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William Talks About His Elimination From 'The Bachelorette'

William Holman did a conference call interview today where he talked all about his time on "The Bachelorette" and his feelings about Ashley.

Ashley william1 

William said that no one had anything bad to say about Bentley, and that when ever he talked to him, all he ever talked about was his daughter so he was really shocked by what he saw on tv.  He thought he saw a definate connection between them in Vegas and never thought that he seemed disappointed that "The Bachelorette" was Ashley instead of Emily.


About his 2-on-1 date: "I didn’t feel that I would get a rose" he said.  He went on to say that it was just one of those things where he wanted to see her again and wanted to rekindle those feelings, but it didn’t go as expected.


As for throwing Ben C. under the bus: "I did feel that he was insincere, it was something he did talk about it, I wouldn't have made that up.  I felt like if she was questioning any ones purpose on the show, it’s not like have a phone and I can call her and tell her, so the only time we get is on camera, it was the only time to tell her, and not the way I wanted it to go down.  I wanted to warn her and let her know."  He said that he didn't realize that Ben C. would be gone right away, he thought she might give him a second chance and talk to him about it with him like she did with him and the roast.  So he was surprised by that.


With roasting Ashley, he thought she could handle it.  He said he wasn't aware of her insecurities because he never watched last season and she hadn't talked about that in front of them.  William said that he had never been on stage before and that he was really scared and just decided to go a different way with it because the guys were all roasting each other and they were there to roast Ashley so that's what he did.


Who is his pick for Ashley?  J.P.!  Who else?!  Honestly, I'm totally sold on the fact that he's the best for her.  He said that J.P. is "an outstanding guy in the house, true friend, and J.P. is like no other.  If I could pick a guy for her, I would pick him."  As for if Ashley will actually pick him: "I could see her going that way, I saw their interactions and the looks on their faces when they were around each other and you could just see that they looked like they were in love."  He says he actually felt a little bad going out on dates with her because he knew he was making J.P. feel sad.  Aw!


William says he did not go on the show to start his comedy career, he honest to goodness wanted to find love: "Love is more important than anything, finding that true love and finding the love of your life, I was so happy it was Ashley because she seemed like someone I could have that connection with."


Also, we'll all be seeing more of William because he's going to be on "Bachelor Pad 2"!  Hooray!  Maybe he'll meet someone nice there!  Maybe Jackie from Brad's season?  We'll have to wait and see!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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