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New Interview with Ashley Hebert, the New 'Bachelorette'

I had the chance to speak with Ashley Hebert today!  This is a double dose after yesterday's conference call.  I really, really tried to get her to give us a hint to if she's in a relationship, but she's a tough gal who wouldn't budge!  Click the photo to watch the interview.


Also, here is the transcript from yesterday's conference call.  I highlighted my questions and her answers to me in PURPLE.


Question:  So first question is what was it like being on the other side of things this time, was it more difficult than you expected to be the one making the choices?


Ashley Hebert:  Yes. I mean, going into it, I knew that I would have whole other set of kind of hard times but I didn’t expect it to be as difficult as it was.  But I definitely learned a lot about myself.  I mean, I prefer to be on this side, but it was not easy at times that was for sure.


Question:  Did you get any advice any of the former Bachelorette's or Bachelor's especially Brad?


Ashley Hebert:  No, not really, I mean, I didn’t actually.  I think I got advice from my past self.


Question:  What advice did you give yourself?


Ashley Hebert:  To make sure that I left without any regrets.  I know that’s cliché but it's really what I went into it thinking.


Jennifer Matarese:  I don’t know if you are allowed to tell us or not, but are you happy? Did you find love, are you engaged?



Ashley Hebert:  Well, that’s all those questions I think you will have to tune in to find out, but I will say I’m happy with the ways things turned out for me, but, yes, you have to tune in and see everything -- the rollercoaster.



Jennifer Matarese: And would you say if you didn’t end up picking someone this time would you be willing to do it again like Brad or is once enough?



Ashley Hebert:  In all honesty, once is probably enough and I really, really have a whole new respect for Brad for going through it twice.


Question: So, how are your feelings going into this first mixer different from your feeling going into the last first mixer?


Ashley Hebert:  I am so much [more] nervous for this one.


Question: Really nervous, because you were excited, or because you were scared or?


Ashley Hebert:  I mean, when I was on The Bachelor, I feel like you kind of have nothing to lose, you are going into it open minded and you are excited about the experience, but walking into this when it's, I mean, it's more serious and there is a lot things I have to figure out and there is a lot pressure -- I am definitely a lot more nervous for this one.


Question: And we saw you had, you had, like, many bachelors in Bachelorette -- had a rollercoaster ride on The Bachelor and it's probably safe to assume kind of how rollercoaster's this time, was there ever a moment where you just wanted to quit and go home and be done?


Ashley Hebert:  I will tell they were definitely a rollercoaster and all that, you some of it had to do with just been away from home and been away from friends.  There wasn’t ever a moment where I wanted to give it all up because I knew how great of an experience it was and I knew how much, I thought that hopefully I wouldn’t look back and be really happy that I went through but there was only hard moments where I thought did I make the right decision to do, am I strong enough to do this?  But overall, I think I knew I wanted to push through.


Question: So, the first time that we saw you with Brad, you know, you had some concerns what all was said about him dating other women at the same time as you.  Did you witness that among the guys on your season?


Ashley Hebert:  Well, you know, to be honest I feel like a lot of time the guys spend more time with each other than they do with me obviously living together.  So, I didn’t see that much, I mean definitely there were moments where I see, but not nearly as much as I thought I would see or not nearly as much as it happens with the women.


Question: My next question I feel like a couple of colorful characters on your season, so in terms of drama how did the guys in the house compared to the women in your season?


Ashley Hebert:  I will tell you that, I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you that they did a really good job of selecting all different types of guys and different personalities and really interesting career and interesting personality.  That’s all I will say, I mean tune in and you are going to die.


Question: So, you just said a second ago that they did really good job of selecting different guys.


Ashley Hebert:  Yes.


Question: So, were you happy with this guys they selected? What were your first impressions on that first night?


Ashley Hebert:  OK, I went into having kind of no expectations, but kind of I didn’t know what to expect, but after the guys walked out in the limo, I was blown away.  At that point, I didn’t know them that well but I mean physically they were gorgeous to me and then after getting to know them, I mean have some great guys.  I personally think the best that they have ever had.


Question: And were you looking for something in particular in the guys or did you find as the show went on what you were looking for change or anything like that?


Ashley Hebert:  Yes, I mean I think what I realize is that I went into a thing I wanted just a good man and somebody who is loyal and a family man, and I think as time went on there were more things that I saw in the guys that I wanted but most importantly what I realize is that I wanted someone that made feel good and made me feel like a women, made me feel like I was able to be vulnerable.  And  so, yes,  definitely as time went I started to realize more about what I wanted.


Question: Good, so during your time on The Bachelorette with Brad you said you regretted how closed off you were and there were times where you just kind of had troubled expressing how you felt, so how would you say that’s different from your behavior on The Bachelorette.  Did you really tried to put your stuff out there this time and if so how challenging was that?


Ashley Hebert:  I mean it was not easy I will tell you that but I went into it saying, I don’t want to leave with any regrets, if I do fall in love.  I mean for a lack, I am going just to put it all out there and for the rest of been hurt and I think I learned a lot from Brad's season and I have no regrets.  I don’t have any regrets.


Question: OK and based on the commercials ABC has been airing, some of the men on your season seem really impressive.  How do you feel on hindsight that Brad compares to them? Would you be able to say in confidence now that Brad just wasn’t the right guy for you or do you think you still might have some left over feelings for him?


Ashley Hebert:  I mean, I think Brad is a great guy but I think we both needed different things in our life and especially after meeting all of these men I realized how Brad wasn’t the best fit for me and I wasn’t the best fit for Brad and I definitely see a lot of things in these men that I think are better suited from me and my personality and my lifestyle.  So yes I definitely realize that Brad was probably not the right guy for me.


Question: OK, would you be able to name just maybe a couple of examples of how they might be better suited for you or?


Ashley Hebert:  Yes definitely, so one of the big things Brad is that he was older and he was very settled in and I was looking for somebody that to create a life, a new life together, and I think the way I saw was that I don’t know I felt like Brad was looking for somebody to fit into his life and not to say it's a bad thing it just wasn’t what I was looking for.


Question: How was it making the decision to be on The Bachelorette.  I mean was that something that you said absolutely right away or was it a tough decision to make.


Ashley Hebert:  OK.  So I will tell you what I went through, when I was approached about it I thought no question on my mind absolutely.  I would do it if I everything worked out and then I started to question -- am I strong enough for this, am I at a good place in my life with this? I mean I have to take more time off from school.  I just weigh the pros and cons and then at the end of the day, I realize that I wanted to do it and the pros outweigh the cons.


Question: OK.  Good approach though.  Yes, probably for time it and the next question is what are some of the traits that you are really looking for in these guys on The Bachelorette?  What are some of those traits that you really want to see?


Ashley Hebert:  I mean I am looking for somebody that I feel I can trust, like somebody that’s really loyal and a family man and I said that I go into it and I don’t know if I get them kind of being redundant here, but I just want somebody that makes me feel.  I like my life off of my gut and intuition and I have learned to trust that and I think it has led me to some really great places.  So I am just looking for somebody that makes me feel.


Question: I was just wondering you did you take it off from school or how did you set it in and going forward are you going to finish school?


Ashley Hebert:  Yes, I did take off from school.  I am probably just a few months behind with my requirements but I actually graduated technically two days ago.


Question: Congratulations.


Ashley Hebert:  Thank you, but, yes, I am going to be making up the time that I lost this summer and then I will have my diploma and be ready to go.


Question:  OK, great and I could ask if the person you picked we don’t know that fits into the schedule?


Ashley Hebert:  Well, I guess you have to wait and see.


Question: Hey people are very practical so big question people seem appear is will you make money from this show that you can then use to pay off dental school.


Ashley Hebert:  People are always wondering that, I think that is kind of a personal question, but I can tell that I will not be able to pay off dental school.


Question: That’s right, and you said you graduated.  Do you have specific plans to start like I don’t know what they call in dental school but an internship or a residency or something?


Ashley Hebert:  Yes, at this point, I really have no plans.  The United States is my oyster so I am going to start taking steps to figuring out what I want to do and where I want to be but I am still very open minded about everything.  So, we will see where life takes me.


Question: I read that you were worried that the men would be disappointed that you were The Bachelorette I was just wondering why that is?


Ashley Hebert:  Oh gosh, Heather, all right, so I think even from watching myself last season I was thinking who would want to date somebody that is looking insecure in relationships and unsure and just I really feel like I wasn’t my best self.  So, knowing who I am I have confidence in my as The Bachelorette, but I didn’t think that somebody watching would know that.  So I was worried that some people would find out that it was me and the just want to leave.


Question: So, once you met all the men did that fear kind of go away?


Ashley Hebert:  Absolutely.  I mean the men were great and are great.  They made me feel everything that a woman wants to feel especially somebody that’s going into it with a little bit of insecurity about everything that happens on The Bachelorette.


Question: My first question for you what are some of the prior things that you learned about yourself during this season?


Ashley Hebert:  OK, I learned that I do not like to break up with people and I have a very, very hard time with it both emotionally and have a physical reaction to it.  That’s what I learned.


Question:  OK, and what is the biggest surprise about the season overall?


Ashley Hebert:  The biggest surprise…


Moderator: She is not going to give a surprise away that’s big.


Ashley Hebert:  Surprise, without giving away too much.


Question: Right.


Ashley Hebert:  I would say the biggest surprise for me was….


Question: It could even be like something place you went that surprised you.


Ashley Hebert:  I will tell you maybe a selfish thing to say or maybe more of a kind of what I was thinking.  I surprised myself with overcoming some of the fears that I had and some of the insecurities that I had so I guess that’s kind of a personal, but that’s probably my biggest surprise without giving out too much away.


Question: Yes, exactly I don’t want you to give out anything away I just wanted to know the biggest surprise other than that.


Question: Could you please tell us about some of your favorite dates or locations obviously without mentioning with whom you went?


Ashley Hebert:  Some of my favorite, OK let me think about this, I had so many favorites.


Question: Really like, adventurous things that you got to do because of this?


Ashley Hebert:  So I would have to say one of my favorite group dates was, we are in Thailand and we actually renovated an orphanage and that was the most rewarding and probably the most exciting group dates that I went on.  I mean it's something that I will remember for the rest of life.


And then I will say an overall statement without  pinpointing a specific date in that we had a lot of cultural dates, dates where we went through marketplaces and I thought I learned a lot about different cultures, and I think to go through that with some of the guys, they are traveling to these places for the first time as well.  It was educational and romantic at the same time.


Question: And last question, I know kind of at the beginning of the last season, there was a couple of people that are set up to be you mentioned there is a lots of different types of people, different careers and personalities and stuff like that.  We knew about Madison coming into the first episode, do you have any kind of really interesting characters like that that you can setup even if they are just people that are around for the first you know even first quarter of the show?


Ashley Hebert:  Yes, I will tell you that we do have somebody that is similar kind of Madison I guess and without giving away too much about him, he wanted to – basically he did something that made me get to know him at a deeper level not so much the physical.  So you have to wait and see for that.


Question: Hi, Ashley, two questions.  So, going on the show and if you met the man of your dreams did you go in thinking if I meet the man of my dreams, I am ready to settle down and get married?  Or is it more like I am just kind of checking out the scene?


Ashley Hebert:  OK so, going into this, I mean, I think that I reached a point in my life where I knew that if I were to meet the right person, I would be ready but only if I were to meet somebody that made me feel like I was ready.  But going into this, I definitely have the mindset that I have my career in place, I feel really good I was wearing that on a personal level. I feel like I have a lot to offer and I have a great mindset about being in a committed relationship.  So going into it I felt like I was prepared on the outside, but only if I were to meet the right guy.


Question: OK and you mentioned that the world is your oyster so are you going to at some point pursue dental career or is this more of a spring board to a career in entertainment which has happened to a lot of people who have been on the show.


Ashley Hebert:  I don’t think I would be a good entertainer I will tell you that, but, no, I am actually looking to go straight into dentistry.  I will be getting my degree very shortly and I don’t have any plans in doing anything in entertainment.


Question: So, during the “After the Final Rose” special, viewers saw your new drastically different looks for the first time.  I know you said you wanted to change and your hair color was basically returning to your roots.  Was there any particular reason behind the change? I mean was it symbolic of maybe you going in a new direction in your life or anything like that?


Ashley Hebert:  I always get this question.  It's so funny.  Actually, the day I got back from filming The Bachelorette, I colored my color back to my natural [color] and that’s what you saw.  And it had been that way for a few months.  So, it was new to everyone else, but not so much to me and my friends.


But, yes, I mean I guess in a way I went with the blonde to try something different and then I just I felt like at the end of the day it's always good to go back to who you are and when I left I wanted to start feeling like myself gain, and I think maybe you are right, I think maybe symbolically that’s why I went back to the brown and I feel more like myself.


Question: OK and how long have you been blonde for?


Ashley Hebert:  Not very long, I was probably blonde for it was a progressive thing.  It started off with highlights and it got a little bit more blonde, probably like four or five months.


Question: And just a quick question, you mentioned some of your favorite locations but happened to be your least favorite?


Ashley Hebert:  The least favorite?  I don’t …OK I know, you might think I am not telling the truth…but I really, really loved every place I went to.  I haven’t traveled that much.  So every location was new and exciting to me, I honestly can say that I loved every location.


Question: On the past few seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Ali and Brad, they both said they fell for their partner pretty early in the season. Did you have a front- runner early on?  Or did that change along the way?


Ashley Hebert:  How do I answer this without obviously saying too much? I have to say that there were points in time where I thought that I had front-runner and things change quickly.  I will tell you that, I mean, they go up and down and back and forth.  Yes that’s I guess that’s all I am going to say.


Question: OK, do you think there are any guys from your season who will good as The Bachelor next year?


Ashley Hebert:  I think any guy on the season would be good as The Bachelor. I mean I am not, I promise I am not just saying that because they are my guys, but they are great.  Absolutely great, I think you are going to really impressed when you watch.


Question: I just didn’t want the fellow from Portland to be the only guy.  It sounds like you had  great guys and a lot of great possibility.  I know you can’t give away much, but do you break some hearts this time, are there some emotional episodes coming our way as the season goes?


Ashley Hebert:  Yes, I mean I feel like with every Bachelor, Bachelorette there are broken hearts and it's no different and I will tell you that it goes both ways, you have to tune to see what I mean by that.


Question: OK and it sounds like you actually but you came out as pretty good emotionally.  You must have you sound like you grew a lot.


Ashley Hebert:  Definitely, I mean I can even tell you and it's hard to explain without.  It's hard to explain if you haven’t been through but you learnt so much about (inaudible) and I think you take whether you are with somebody or not in the end you really take steps to getting there, realizing what you want in a relationship and how to be in a really committed relationship.


Question: My other question for you is when you do the traveling, did they take into account places you always wanted to see or did they just surprise you with the trip?


Ashley Hebert:  I believe they just surprised me, if they [did] take that into consideration I didn’t know.  I loved being surprised.  That’s something I realized about myself, too.  So, I – just take me anywhere and I will be happy.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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I didn't know that she's a dental student. Studying in dental school is really expensive though. Anyway, I think she did great on the the New 'Bachelorette'.

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