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May 2011


Ashley and the Guys Spend Time in Sin City!

Ashley had some really great moments and some really horrible ones this episode.  The game is officially on when Chris Harrison drops off the first date card.  It goes to…William!  It read, “Want to make a splash in Vegas?  I do!” 

Ashley william1 
Ashley picks him up wearing a little white dress and they head to the airport in a convertible.  Then, they hop aboard a private jet and it’s off to Las Vegas.  It’s funny, because once they are in Vegas, they are a hot item.  People are coming up to them and chatting with Ashley and asking her if William could be the one, and it looks like he’s got potential. 


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Ashley Headed to the Altar on the Next 'Bachelorette'

Check this out!  Turns out Ashley and Williams trip to Las Vegas includes a little stop at a wedding chapel!

So there they are standing in front of the officiant, and William says "I do!"  Wow!  He does not want to waste anytime at all!  I love this preview clip and can't wait to see how Ashley gets out of it, or what if they were secretly married the whole time, now there's a twist!  Haha!  I actually really think they make a very cute couple.  I hope she keeps him around!


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Full Transcript of Interview with Tim McCormack of 'The Bachelorette'

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Tim McCormack who exited this week on "The Bachelorette" after his drunken escapades.  My questions with him are in PURPLE.


Jennifer Matarese:    So, can you tell us what happened that first night?  How did you end up in such a state?

Tim McCormack:    I really wish I could be a little more clearer as to how exactly I got like that.  You know nerves have got the best of me.  You know, I had a few drinks and I definitely never had alcohol affect me like that before.  I don't know.  I mean I started to watch it and I - literally, it was stomach churning.  I really wasn't able to make it through the whole show.

Jennifer Matarese:    And why did you react the way you did seeing Jeff wearing the mask?  It was - was that the alcohol or would you really just think wow that guy is so strange for wearing a mask?

Tim McCormack:    Well, the alcohol definitely induced the reaction, but I mean in normal life, I would have definitely found it extremely odd that somebody would wear a mask especially when you're trying to make a nice first impression.  Unfortunately, for me, it's like throwing stones in the glass house at this point.

You know yes, I did think it was very strange.  Obviously, in the state that I was in, it brought out maybe some different behavior than I would have if I had been completely sober which is, you know, obviously, hindsight is 20/20 and I can't go back now, but you know - yes, and I did not - I didn't find the mask too much fun.

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Tim Talks About Getting Drunk on 'The Bachelorette'

Tim McCormack, AKA the drunk guy, talks about what really happened that first night on "The Bachelorette".

Tim sleeping 

Let me just say, this is a nice guy!  I feel so bad that he let the night get away from him somehow.  If you've been to college, you've probably had one of those nights (maybe not that bad), but felt regret the next day.  Imagine feeling that regret and having millions of people across the country seeing it play out.  I really feel for him!  The 35-year-old Long Beach, NY resident also works as a sales representative at a liquor distribution company. 


I asked him what happened that first night and he said that basically his nerves got the best of him, he drank more than he realized and couldn't believe how the night played out.  He said he watched parts of the episode but found it stomach churning to watch.

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Previews of a Great Guy for Ashley and a Horrible Guy for Ashley!

I am so excited for next Monday's "The Bachelorette".  It looks like they waste not time at all into going on some amazing dates.  Let's start with the bad news first...his name is Bentley. 


I would love to call him every name in the book, but I won't do that.  I'll let you yell it at the TV at home.  Just listen to what this guy has to say about our sweet Ashley!


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Deleted Scene from 'The Bachelorette' Premiere

Here's a scene you didn't get to see last night during the premiere of "The Bachelorette"!


Seems like Ashley really likes what she sees from Constantine.  Check out this body language!

She grabs him like 5 times if you count!  She can't keep her hands off of him!  I wonder if him being in on his family's restaurant business could be a problem.  I know she's looking forward to building a life with someone and I'm not sure how settled he is in Georgia.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Ashley's Journey For Love Looks Like It's Going To Be A Rocky One

Goodness, this season looks like it has a lot of controversy, I can't believe so much has been revealed on the very first night!


Let's start by Ashley meeting her 25 bachelors.  These little introductions are always so amusing.  It's really hilarious what the guys will do to stand out from the pack. 


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Interview with Ashley Hebert Right After 'LIVE with Regis and Kelly'

Ashley Hebert spoke to me all about tonight's big "Bachelorette" premiere!  The pretty lady was on "LIVE with Regis and Kelly" this morning and I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with her right after the show.


What do you think?  Will she find her true love?  I am really rooting for her!  Regis and Kelly are too, they made up a "Bachelorette" survival kit for her, it was really cute.  It had breath spray and even wax lips inside.


Don't forget, tonight's premiere begins at 9 p.m. and it's on for two whole hours! Woo hoo! 


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


New Interview with Ashley Hebert, the New 'Bachelorette'

I had the chance to speak with Ashley Hebert today!  This is a double dose after yesterday's conference call.  I really, really tried to get her to give us a hint to if she's in a relationship, but she's a tough gal who wouldn't budge!  Click the photo to watch the interview.


Also, here is the transcript from yesterday's conference call.  I highlighted my questions and her answers to me in PURPLE.

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Ashley Hebert Talks About Being 'The Bachelorette'

Adorable Ashley Hebert took some time out of her day to talk about being the next "Bachelorette".  She literally just finished taping her season, and isn't giving away very much at all!


She refused to say if she found love this season and said "Well, you'll have to watch to find out" almost more times than I could count!  They really want to make this season suspenseful for us!


I asked her if she could tell us if she found love and if she was engaged and she said that she couldn't say about either of those things but, "I'm happy with the way things turned out for me."  That could pretty much mean anything!

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