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Ashley Looks for Love in Fiji Tonight!

Ashley and her final three men head to Fiji!  She'll get the chance to learn more about all of them in the "fantasy suites"!  It looks like everything doesn't quite go how she pictured it going though.  Here's the news release from ABC!

"Ashley kicks off her tropical adventure by spending an afternoon on a luxurious yacht with charismatic Ben F., who has wowed her with his humor and sensitivity. They sail across sparkling ocean waters to a remote island where they enjoy some the world's best snorkeling at the celebrated Pirates' Den. Later things get serious over a candlelit dinner, as Ben F. finally reveals his feelings for her. But will he take the ultimate step and tell her he is falling in love with her?

Constantine and Ashley take a spectacular helicopter tour over the lush Fiji Islands. Their destination is a remote lagoon, and they enjoy a wonderful day frolicking in a majestic waterfall. Later that night, the couple reunite for a romantic dinner, but Ashley is totally taken aback by Constantine's astonishing news, which changes everything for her.

Still reeling from the events of the night before, Ashley visits the bachelor who traveled all the way to Fiji in hopes of getting her to look at their relationship with new eyes and invite him back into her life. Will she grant him his wish?

On her last date this week, Ashley surprises J.P. with a sea-to-air adventure as they take off in a seaplane over the panoramic seascape. They land on a private island of perfect white sand. The intimate day turns into a critical night when, at dinner, J.P. shares his feelings about their potential life together. But where does this leave Ashley?

Ashley has experiences a different path to love with each of these men, and it has left her feeling more vulnerable than she expected. After an emotional deliberation, she moves cautiously to the rose ceremony. She and the final two bachelors toast to continuing their adventure on Fiji - where they will meet her family. Her journey to find love is quickly coming to a close. Whom will she choose - but more importantly, will they choose her back?"


I'll have more preview videos later today, around 4 or 5 p.m. EST so please check back!

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese 


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