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Full Transcript of Interview with Tim McCormack of 'The Bachelorette'

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Tim McCormack who exited this week on "The Bachelorette" after his drunken escapades.  My questions with him are in PURPLE.


Jennifer Matarese:    So, can you tell us what happened that first night?  How did you end up in such a state?

Tim McCormack:    I really wish I could be a little more clearer as to how exactly I got like that.  You know nerves have got the best of me.  You know, I had a few drinks and I definitely never had alcohol affect me like that before.  I don't know.  I mean I started to watch it and I - literally, it was stomach churning.  I really wasn't able to make it through the whole show.

Jennifer Matarese:    And why did you react the way you did seeing Jeff wearing the mask?  It was - was that the alcohol or would you really just think wow that guy is so strange for wearing a mask?

Tim McCormack:    Well, the alcohol definitely induced the reaction, but I mean in normal life, I would have definitely found it extremely odd that somebody would wear a mask especially when you're trying to make a nice first impression.  Unfortunately, for me, it's like throwing stones in the glass house at this point.

You know yes, I did think it was very strange.  Obviously, in the state that I was in, it brought out maybe some different behavior than I would have if I had been completely sober which is, you know, obviously, hindsight is 20/20 and I can't go back now, but you know - yes, and I did not - I didn't find the mask too much fun.

Question:    Hi, Tim.  I'm really wondering how much did you drink and had you started you know maybe before you even got there kind of a little bit of liquid courage perhaps and then it just sort of kept going - I mean everyone knows that that's a super long night.  It's way longer than it is on TV.

Tim McCormack:    Right.

Question:    And a lot of guys have come away from that and girls on maybe The Bachelor, you know, drink more than they think.  So, I'm wondering how would - how many drinks did it take to get you there because you seemed very gone?

Tim McCormack:    Right.  I mean like I said, you know, it's very difficult to watch and I literally had to turn it off.  Anybody who knows me you know I work in the alcohol industry, so for me you know being around alcohol is a part of my life.

So, to have that kind of reaction to it, I don't know, I mean maybe I'll chalk it up to adrenaline or nerves or - I really don't know how I got that bad because I only had - you know I'd had a toast in - you know a toast or two in the limo and you know I walked in you know it kind of got - you know I guess that you know I let it get carried away.  It's extremely humiliating.

I definitely - I don't know.  I mean I can't go back in and pinpoint an exact number of drinks that I had to get to that point because in my opinion, I was - I didn't look right getting out of the limo.  So - and I definitely wasn't sitting in my hotel room drinking all day.  You know I was nervous.  I think like everybody else and like I said, I - to me, it's - I don't have any excuses.  I don't have any reasons as to how that affected me and how that happened because I certainly didn't feel like I put myself in a position with alcohol at night especially getting out of the limo where I would have even seen myself go - you know go down that path.

Question:    Do you - were you aware of how kind of blitzed you were at the time and, you know, is that why you went to sleep?  Or was that sort of like a surprise to you when you were woken up by everyone and carried out to a car?

Tim McCormack:    Well, the part of me going to sleep, like I've said, that to me wasn't exactly a conscious decision.  I think that was just a bodily, you know, reaction to, you know, what I put in my system.  I mean - and obviously, everybody has watched it and it's been you know commented on and what not, but I mean I've never seen anybody as bad as what I had to watch on television and that's being around alcohol my whole life.  So however it got like that and however you know the alcohol affected my system that night, I personally have never seen anybody in that state.

And most definitely, it was not my intention to go - you know, go on "The Bachelorette" - go through the whole process of the casting and, you know, the excitement of you know getting to meet Ashley and then to put myself you know pretty much out of the race from the moment I got out of the limo.

So you know, I really don't know.  You know, it really is a shame because she is a great girl, I wish her the best.  I just wish I could have been - I wish, you know, I was a little bit more of a person that I've shown the producers through the casting process had come through instead of this guy that just become you know pretty much uncontrollable.

Question:    How were you the next morning and what's your cure for a hangover?

Tim McCormack:    The next morning - the next morning was a giant fog as to exactly, you know, the previous night - you know what happened the previous night you know and I just - my cure for hangover was enough Gatorade to fuel a football field.

Question:    So, my question is why did you originally go on "The Bachelorette?"  Was it really to find love and who were hoping was going to be "The Bachelorette?"  Were you happy with Ashley?

Tim McCormack:    Of course I went on "The Bachelorette" to find love.  I mean you know I was one of the older guys on the show.  I'm 35 years old.  I really felt that I had, you know, I'm in a good place in my life career wise.  You know just - you know everything kind of lined up.  The only thing that was sort of missing was, you know, the romantic aspect of my life.

You know, we don't know, you know, when you're going through the casting process, it was not - I had pretty much noted down in my mind to just from the people that were going on the show like then to three or four of the girls which really did turn out to be the last four girls.  And any one of them I would have been, you know, I'd be pleased with.

When I found out it was Ashley, yes, I was excited for the chance, you know, to get to meet her.  She seems like a lot of fun, had a great personality, I mean she is beautiful girl.  You know, I really was excited.  It's, you know, to me, it's disgusting at the end, how this all transpired and went down as far as, you know, the way I acted.

Question:    OK.  And had you not drink so much at the initial cocktail ceremony, do you think stood a good chance to get a rose and why?

Tim McCormack:    I think that I would have.  You know, I do think I would have stood a good chance to get a rose.  I didn't really - I mean it's tough to go back and, you know, play Monday morning quarterback, but I wouldn't have been out there in the first place if I didn't feel like I could bring something that, you know, maybe somebody else could as far as whether it be personality or you know whatnot.

And like I've said, it's unfortunate that nobody is ever going to get to see that and all they've got to see was this, you know, pretty much uncontrollable, 35-year-old man acting like, you know, a kid who just had his first drink.

Question:    You know, if it all hadn't gone downhill for you for that first night, did you have kind of a game plan of how you were maybe going to woo Ashley because some of the guys with the cue cards, there was the guitar.  Did you have anything in mind?

Tim McCormack:    That was my whole - you know, the thought process getting in there because I know that, you know, there are 25 guys in the room and you need to make yourself stand out.  Well, obviously I stood out and it didn't exactly work out and that was not my plan.  My game plan was just really going to try to get to know her, you know, be myself, laugh, joke, don't take it too seriously.  I didn't want to do anything too scripted.  You know I feel like some of the scripted things, they shine through you know they work for some guys and it doesn't work for others.

Yes, I mean my whole goal process and my whole - you know, I guess you could call it game plan was really just to take things in and see how they progressed and you know see how I - you know, not just the way she felt about me but the way I started to feel about her and you know kind of try and let it progress as naturally as possible even though the circumstances are different.

Question:    Yes.  And you know you said you went on "The Bachelorette" to find love.  Are you ready to start dating again; are you at all worried about this episode maybe affecting that if you're in the dating world?

Tim McCormack:    I don't know.  You can talk to me in a few months about how much it affects me, but it's only been a few days as of yet and...yes, I mean, listen, I want to - the people that know me in my life, my good friends, everybody knows that something was seriously off that night.

You know, I don't know what to chalk it up to but that is not anywhere as remotely close to the behavior that I - you know, that I put out there, you know, to my friends and family and my colleagues at work and it just doesn't happen.

So to watch it on TV is - well, I don't know about how much it's going to affect my dating life, hopefully not too much.

I'm 35.  I can't waste too many more years trying to clean this mess up.

Question:    So, I mean, I know you kind of talked about this a little bit already, but what - I mean -- you knew that going into work on Tuesday, people had seen you on the show, what was their kind of first reaction because you were - you do work in a liquor business and you know that happened on national television?  What was their reaction, I'm sorry, on Tuesday morning?

Tim McCormack:    You know, I mean these guys, the people, found a lot of the stuff you know somewhat amusing and, you know, kind of funny, you know -- I guess some of the banter back and forth with the guy with the mask.

Well, like I've said, I mean going back just let me reiterate this, I have not watched the full thing so I'm kind of just getting bits and pieces from - I mean -- I really had to turn it off.  It was nauseating.  So, you know, some of what the people have been - you know, friends of mine and colleagues at work have mentioned to me, you know, the general consensus is like, 'what the hell happened to you?  That's not - it's nothing that anybody has seen.'

And that's - you know -- we're talking not just about my colleagues at work.  Some of whom I've been working with, you know, in excess of 10 years who are also talking to my friends and family members that I've been, you know, known since I'm 5 and 10 years old, you know, and that's nothing that anybody has ever seen or remotely close.

I mean, we all -- listen, I know in my past, I've had plenty of nights where I definitely has too much to drink over the span of my, you know, drinking when I probably went away to college.  At no point have I ever seen anything like that.  So, I think that was really what everybody had to say, was just - you know, everybody that I know has been very nice about it and said, "Listen, you know what, hang in there.  You know it will pass.  We know it's not you."

You know, unfortunately, there's a lot of people out there who are just going to see this guy who just went, you know, absolutely, you know, bananas that night.

But you know, to be honest, I mean I've been very lucky with the people around me.  Everybody has been very supportive about it.  They know that this was not an everyday occurrence.  I mean if it did, I should be checking myself in somewhere.  I mean that's - you know -- it was a one-shot deal and unfortunately what happened on the night that I've been anticipating for a long time.

Question:  And then in terms of the first night, what you can, you know, recall that you pulled together?  I know that you didn't get along with Jeff but was there any of the other guys that you - the stand out in your mind is people who might be really quality guys, you saw that they were really solid?

Tim McCormack:    You know that's a tough one to say.  I don't think that I'm able to form any sort of solid opinion just based on the fact that, you know, just from seeing what I saw; I was in no condition to make any assumptions or judgments on anybody that night including the kid with a mask.

I mean, even though I thought that it was creepy and I did think that, you know, from what I saw, I didn't like, you know, the way he kind - I don't know -- I didn't like it.  But you know, at the end of the day, I mean everybody could turn around and say stuff about me.  I didn't really pick up on any kids that I thought were great or any kids that I hated.  I mean I just - well, I think I kind of just went through that night with blinders on and unfortunately; it's just - it went you know terribly awry.

Operator:    Your next question comes from Frank Lovece from Newsday.

Frank Lovece:    Hi, Tim.  How are you?

Tim McCormack:    How are you doing, Frank?

Frank Lovece:    Good, good.  I hope you read the paper out there in Long Beach.

Tim McCormack:    Yes.  I saw that nice little - that nice little picture that somebody put of me in the Newsday two days ago.

Frank Lovece:    Well, I don't put up the pictures, I'm sorry.

Tim McCormack:    Yes, they're on TV.  Listen, I expect that, I did it to myself.  I'm teasing.

Frank Lovece:    OK.  Well this really sound like a funny question but it's serious.  So I know competition, some guys can get very weird when it comes to competing with other guys.  Could you possibly have been ruffied?

Tim McCormack:    No.  You know, that's a question that I don't think that I'm in a - you know -- I don't think I'm in the position to answer that.  You know, I would hate to think that would be a possibility.  You know, obviously from looking at - from what I saw, that was - you know, like I've said, the alcohol you know it hits everybody differently.  I would like to think - I mean I haven't - you know I really don't even want to go down that route.  You know, I just want to own this and move past it.

If somebody did, then God bless them because they got rid of me the first night.  If somebody didn't, God bless them.  I haven't even thought about that.  It's you know - did it look like, you know, a guy that was extremely on the borderline of, like, being on drugs?  I don't know.  But it was - you know, I was - I want to chalk it up to me.  I guess that night I was just not able to handle my liquor.

Frank Lovece:    So that's a possibility.  But you'll never know - it might not...

Tim McCormack:    I didn't say there was a possibility.  You did.  I guess I'm just - you know I'm just - I'm not going to even think about the thought that somebody could even do that so I don't even want to explore that in my mind.  I mean now I've already moved past it you know there is no way to ever tell that.  It's something that would always be - you know, it's not something you could ever get an answer to, it would just be speculative and I don't want to live my life like that.

I'd rather just see how - own what I did, move past it, you know, and hopefully at some point, you know, anybody that reads any, you know, the publications I will speak with today will say 'OK, you know what -- whatever happened, it happened.  This kid, you know, he's not a mass murderer, you know, and he screwed up and that's it.'

Frank Lovece:    You're very courageous.  I admire you a lot for being willing to come out and talk to everybody about it because I can see - I know it must have been incredibly hard.  Let me just ask, what do you do with - at the liquor distributor, are you a salesman or the owner of the company?

Tim McCormack:    No, no, no, no.  I'm in sales.

Frank Lovece:    OK.  And I guess my question is what specific liquors were you drinking that night, the liquor you were drinking that night or wine or whatever?

Tim McCormack:    As far as specific, I mean brands that you know obviously I'm not going to mention any brand just because I'm in a business that - if I don't mention the right brand, I think I can get myself in trouble.

I don't know.  It appears like, you know, I know that I had, you know, I guess some Vodka cocktail that look like, you know, somebody told me I was drinking a beer on there, you know.  I don't know.  I guess I had a mixture of things - maybe that was it.  Maybe I mixed too much that night and, you know, the idiot came out to a point when he should have stayed at home.

Frank Lovece:    Well, I wish you the best of luck, Tim, you sound like you have some very supportive family and friends and that's really important.  And good luck to you and you will get past it, you're very courageous.

Tim McCormack:    You know what, listen, worst things have happened.  It is what it is.

Frank Lovece:    Thanks a lot.  I appreciate it.

Tim McCormack:    OK.  Take care.

Delaina Dixon:    Well, let's turn the tables a little bit.  When you do get back in the dating game, what kind of woman would be you looking for and kind of just what would be your approach?  I mean I'm a New York City girl so you know we can be tough.

Tim McCormack:    I know that.  I've dated many since I've lived in New York my whole life.  I don't know.  You know what my approach is, to drink club soda on the first date.  How about that?

Question:    What kind of girl - what kind of woman are you looking for?

Tim McCormack:    Just somebody - you know what, actually somebody like an Ashley and that's why, you know, I was excited when I found out it was her - just somebody that's easy going, kind of fun loving.  Obviously, attraction is important, but you know the older I get, the more of the looks only has started to fade and that would have to be a little bit more you know in substance.  So, obviously, somebody with a good heart comes from a good family, you know.

I guess all the normal things that guys look for - I don't know.  I don't know - if I'm in the position to say anything about normal after what aired on Monday night, but we'll see.

Question:    You know what? You might think that it works against you, but it might turn you into a pseudo celebrity, so you know, embrace it and move forward.  So, I know you probably not thinking about alcohol much right now but with summer coming, are there any summer drinks that you do enjoy that you probably wouldn't be imbibing this summer but...

Tim McCormack:    Well, listen, I didn't say that I was going to stop drinking.  I just said that I just wouldn't drink on the first date.

Question:    Well, what's a good cocktail that we can all try?

Tim McCormack:    I would go with a nice Mojito.  They cool you down and very refreshing.

Question:    So if you could give a message to Ashley now or have her know something about you in hindsight, what will it be?

Tim McCormack:    If I could give a message to Ashley, first will just be a giant apology right out of the gate.  I mean, you know, a girl that goes through - and she's under a tremendous amount of stress as well with this whole process.

So, you know. I know that she was under a lot of stress.  Obviously, however the stress reacted to my body and what happened that night, we all know what happened, so my message to her would just be like 'I really do apologize. ' I definitely did not come out there to waste her time.  I was excited when I found out it was her and it's a real shame and I feel like I'm the one that really lost out at the end of the day by not getting a chance to get to know her and at least get her - you know get a chance to form a complete sentence without slurring or stopping to figure out what I want to say.

Question:    Would you like another chance to be on the show again?

Tim McCormack:    Would I like another chance to be on "The Bachelorette?"

I mean sure, man.  Everybody likes a second chance.  Do I think that would ever become a reality?  Probably not.  I'm on the - this year, I'll be on the north end of 35 so unless they come out with like a senior dating game for "The Bachelorette," I highly doubt that that would ever happen especially considering my glorious exit.

Question:    Yes.  Did you enjoy it?

Tim McCormack:    I don't know if you could call it fun at this point.  I mean, I met a lot of great people.  I mean the people that work on the show...they were - you know a lot of really, really nice people.  So at the end of the day, at the very least, I've got to make - you know make some friends which I'll probably carry on for awhile.

Question:    Awesome.  Now, ABC did a special on Behind the Rose and we saw, you know, a fast glimpse of you that you actually tried out for Ali's season, correct?  Like first before Ashley?  So, I just wanted to see what made you, you know, want to come back or, you know, if you weren't chosen for Ali's season and they ask you to come back for Ashley's.

Tim McCormack:    Right.  I mean at this point, yes, I was chosen for Ali's season.

And I had to bow out about - I guess less than a few weeks before I was slated to go out there and start filming due to work and I would - I wasn't able to get the time off.

I'm sure that once Ali finds that out, she'll go home and say, "Thank God."

Question:    No, definitely not.  So then you decided to come back for Ashley's.  Now, why, you just wanted a second chance, you finally - you know you thought that this is the true way to find true love?

Tim McCormack:    I mean, you know, I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to finding - you know, I don't necessary believe that, you know, the things I said and the dead-set schedule.  I mean I've had my whole life people asked me when I'm going to calm down and you know, when I'm going to settle down.

And I don't think that that's something that you know you can say on a specific date, I'm going to settle down and meet the right girl or - you know so I just like to put myself in different situations and, you know, I figured going on a show, I mean you know just in speaking with the people that were, you know, behind the scenes, I thought that they were fantastic.  I thought everybody came in a really sincere, honest approach about the way that the show you know tries to you know match people up or kind of put people in situations where you really are just focusing on getting to know one person.

So I figured, you know, what, what the heck, why not?  You know, I've tried stranger things, so you know like I've said, unfortunate that at the end of the day this one didn't work out for me but yes, I definitely thought that it could have happened.

Question:    Now, when you do go on, you know, a date with a girl and I'm sure she'll recognize you that you know you were on the "The Bachelorette."  Do you think it will work in your favor or do you think you know it will work against you?

Tim McCormack:    Very good question.  I don't know.  If you want to give me your number, I'll be more than happy to give you an update after I get the answer to that one.

Question:    Tim, I know you said the night was kind of a blur.  But what was your impression of Bentley?  He's already come across the season's villain and he admitted he wish "The Bachelorette" was actually Emily Maynard.  So were you surprised Ashley kept him around despite the rumors she heard about him and did you think that he deserved to be there?

Tim McCormack:    I really can't comment on Bentley because I don't think I spent too much time hanging out with him.  So, I mean, just obviously from what I've, you know, seen written  a little bit or, you know, the clips that I've been able to stomach watching, you know, it does seem like, you know, he made a couple of comments that he probably stuck his foot in his mouth.

You know, I don't know.  I mean like I said, I don't know him so I really can't make a comment on whether the guys is a good guy or he is not, I mean, if Ashley did get a warning about somebody beforehand you know maybe somebody should have called and told her to watch out for the drunk kid getting out of the limo and put him right back.

Question:    OK, and you talked a little bit about Ashley already but could you elaborate on what your impressions of her were?

Tim McCormack:    That first night or leading up to that?

Question:    The first night.

Tim McCormack:    Getting out of the limo, I thought she was drop dead gorgeous, you know, getting out.  And she had a big smile and she was very welcoming and she, you know, I think that the fact that she had been through this, you know, this process before, I think she understood what everybody was going through as far as nerves.

You know and just from - like I said, from seeing the clips, I have been able to get myself to watch, you know, she really - there's a lot of girls out there that would have absolutely blasted away on me for my behavior and what had happened to me and you know, I really have to say, I think she handled herself with a whole lot of etiquette and a whole lot of class in a way that I don't know if a lot of woman would have been able to, and especially dealing with somebody who was as belligerent as I was.

Question:    Sure, and you talked about what apology and message you would give Ashley now, but if Ashley had kept you around on the show and actually gave you a second chance, what would you have done to make it up to her?  I mean, how would you try to redeem yourself?

Tim McCormack:    You know, I just would have, you know, made an extra effort to make sure that she - you know she did get to see the Tim McCormack that was cast you know through this whole process and not some guy that showed up that night who really was not a very good barometer of who I am.

And you know, it's unfortunate like I said, that that didn't get to happen.  But you know, I just think that, you know, over time, I'm not saying that I would have wound up with her in the end, or what not, but I definitely feel that if I'd have gotten the chance to speak with her and have some fun because she does seem like she has got a great personality and she is sparkly and bubbly and what not.

I think that we would have had certain things in common that maybe she won't with the other guys, I don't know.  It would be interesting to watch and see how it plays out but, you know, at the end of the day, I hope that she was able to find - you know -- find somebody that she cares about and, you know, this whole process did work out for her.

Question:    Hey, Tim, you said you probably wouldn't get a second chance on the Bachelorette but what about Bachelor Pad?  Would you be willing to go on Bachelor Pad Season 2?

Tim McCormack:    Only if they serve fruit punch with no alcohol.

Question:    Because last time, they had people who really - they got to redeem themselves you know sometimes it helps people to show a different side of themselves.  If you went on there completely sober and not drinking, would you do it?

Tim McCormack:    Yes, I mean, listen, I'm making a couple of jokes about alcohol, and I know (inaudible) and I'm never going to drink again or have any drinks since I left the show.  I just don't know what happened to me that night.  And I mean, as far as you asking me about the Bachelor Pad, you know, that is something that I would, you know, I would take if it was offered to me and make an informed decision or, you know, think about it before I would do anything or jump into anything.  But you know, I think the people over at ABC are, you know, I think they are all great and if they wanted to bring me back, it's something I would consider.

Jennifer Matarese:    OK, she just asked my question, but on another Bachelor Pad, what if they said they we're bringing you on and we are bringing on Jeff with the mask, would that be a problem?

Tim McCormack:    I don't know how much of a problem it would be.  Like I said, I just don't like masks. I don't like Halloween to begin with, so if you give me enough to drink and you see the way that I acted, that was - it wasn't the way I would have liked to have handled myself.  I'm not saying that the result would have been any different had I been dead sober.  I just think I would have curbed my tongue a little more than I did. 

And you know, especially, I should have just left him alone.  You know, it was the reaction of the guy that was completely destroyed and I don't know -- would there be a problem?  I will tell you when I see him.

I would like to think that, at 35 years old, I'm too old to be fighting, my fighting days are supposed to be behind me.

Jennifer Matarese:    And would you have liked to - did you get to know Chris Harrison at all during this process?  What did you think of him?

Tim McCormack:    I actually did not - well, I don't have much recollection of getting to meet Chris; I still would like to get his autograph though.

Question:    Hey, Tim you know I kind of noticed this about this season and last season, on Brad's season, he is 38, all the girls were under 30 and I noticed with Ashley, she is 26 and a lot of the guys were over 30.  Do you feel that was an appropriate age for you dating?  Since you have been saying that you know you are going to be 35, and would you prefer a bachelorette that was maybe a little bit older like in her 30s?

Tim McCormack:    That is a good question.  I don't know, I mean as far as age goes, I have never really, you know, relegated myself to just dating one age group and I date - I don't know, I have dated girls that have been five, six, seven years younger than me, I have dated some girls that have been a few years older than me.  I don't really let age kind of play into my decision.

I mean, I guess that is a good - not good but I guess it is an interesting observation, I hadn't really noticed that except for the fact that I know that I was one of the older guys on the show.  And it's ironic because I think that masked man was - he was also 35.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese




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