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Bentley is Finally Gone for Good! Way to Go Ashley!

I love that the show started by reminding us of the disgusting way that Bentley left the first time.  Ashley wanted a clean break, and fortunately this time she got one.  Let’s recap the show!


Hong Kong is a city with everything, and by everything, unfortunately that means Bentley.  Ashley was haunted by “what could have been” but we all knew the truth and were infuriated by the fact that he left that way, and that she just couldn’t see what we all saw: HE’S A JERK!



So we begin this week with Chris Harrison breaking the news to Ashley that Bentley is at the hotel and he’s there to talk to her.  In an effort to get rid of the “what ifs” the show brought him back.  (Um, couldn’t they have just showed her the video interviews we all saw and saved the plane fare?!)  “I don’t want to convince somebody to love me” she told Chris Harrison.  That’s so true Ashley, you don’t!  So don’t settle!



I was so nervous for her as Ashley stood outside Bentley’s door!  I think everyone has had that feeling at some point.  When she hugged him…ick.  He does not deserve hugs!  He says he flew half way around the world to see her?  He flew there for a free week-long vacation!  I am just outraged by him and the situation the show created here. 



He asks her what’s up and basically she pours her heart out and admits her feelings to him, only to have him weasel around for a while before he finally admits that he’s putting a period on the end of their relationship instead of that lame dot-dot-dot.  He at one point said leaving was hard for him too?  Oh really?  How so?  I would love to learn the answer to those questions. 



He finally put an end, a real end to the relationship by saying that with him being in Salt Lake and her being on the show, it’s basically not looking good for her and she should do what she set out to do on the show and pick from the guys that are left.  He said, “I feel  like with where you are at let’s call it a period.”  She called him out and said, “Why come here, why not just call?”  He said because he wanted to see her.  I’m calling shenanigans on that one. 


She ended it the best way possible, as she questioned his manhood and then said, “Bentley, if you’re watching this, *Bleep* you, I’m done with you!”  Awesome!  She went on to say that he “disrespected her to the core”.



Now, let’s get on with the show!  Find your true love girl!  She’s liberated and free of that *bleep*!  She has two one-on-one dates and one group date this week.  The first date card said, “Lucas, Let’s find our good fortune on the streets of Hong Kong!”  I’m not his biggest fan, but I wanted to see how it goes.  They go downtown at night and Hong Kong is totally lit up and looks amazing.  Lucas noticed that she seemed refreshed and happy and had a different glow about her.  It’s probably because she unloaded about 200lbs of *bleep*.



After a stroll, they board a sailboat for a private dinner looking at the skyline.  I thought it was cute that he was hoping to dance with her, point for Lucas.  He talks a little about his divorce, says that his marriage was wonderful for a while and that she was the love of his life, but things went sour because he believes things were not meant to be.  In the end, she asks him to accept the rose and he does!  She gave him a little quick kiss, and he was bummed because he wanted a real first kiss.  Then it was a bit awkward because he asked her if he could kiss her.  Guys, just go for it!  She gave you a rose, kiss her!  In the end, they did get to dance to some traditional music.



Back at the house, another date card came and it was for the group date.  It read: “Let’s get our hearts racing”.  Ryan, Mickey, Constantine, Ames, Blake and Ben were all selected to go on that date.  That means that J.P. is going on his second one-on-one date!  Poor Ryan and Blake have yet to even have one, one-on-one date.



For the group date, the guys are going to be doing dragon boat racing.  Constantine and Ben, Blake and Ryan, and Ames and Mickey were split up into three teams.  Then, they had to go out into the streets and recruit people to be on their boat teams which required 8 people.  The language barrier proved to make things a little difficult, but with a few different strategies, they managed to put the teams together.  It’s funny that Ryan was great at recruiting because of his great energy, and it was good to see that Blake, who isn’t his biggest fan, acknowledged that.  It was also amusing that Ben and Constantine are on a team and I seriously got them confused the first few weeks because their hair (bad hair) looks the same.



As for the race, I was very optimistic for Ames and Mickey because they got experienced dragon boat races on their team.  No surprise, they were off to an early lead, but Ryan and Blake were close behind.  Ben and Constantine were just a band of misfits.  In the end, Ames and Mickey won!  Then, there was a surprise engagement right on the beach!  Could it be a sign of things to come?



Ashleyameskissing new 
Ashley said she felt good going into the evening for once.  Ames whisked her away and they took an elevator ride up, but while inside, he stole some steamy kisses!  He had a drink in his hand and I think it was a bit of liquid confidence.  They end up at a beautiful balcony at the hotel and it really is breathtaking.  It looks like their relationship has finally hit the fast track.



Then she had a little conversation with Ben, and it was playful and flirty.  They too did some smooching.  I really see him being in the final two or three at least.  How sweet is he?!  He really seems like he might be good husband material for Ashley.  Wow, he dropped the L-word in his interview and said he could end up with the girl that he loves in the end. 


Meantime Ben and Blake talk about how annoying Ryan is. 

Ryan talks to Ashley and he’s always yammering on about how beautiful he thinks she is, but she’s clearly looking for something deeper with him.  She says she wants to see his daily life and he hints that he needs a one-on-one date.  To Blake’s dismay, Ryan gets the date rose!  The rest of the guys are disgusted and questioning what she is looking for. 



Now it was time for J.P.’s one-on-one.  He’s sweet; he says she makes him “feel alive”.  They have a dinner together.  He talked about how he cried when he and his ex broke up and how he’s worried about it happening again, but said that he feels closure and he’s ready to love again.  Ashley says he’s the total package and one of the most gorgeous guys she’s ever seen.



Ashley jp kiss first 
Then she decides to admit to J.P. (aka Jordan Paul) that she saw Bentley in Hong Kong.  She tells him about her “what ifs” and how she wanted to make sure she had closure.  She admits that she talked to him and said that things are so different and she has really good closure.  Ashley says wanted to make sure that she could be 100% honest with him.  He was completely understanding and was glad she was comfortable enough to tell him and that she got the closure she needed.  Of course, she gave him the rose, and lots of kisses!  He said that things were so perfect that he didn’t want them to end.  I just love him so much for her!



Ashley jp kiss 
Then they travel to the roof balcony where they danced and drank some champagne.  They seem so natural together!  I could see these two going the distance and the way of Trista and Ryan! 



Ashley fully expects that telling the guys about Bentley will go just as well as it did with J.P., but not all guys are that understanding.  Constantine is upset and basically says she was a liar, Lucas asks why didn’t she do this sooner, and she does her best to explain.  Blake is confused how she could have fallen for him, J.P. feels bad that she’s going through the third degree by the guys, and he tries to defend her.  Ryan (now with some scruff on his face) reassures her that he’s there for her and not to worry about the rest of the guys.  Constantine, Lucas, Blake and Mickey all have a major issue with the situation.  Ames seemed a little confused (the knock on the head maybe?)  Lucas gets downright angry and is dropping f-bombs.  Ames later decides that life isn’t a fairytale and things aren’t always easy, so he accepts it.



Next, Ashley talks to Blake about the whole situation.  So because Blake is upset, she turns on the tears.  He hugs her and then gives her a stare.  He explains to her why he feels the way he does.  He’s here and she’s not completely falling for him yet and he’s on the other side of the globe and she’s pining away for him. 



Mickey lectures her about honesty.  She doesn’t feel like she lied, but Mickey wants her to justify why he’s there.  He basically says if you felt that strongly about Bentley send me home.   She says go ahead and go if that’s how you feel, so he goes!   He says he does think that she has a great heart, but they weren’t right for each other.  One down, one more guy to send home.   Shaken by Mickey, she talks to the guys and tearfully tells them how much she does care about them and their feelings.  Blake is like, see guys, she’s here for us, hooray!



No one else leaving?  Ok, let’s let Ashley give one of you guys the boot after she just convinced every single one of you that she has feelings for you that are stronger than they were for Bentley.  Lucas, J.P., and Ryan already have roses.   The remaining three in the final six are: Ben, Constantine, and Ames!  Poor Blake was sent on the boat they had to take the guys away.  I really think that she should have kept Blake, especially after he was so understanding of everything she said.  I would have sent Constantine home.  I was also hoping that Lucas would just give the rose back and leave, but I’m guessing that may happen in the next week or two.



Did you catch the preview for the finale?  Wow that looks intense.  She’s crying and says that the whole day, which was supposed to be happy, is ruined.  I truly hope she finds someone out of this whole situation!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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