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Chris Harrison Talks All About Bentley

This Monday's episode looks like it is going to be a doozy for sure.  Bentley, in the previews, appears to break Ashley's heart.  Sure, the girl was warned, but how much should she have to put up with?  The producers were the ones taping the interviews with Bentley where he said he wanted her to "tickle his pickle" and that he would rather "swim in pee than plan a wedding with her".  Classy.  Chris Harrison, the host of "The Bachelorette" talks about the producers' decision to keep Bentley on the show and his reaction to what went down.

Chris harrison 

How well did you know Bentley and how could someone do this that has a daughter? -  I didn’t get to know him that well, and I spend more time with the guys when we travel, it all happened within the first couple weeks.  I feel the same way, I can't fathom treating a woman like that much less by someone who has a daughter.  I hope he comes to "The Men Tell All", I’d like his explanation.  I’d like to ask him that question.  I don’t know what his end game was or motivations, I don’t see how this is promoting his business, the things he did crossed a line of decency.


When did you realize how bad he was? – I thought he was trouble the moment Ashely told me he was going to be trouble.  We talked that night, I was pretty adamant about my feelings towards him, when you have information before the guy gets out of the limo, that’s a red flag, she never heeded the warning signs.  I think she didn’t want to be closed off like on Brad’s season, but we gave her the option to not even meet him, we told her that we can pull him off before it even begins, and she said 'I want to give him a shot and then kick him off when I need to', so she kept making the choice to go forward.


I asked him, why not show her the footage of him saying those things when they happened? - Maybe if it had gone further, the first week is one night, we’re two weeks in, and things just started getting out of hand, if it had gone on longer, maybe we would have had to show her these things.  She was privy to some of the information, some of the producers said those things to her, it's more information than people had about Wes or Justin.


How did it feel, hearing this man saying these awful things? – I want to be clear that I didn’t get to hear and see all those things he said.  All that stuff is shot in privacy with producers, I didn’t get to see it, I did know he was there for the wrong reasons, even if it was you and someone is speaking of you that way I would find it rude and crossing the line, take friendship out of it, for any person to treat another person like that, such disrespect and disregard. 




That's just a preview of what Chris had to say during today's conference call interview.  I'll post the full transcript tomorrow.  I tried to get what he had to say word for word, but forgive me if it's slightly off.  It will be word for word tomorrow with much more detail!



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