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Full Transcript of Interview with Ryan Park

Ryan had a lot to say about his time with Ashley, the guys, and even a little about Bentley.  Here is the full transcript from the conference call the other day.  The questions I asked are in PURPLE.


Jennifer Matarese:       All right.  So I was wondering, what was going through your mind when you were first eliminated on the show and Ashley told you at the picnic that she didn’t want to go meet your family?


Ryan Park:      A lot of things were going through my mind, as I think you could tell if you saw that.  You know, I just – I was rather surprised.  I really didn’t see it coming.  After watching it, now I totally understand.  I see the connection she has with the remaining bachelors.  But, you know, I just felt that we needed something more.  I mean, I – it felt like we didn’t – when she said she didn’t have the passion for me or didn’t feel the spark between us, it was strange to me because I had felt it earlier. 


And notice I’m saying I felt it earlier.  It doesn’t mean that she necessarily did.  And I felt she did.  And our date was, I mean, wandering around a temple and performing Tai Chi, which unfortunately wasn’t shown on television, and not really the type of date that’s, you know, so hot and steamy.  And being our first one-on-one date, you know, I’ll just sum it all up and say that, you know, I was shocked.


Jennifer Matarese:       OK.  And going back to Fiji, are you glad that you went back?  Did it get you some closure or do you just wish you hadn’t gone?


Ryan Park:      You know, I’m glad I did go.  You know, I – when I was let go, I just, I just didn’t really totally understand.  I mean now everything really comes clear after, you know, watching it and seeing her interact with the other guys.  But, you know, what wasn’t shown on TV is some of the really good interaction that we did have together and some of the really good conversations we did.  I just, now, it’s very obvious that a connection from her, you know, passionate that connection, you know, wasn’t there for her. 


But I’m very happy I went back.  (Inaudible) my (line) thinking about, you know, that if there were more time, there could be a really magical ending.  And so, I’m happy I got that closure I needed.


Jennifer Matarese:       OK.  Thank you so much.  Good luck with everything.


Ryan Park:      Thank you.


Question:         You felt strongly that, like you said if you just had more time with Ashley, that maybe things could have gone different if you’d gotten some more time to know one another. 


Ryan Park:      Right.


Question:         Do you feel like if it was a different situation, a different time and place that things could have worked out between the two of you?


Ryan Park:      You know, obviously timing has a place in every relationship.  And, you know, I definitely do think that Ashley and I could work.  You know, I still feel that way.  But, you know, I’m one side of the coin.  You know and also just looking at the progression of everything, if – you know, who knows?  Maybe if we had a date earlier on, it could have sparked something and maybe she – you know, I can’t speak on behalf of Ashley but I don’t know if because her connection had grown so strong with both J.P.  and Ben, if that had closed her off to me by the time we finally had our one-on-one. 


            So, I guess, you know, to answer your question, I think that something could have been different had it had been a little bit different circumstance or maybe, maybe if J.P.  And Ben F. weren’t around.  But that’s just the way it is.


Question:         And, is it safe to say that you were in love with Ashley?  Are you still in love with her now?


Ryan Park:      No.  There are obviously qualities in her that I, you know, completely admire and do love about her.  But I am not in love with Ashley.


Question:         So, we obviously enjoyed, you know, seeing you on the show quite a much.  Wanted to see if you, you know, have found love since the show has ended or if you’re dating anybody.  You know, what is, you know, your dating life right now?


Ryan Park:      You know, I’m not dating anyone right now.  Really wanted to, waiting ‘til the show fully concludes.  Well, to be straight, I just had a complete fear of – I wouldn’t even go out to coffee with a friend that happens to be a girl for fear of having a picture pop up in a magazine and say that he’s dating someone, right?  You know, that spiny- hand guy, you know.  No, as of right now I – my dating life is not exciting.


Question:         And also wanted to see, now did you approach ABC that you wanted to go back to Fiji or, you know, was this something that you had been thinking about for a while, you know, of doing?  How did it come up?


Ryan Park:      So, I did.  I did approach them.  It was a few days after being let go, I was talking with one of the producers who was just checking in to see how I was doing.  And we got to talking about everything and how everything went down.  And I just felt like, you know, I said yes, I feel like I got a bad deal and, you know, just the short end of the stick.  And then I kind of started saying gosh, I wish I was there.  And I wish she would meet my family and then it progressed kind of to, you know, I don’t want to be like, you know, portrayed or come across like Bentley did where the guys go so upset. 


            But I wonder if I did see a little more time and then it was proposed that I could call Chris and ask what Chris thought.  And, no joke, I called Chris in the evening, early in the hometown dates that week and had about a 30 minute conversation with him on the phone.  And sure enough, he said that it would be acceptable.  And I went for it.  I was on a plane Friday night for Fiji and very glad I did.


Question:         And my first question is if Ashley were going to give you a second chance there in Fiji, how were you planning or what was your strategy of being able to compete with the other guys after, you know, taking a second chance there with Ashley?


Ryan Park:      Yes.  You know, throughout the entire, you know, I’ll call it Journey instead of a process.  You know, I tried not to focus on the other guys ‘cause at the end of the day it doesn’t matter.  And it didn’t matter.  Maybe that’s also why some of the stuff came out that Ryan was so, you know, annoying or whatever, which I’m sure I’ll get a question or two about that.  But, you know, if Ashley had taken me back in Fiji, you know, that would have been between us.  And, you know, I would have just, you know, focused on what we had and continued to build what we had and not worry about the other guys.


            Obviously I didn’t realize just how far along she was with J.P.  and Ben.  You know, now I see it all.  You just don’t know.  I mean, when everyone watches this on the show they think that all of the, you know, bachelors, you know, know exactly what’s going on.  And you just don’t.  So, I don’t know if that answered your question.


Morgan Lind:  And while you were in Fiji, it was a couple of days that you had to wait for Ashley.  What was going through your head those couple of days?


Ryan Park:      Oh, my gosh.


Question:         Were you pretty sure that you would get a second chance or were you kind of ...


Ryan Park:      No.


Question:         ... on edge about it?


Ryan Park:      You know, when I, when I showed up at her place she was so surprised.  It was classic, totally classic.  I thought the show did a decent job of capturing that.  But the energy level was really, really high there and I did feel that there was a chance.  I didn’t feel that there was a great chance.  I mean, going out there anyways it was likely a, somewhat of a long shot. 


But I’m someone just in life, also I’m – I guess I’ll call myself an internal optimist.  It’s just that I see the brighter side of things.  And so I thought, you know what, I have nothing to lose here and I’m going for it.  So, yes, I was hopeful.  Let’s put it that way.  I was hopeful.  It’s almost like the movie – gosh, what is it?  You know, “Anchorman,” you know, so you’re saying there’s a chance.  Ironically, I’m in classy San Diego right now, too.


Question:         So, in Ashley’s blog, she said she understood why you needed to talk to her and receive closure, because she felt you had kind of sensed that she wasn’t confident in her decision to send you home.  And she also never really voiced any concerns that she had about you to you.  So, you know, was she right?  Do you like, did you ever sense that she wasn’t sure that she, you know, should have let you go or what are your thoughts on that?


Ryan Park:      Yes.  Yes.  Well, as I was saying earlier I mean, we really, we really did have a connection even though I think it was maybe downplayed a little bit to up play maybe some of the connections that she had with the other guys.  But when she was letting me go – I mean, she started crying when she was letting me go.  You know, and then the reasons as far as, you know, not having passion or whatever and then what wasn’t shown – I don’t know, Cathy, if I can say this.  But one thing that wasn’t shown really walking out, I mean she said a comment that, you know, that I’d been her – she felt that I was her perfect guy and all this stuff, this and that.  But she felt that she didn’t deserve me.  And that like stopped me in my tracks as I walked out.  It was like, oh my gosh. 


            And now after even watching this and seeing the theme over and over where she’s unsure of herself, now it makes that much even more sense.  But for her to say something like that that just, that was like what?  Like, you know, I’m here.  I’m here for you.  Don’t sit there and say you don’t deserve me.  Like, so, yes, I felt that maybe there was regret from her.  And I thought that that may come out in the hometowns once she went and saw people’s families, if there wasn’t a chemistry there or similarities or if she didn’t envision herself joining one of their families of the other suitors.  So I just wanted to see if maybe, maybe there was that – maybe she felt the same way I did that, yes, she is regretting.


Question:         OK.  And like you mentioned, many of the other bachelors tended to get annoyed with you and they often bashed your personality has being insincere.  So what was your reaction to that and what do you think their issue was?  Do you believe it was simply because you were too happy like they often said or do you think there was more to it than that?


Ryan Park:      I believe in -  it all - it’s going to come out pretty clearly that they didn’t feel that I was insincere.  And if that – I believe that’s going to come out pretty strongly because that’s definitely not what I got.  I mean even from the two, the most vocal of the bunch, you know, oddly was Blake.  But, even then at the Men Tell All and everything, it all smoothes over.  You know, the truth we dealt with a lot of rain on this.  I don’t know about previous ones and we were in some pretty tight areas.


            And I got to make fun of myself.  It’s true.  I get, you know, I’m just happy being, so to speak.  And there’s time when you’re sitting around after, you know, being cooped up weeks on end and, you know, people get grumpy for, you know, unhappy about being in that situation.  But I still maintained, I guess, a positive demeanor from early in the morning until late in the evening.  And, yes, I can see how that can kind of get on some people’s nerves.  I definitely learned a lot about myself through that.  I mean, never will – never before, I mean I have wonderful friends literally around the globe.  And, you know, never ever have I ever been called, you know, insincere or ungenuine before in my lifetime. 


            There’s a little bit of that early on because I think it’s kind of – I don’t want to call myself unique, but I think it’s just different in that most of the time when you do see someone with a real happy outside or whatever it’s trying to cover up something inside.  And I definitely don’t blame the guys for thinking that way up front.  But those gentlemen that were around much longer realized that wow, you know, the mask, the proverbial mask is not coming off of me.  And that’s just the way I, just the way I live my life.


Question:         Hey, thanks for doing this call.  I’m wondering, why did you think that Ashley was good casting as The Bachelorette?


Ryan Park:      Well, yes, I believe she was great, good casting for The Bachelorette.  A lot of people tuned in, I guess, right?  You know, I’ve been asked this a lot just in private.  Right?  From friends that have said, well, do you think she makes a good Bachelorette or people give their opinions or what not.  What people have to realize, man, I mean being The Bachelorette is hard.  Consistent, I mean, so much scrutiny, have to be on every day, all day long.  And I guess whatever flaws a human may have or whatever, I guess tendencies – I don’t even call them flaws, you know, are going to be magnified exponentially. 


            I mean, you know, it’s no secret that Ashley, you know, has – look she’s a normal girl that came from a small town and gets catapulted into the spotlight.  And, you know, I mean it’s no secret that, yes, she has insecurities.  And some of her self confidence can be somewhat low.  That’s why whoever ends up with her, whether it be J.P. or Ben, I believe that either one of those gentlemen will help make her feel stronger about herself. 


            But to answer your question, do I feel that she was a good bachelorette?  Yes, I do.  I mean, I cared for her deeply and I’m very happy that it was her.  So, but it’s just unfortunate that she’s been attacked so badly for her insecurities and then, you know, the elephant in the room, Bentley, you know, and how he preyed on that unfortunately.


Question:         Well, I’m also wondering do – are you interested in doing more Bachelor programming?  A lot of people come back.  I mean, are you interested in being The Bachelor or doing Bachelor Pad?


Ryan Park:      As far as Bachelor Pad, no.  And no offense to the program, I’m looking forward to watching it.  But I do not envision myself ever participating in it.  Regarding The Bachelor, we’ll see and (inaudible) is that, yes, Chris asked me that basically point blank if I’d do it.  And as of right now, I’d just have to say it’s a maybe.  You know, on the – for starters I actually have a real job.  Not that, it’s not that – not that past bachelors haven’t, right?  I mean, but it’s not something I, you know, need, you know.  It’s not like I’m aspiring to try to go that way. 


            So but on the negative side, it’s no secret that your life becomes – I guess I’ll call it a circus.  I mean, just your personal life is so, becomes everybody’s business.  And that’s not particularly exciting for me.  On a positive note, you know, I actually do believe in this.  You know, people say there haven’t been that many couples that have stayed together.  But I’d point out just how about normal dating life, you know.  I’ve dated a couple of women over my life and, you know, it hasn’t worked out.  So I do believe it can work.  I mean, I do believe that Ashley is really in love.  And so I guess it’s two sides to that and I just don’t know if I would right now.


Question:         As previously mentioned, people perceived you as this over the top happy guy.  Like you said, you’re an eternal optimist.  Is there any particular reason why you chose to live your life that way?


Ryan Park:      It’s just better living your life that way.  You know, yes, I just truly believe that, you know, being positive and living that can – it’s just so much more enjoyable.  It’s so much more rewarding.  I’ve just seen so many people, you know, take it from the earth just so, you know, at the blink of an eye it can be gone.  And, you know, I mean whatever your beliefs maybe, whatever, but we’ve got one shot, at least, you know as it is in this life, you know, in this body that you have. 


            So I’m just – I guess I’m fortunate because I know that some people maybe just aren’t capable of, you know, being happy, you know, or being positive whether it be their upbringing or whatever.  And I’ve just been really fortunate.  You know, I had a wonderful family and, you know, a lot of love around me.  And I feel a lot has been given to me and it would be a real shame if, you know, if I wasn’t, you know, optimistic in spreading good will with my energies.  You know, whether it be in business, be it interaction with people, I just feel that, you know, we need more people to make a difference.


Question:         Right.  And have people in the past been annoyed by your personality to the extent that Blake, Mickey and some of the other men of the house were?


Ryan Park:      Never ever.  I mean, you know, I – it’s just, I mean, I still have a bunch of friends that I’m in still in close contact with from, you know, high school and in college.  I have such amazing friends, many even afterwards.  And, yes, everyone knows that I am very unique, you know.  And I’m, you know – at least those friends that I’m endeared for kind of, you know, the just being happy and loving people.  You know, I wear a big heart on my sleeve.  And – you know, if you just don’t resonate with it, you know, then you probably aren’t my friend.  I guess, everyone’s like look, I have so many friends, you know.  I mean there could be some people like, yes, maybe this guy’s a little annoying or too much and just don’t hang out, right? 


            In this situation of being on this, you know, in this program, I mean you don’t have a choice in the matter.  I mean, you’re going to be around each other and you’re going to talk and it’s intense.  So I can understand how I could have bothered some especially if early on when they thought that I wasn’t real.  That would’ve bugged the heck out of me.  If I sat there and I thought someone wasn’t being themselves, you know, if they weren’t showing their personality, their true colors, you’re like come on, buddy, you know, be yourself. 


            But those that stuck around longer really realized it.  I became, you know, close with guys Ames and Ben C.  And West, you know, so.  No, I’ve many good friends and I’ve never been told I was annoying before.


Question:         I’m going through my list of questions because a bunch are already taken.  How about what – how do you feel you were depicted on the show?  You know, we’ve discussed about your happy demeanor and all this.  Do you think it was sort of a fair depiction?  Do you think it was edited to make you seem even more happy?  I mean, did you have any down moments while you were there?


Ryan Park:      Yes.  I mean, I think generally speaking, I think they did a fair depiction of, and at least what I think my, you know, my personality is.  Clearly, definitely, over-played the giddiness.  Although, you know, by showing certain clips when sure enough my little boy excitement comes out.  But, you know, generally speaking I think it was fair.  You know, it’s – yes, that’s what I’ll say.  Generally speaking I’d say it was a fair depiction.  But, yes, certain clips overplayed. 


            I mean, and certain examples where they – you know, I mean, Phuket.  I don’t know, Cathy, you can tell them if I can’t say this.  But in Phuket, I mean Ashley breaks us up into two groups for the Baan San Fan, the orphanage and declared me to be the leader of the group.  And J.P. was leader of the other group.  And so we walk in here and we just all the stuff to do.  And, of course, I was being friendly, you know, advising of what we should be doing because guys were kind of standing around because I was supposedly the leader.  But that wasn’t shown on TV, which is Ryan bossing people around.  So that’s kind of like, huh?  All right I get it, you know.  But it plays into the, into it all I guess.


            That’s a small example.  Just obviously they just tried to magnify that oh, yes, I’m annoying.  Am I real?  You know, but hopefully towards the end of it the general viewer realized that, yes, this guy is.  It’s just he’s got a little too much energy.


Question:         What are your opinions of the two bachelors that are left for Ashley, having lived, really gotten to know them in the house?


Ryan Park:      I’m sorry.  What did you say with the last two bachelors?


Question:         What’s your opinion of the two bachelors that are left having really gotten the chance to get to know them in the house?


Ryan Park:      Right.  Well, I guess that’s pretty general.  First off, they’re both great guys, but very different guys.  You know, you’ve got J.P. who, you know, born raised city boy his whole life.  And then you’ve got Ben who’s spent a lot of time, you know, I mean growing up in the Napa-Sonoma area and the outdoors and, you know, spending time living in San Diego.  You know, he’s more of your typical California boy.  So both guys are very, you know, very solid guys that come from different backgrounds.


            I, really, I can see Ashley with both of them.  I don’t think you asked this question but you may be alluding to it.  I can see Ashley with both of them.  But I, after being there and witnessing it and even, then watching it.  I mean her connection with J.P. is just extraordinary.  So I just see them resonating so perfectly.


Question:         You were the bachelor that waited a long time before receiving his first one-one-one date.


Ryan Park:      Yes.


Question:         Do you think that played a major role in Ashley not finding that romantic connection with you and that before you even got a real chance to create the spark she had already fallen for the other men whom she spent more time with?  Or do you think the passion was just kind of naturally missing?


Ryan Park:      No, that’s exactly why I, you know, one of the main reasons why I went back in Fiji is I felt that, yes, I really got the short end of the stick and that she really had developed those connections with the other guys.  And Ashley’s so darn genuine that, you know, I really think just naturally starting to narrow down instead of wanting to, you know, continue to be open to multiple guys, she started shutting down and focusing, you know, her energies on the few that she clearly, you know, saw a potential future with.


            So, yes, I felt that getting that one-on-one so late played a major role in it.  Now, if I had had the one-on-one earlier, do I think the outcome would be different, maybe.  But like I just said, earlier her connection with what I see – her connection with J.P. is extraordinary and I’d be, you know, a fool to think that just having a one-on-one date with her earlier would’ve, would’ve, you know, changed the outcome of what I believe is going to be in place for the two of them.


Question:         OK.  And you mentioned how your one-on-one date with Ashley didn’t give you much of an opportunity to develop the passion that Ashley was looking for.  So what would’ve you preferred to do on your date together instead?


Ryan Park:      Well, I’m going to – I would’ve liked to do some adventure.  I’m a definite outdoors man.  I like adrenaline a lot.  And it would have been fun to do something maybe a little scary and exciting and fun together and in a place where, you know, I could just grab her and kiss her, frankly.  I mean, you’re just flat out not allowed to show, you know, affection, public displays of affection in the Buddhist temple or, and it really wasn’t encouraged walking around this open square as well.  So somewhere where we could have done some excitement, some adventure and been free to display affection for each other. 


            And then also something with the dinner, I mean, where multiple guys had dinners on rooftops and things like that where it’s just, you know, incredibly romantic.  Let alone, William on the middle of the – I guess that was really public – but or something that was very romantic like on a rooftop instead, you know, kind of just in a park even where some people around would’ve been nice.


Question:         OK.  And lastly, you’ve already touched upon what you were thinking while you were waiting for Ashley to come talk to you in Fiji.  But the show made it seem like you waited for a few days before she actually came and had the conversation with you.  Was that actually the case?  And if so, what was it like waiting all that time and did it upset you that Ashley held off on the conversation for that long, especially since the time it seemed from watching the show that she already thought she’d made the right decision?


Ryan Park:      Yes.  I really did wait several days, which were long days of waiting.  Truth is though, I mean, you know, I was able to perform some work there, which is just a real testament to society these days, you know, when I was waiting.  It’s not like I just was totally twiddling my thumbs.  But it was brutal waiting.  And I wanted it that way.  It’s not that I wanted it that way.  I just didn’t want her to interrupt what she had already going on with the other guys.  So she clearly had a set, you know, time schedule set up for other guys and she had to fit me in.  So I understand the wait. 


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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