should be) grabs her and they go talk outside.  He reassures her that he's so happy that its her and they talk about his solar company and his mission to save the world.  He's basically everything Ashley is looking for, let's just hope that she has the good sense to hang on to this one until the end!  Ashley even says that he's the whole package.



Matt (one of my favs) gets some alone time with Ashley and they decide to call his mom.  It was so funny, she and Gail (his mom) chat a bit and she gives Ashley some advice.  She says that if they forgo their individual rooms and take the fantasy suites don't forget their moms are watching and she reminds them to use protection!  Ha!  This guy comes from a very funny family with a good sense of humor.




Chris D. gets upset when Michael starts to strum a guitar and takes Ashley away to serenade her, only to toss it into the pool, because he doesn't know how to play, he just used it to get rid of the other guys.  It was a good plan, but I think Ashley was acutally looking forward to some music!



Then, the drama starts up between Tim and Jeff "The Phantom".  Tim tells him to leave and that he's strange.  He even puts up a pillow barrier on the couch!  How immature.  I mean, it's only the first night and people do all kinds of crazy things to get attention.



Just as Ashley is having a good time talking to some of the guys, Ben C. holds up some signs in the window to get her attention.  She goes off and has some one on one time with him.  She learns that he was born in France, raised in London until age 14, and then he moved to the US.  They seem to both love each other's spunky energy.



William is a little shy at first but with his alone time, he decides to do some lame impressions for Ashley.  This guy is so sweet, but he should stick with his sales job.  She likes him though (he is good looking!) and says that he is fun, funny, and amazing!



Oh Tim, you again, oh wait you are drunk?  What is up with that?  He gets some attention from Ashley but he can't even carry on a conversation!  This guy is soooo drunk.  He gets the hiccups while talking to the guys and starts complaining about Jeff's mask again.  Then, Ashley goes looking for Tim to check on the state of his drunkeness because she feels bad that he will probably regret how he acted the following day, but he's outside snoring.  She can hardly wake him up!  So the guys help her bring him to a car out front where she sends him away for good.




Finally, we get to meet Jeff.  He tells her that he wants her to get to know him for what's on the inside.  Ok Jeff, we know you are good looking and all, but I doubt that you are so good looking that someone can't have a real conversation with you and get to know you without you wearing a mask!  I mean, I get the point, but I actually think that it's kind of vain of him!



JP, who says the NYC dating scene is stale, tells Ashley a cute story about how he got the nickname of "cupcake" at work.  Funny enough, Ashley always wanted her future husband to call her "cupcake" for some reason!  How odd!



Now, it's time for the moment we've all been waiting for: Bentley.  This guy is such a JERK.  He is such a JERK I had to capitalize it!  He says he's not attracted to her, yet he's on the show!  Ashley needs to listen to her friend, but for some reason she finds him charming and calls him a frontrunner.  He's totally this season's Wes.  I wish ABC wouldn't let these skeevy guys on the show!



First impression 
But, in the end the FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE went to Ryan P!  Horray!  At least she gave that to a guy who seems to be genuinely interested in her.


Let's get to the rose ceremony:

1) Ryan P. already has one, and 17 more guys are receiving roses.  They are:

2) Jeff "The Phantom"

3) Constantine

4) Ben F.

5) Lucas

6) Steven

7) Matt (yay)

8) Nick (the poet)

9) Chris D.

10) Ryan M.

11) Blake (the dentist)

12) Mickey

13) Ben C.

14) West

15) William (another nice guy!)

16) JP

17) Ames

18) Bentley (ick)



I felt bad for Anthony when he left.  Although he seemed kind of like a guy from Jersey Shore, he's still got a good heart.  I hope he meets a nice girl.  Meantime, it looks like Ashley is totally going to get her heartbroken by Bentley.  Let's just hope it's not in the final 2.  I really want her to find happiness!  I'm so exicted to see them travel to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Figi just to name a few places!


Also, on a side note: US Weekly reports that Brad and Emily broke up!  It says that Emily broke up with Brad and he's heartbroken.  Let's hope those two crazy kids work things out.  There's still no official word from ABC on this!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese    


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