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July 2011


Recap of 'The Men Tell All'

“The Men Tell All” was basically everything I expected it to be: a lot of guys making peace and also bashing each other. 

Also, Bentley never showed his face, but that doesn’t surprise me at all.  The night began with Ashley in the house recapping her time and memorable moments with the guys.  She talked about her experiences with drunk Tim, “The Mask” Jeff, and William. I thought it was interesting that she said that as for William, “The timing was right” to send him home because she felt stronger for the other guys.  She and Chris Harrison also talked about Ryan and her dumping him, and then at last, Bentley.  Ashley says that she never saw that disgusting side of him that we all saw, and in fact, she saw a great side of him, but she admitted that he played her.


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Previews of Last Dates with the Final Two Guys!

Ashley gets to have one more full day date with each of her remaining bachelors, J.P. and Ben.

During her time with J.P., he gives her a very special and meaningful gift.


Meantime, Ashley can't seem to keep her hands off Ben!

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Ashley's Family Disapproves of Cupcake?

How could this be?  It appears that Ashley's family, especially her sister, disapproves of her relationship with J.P., our beloved cupcake! 


When it comes to Ben, I don't think they are particularly jazzed about him either.  Apparently they think she had more chemistry with Brad!  As if!


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Full Transcript of Interview with Ryan Park

Ryan had a lot to say about his time with Ashley, the guys, and even a little about Bentley.  Here is the full transcript from the conference call the other day.  The questions I asked are in PURPLE.


Jennifer Matarese:       All right.  So I was wondering, what was going through your mind when you were first eliminated on the show and Ashley told you at the picnic that she didn’t want to go meet your family?


Ryan Park:      A lot of things were going through my mind, as I think you could tell if you saw that.  You know, I just – I was rather surprised.  I really didn’t see it coming.  After watching it, now I totally understand.  I see the connection she has with the remaining bachelors.  But, you know, I just felt that we needed something more.  I mean, I – it felt like we didn’t – when she said she didn’t have the passion for me or didn’t feel the spark between us, it was strange to me because I had felt it earlier. 


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Ryan Talks About Ashley Dumping Him...Twice

Ryan Park took some time out to talk about his time on "The Bachelorette" today during a conference call with reporters.  He sounded a little bit down at times, but that's understandable since he just watched himself get dumped...twice on the show. 

I asked him what was going through his mind when Ashley told him that she didn’t want to meet his family, and that she wanted to end the date right then and there.  Ryan said, “A lot of things were going through my mind, I was rather surprised, I didn’t see it coming, after watching I totally understand, I see the connection with the remaining bachelors.”  He also said that she didn’t feel a spark, but he thought that she did and he certainly did.  He thought that their one-on-one date wandering around the temple and performing tai chi wasn’t very romantic and he wished that they had an opportunity for something more romantic, but that never happened.

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Previews of TMTA, 'The Bachelorette' Finale, and ATFR

ABC has put out some news releases on both “The Men Tell All” and about “The Bachelorette” finale!  First up, just as I suspected, that snake Bentley doesn’t show his face.


“Although one of the guys on everyone's lips this season - Bentley - has chosen not to attend, that didn't stop the rest of the men from discussing his shocking behavior and treatment of Ashley. Chris talks to Michelle Money about her warning to Ashley to stay away from Bentley because she had learned he wasn't interested in her, and that it was more a game to him.

But no discussion is more emotionally charged than when William is questioned about the moment he convinced Ashley to send Ben C. home. The men - not to mention Ben C. -- are skeptical of William's story that the reason he told Ashley that Ben C. was looking forward to Internet dating when he got home was only to protect the Bachelorette. When William takes the hot seat, he can barely stand the heat. He can't even look at the footage being played of his time on the show. And when a clip of his infamous comedy roast of Ashley is played, he can't bear to hear it.

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Ashley and Ben's Special Visitor

While they were having their very romantic fantasy date dinner in Fiji, Ben and Ashley had a special visitor.

A little kitty smelled their delicious dinner and wanted to join them.  Ashley was delighted to oblige and Ben thought it was hilarious, especially when you hear the way Ashley talks to the cat!


How funny was that?!  I'm so excited to tell you that Thursday, there's a conference call with Ryan Park, and I can't wait to ask him all about showing up to talk to Ashley again.  I think we all just want to know, what was he thinking?!  Do you think he would make a good choice as "The Bachelor" or would you rather see it go to Ben or J.P. (whoever doesn't get picked) or even Ames?


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


It's Down to Two Men, Who Will Ashley Choose?

I just can't wait for the finale after watching this episode.  It was really great, and I think Ashley got a lot of clarity as to where she stands with each of the remaining guys.  Let's recap her time with her final three (or should I say four?).

Ashley arrived in style via helicopter in Fiji.  By the way, wasn’t her skirt just so adorable?  She gets cuter and cuter.  She was getting ready for her time with the three remaining guys when there was a knock at the door.  Who could it be?  Well it’s Ryan, and it’s not pretty.  He is, but his begging, was not.  I felt so bad for him!  It was just so sad, he wanted another chance with her because their one-on-one date was not “conducive to romance”.  I have to agree with him there, I actually said that when he got eliminated…their date was hardly romantic. 

Still, Ashley seemed pretty set in her ways.  He told her he didn’t want an answer right away, but that she should think about it.  Then there were some shots of him as a lonely guy wandering around on the beach alone.  AWW!

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Video Previews of Ashley's Dates in Fiji

Things are certainly heating up between Ashley and the remaining men, but are they all ready for it?

Ashley and Constantine have an adventurous time going waterfall diving, but I'm not sure if it will be enough to keep him around.



If you doubt my theory, just check out the chemistry in these next two clips between Ashley and J.P., and Ashley and Ben.

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Ashley Looks for Love in Fiji Tonight!

Ashley and her final three men head to Fiji!  She'll get the chance to learn more about all of them in the "fantasy suites"!  It looks like everything doesn't quite go how she pictured it going though.  Here's the news release from ABC!

"Ashley kicks off her tropical adventure by spending an afternoon on a luxurious yacht with charismatic Ben F., who has wowed her with his humor and sensitivity. They sail across sparkling ocean waters to a remote island where they enjoy some the world's best snorkeling at the celebrated Pirates' Den. Later things get serious over a candlelit dinner, as Ben F. finally reveals his feelings for her. But will he take the ultimate step and tell her he is falling in love with her?

Constantine and Ashley take a spectacular helicopter tour over the lush Fiji Islands. Their destination is a remote lagoon, and they enjoy a wonderful day frolicking in a majestic waterfall. Later that night, the couple reunite for a romantic dinner, but Ashley is totally taken aback by Constantine's astonishing news, which changes everything for her.

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