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It's Down to Two Men, Who Will Ashley Choose?

I just can't wait for the finale after watching this episode.  It was really great, and I think Ashley got a lot of clarity as to where she stands with each of the remaining guys.  Let's recap her time with her final three (or should I say four?).

Ashley arrived in style via helicopter in Fiji.  By the way, wasn’t her skirt just so adorable?  She gets cuter and cuter.  She was getting ready for her time with the three remaining guys when there was a knock at the door.  Who could it be?  Well it’s Ryan, and it’s not pretty.  He is, but his begging, was not.  I felt so bad for him!  It was just so sad, he wanted another chance with her because their one-on-one date was not “conducive to romance”.  I have to agree with him there, I actually said that when he got eliminated…their date was hardly romantic. 

Still, Ashley seemed pretty set in her ways.  He told her he didn’t want an answer right away, but that she should think about it.  Then there were some shots of him as a lonely guy wandering around on the beach alone.  AWW!


Meantime, enough about Ryan, it’s time for some dates!  Ben is up first, and I have to say, his monotone way of talking about EVERYTHING reminds me of Ross from friends.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Ben, but I just wish he could amp up his energy a tad.  Ashley takes Ben on a private yacht ride.  It got steamy and not just from the weather.  They rubbed lotion all over each other and Ben asked Ashley if she was OK with everything and she said “I’m more than OK with this!”  Wow!  She’s a vixen!  They also went snorkeling and saw such beautiful fish!


Later, they had a private dinner and Ben just keeps going on and on about how effortless everything is with them.  I mean, sometimes you need some challenge and some effort, so let’s hope Ashley doesn’t get bored with him!  Ben says off camera that he is in love with Ashley but is too nervous to say it.  He wasn’t ready but he told her, “I’m on my way to the whole ‘I love you’ thing.”  Yes Ben, that’s what every woman wants to hear.  Sheesh!  They go upstairs to a gorgeous suite and he says, “This fantasy suite came at the appropriate time.”  Yeah only if it’s appropriate to spend the night with someone who hasn’t even said that they love you yet!  Still, they seem to realize that there are real feelings there between them and they have a romantic night together.


Constantine shows up for his date with his self proclaimed “Euro mullet”.  They take a helicopter and he’s so stoked that he high fives her inside.  They go to a waterfall and have a great time jumping off the cliff and swimming around.  At a picnic, Ashley brings up how he had to look at 108 houses before he finally picked one.  She reminded him that they don’t have much time and he maintained that houses and women are not the same.


Later at dinner, things get rather contentious.  She brings up that she doesn’t know where Constantine’s head is at.  She brings up that sometimes it doesn’t even seem like he wants to hold her hand.  Constantine tells her that holding hands, hugging, kissing, all of that comes naturally to him, and in this case, it hasn’t been!  He told her that this meant the end of the road for him.  Ashley seemed to respect the fact that he just wasn’t feeling it, but seemed very worried that she could come out of this whole process the way she went in: alone.  Constantine said he knew he had to go then although his biggest fear was hurting or embarrassing her. That was all hard to watch.


After getting dumped, Ashley needs a pick-me-up.  So she heads over to see Ryan who is head over heels for her, but she just isn’t that into him.  Ryan is like a little puppy, so happy to see her.  He also says that he’s so hopeful that she will give him another chance.  She tells him that they simply didn’t have enough passion and that she’s found it with two other people.  He asks her if she’s happy, she says she is, and he seems happy for her.  However, he is truly bummed about his predicament.  He says he just wants to find love so bad and not be alone anymore.  AWW!  I really hope he becomes the next “Bachelor”!  I think he’d be fun to watch.


Last but not least, Ashley takes JP on a plane ride around Fiji and they head to a private island.  He tells her how much his family loved her and how his dad said that she would be a “welcome addition”.   He also said he wasn’t worried about a thing, he knew that they would love her (ahem, Ben, see this is what you SHOULD have said!).  He said he’s just dying to be the only one left on the show and he’s ready for the end. 


Later, they head to a private dinner in the middle of the jungle on the island.  Ashley kind of plays a little trick on J.P. and tells him that two guys went home.  Constantine, and then one that came back.  He was beyond relieved to learn that it wasn’t Bentley who came back.  He also seemed to really like the fact that she was so decisive in sending Ryan packing again.  He says he’s not ready to tell her he loves her yet and he’s concerned about Ben still being in the picture, but cares about her so much and says off camera that he wants Ashley to be his wife.


After dinner, they head to the fantasy suite and they just cannot keep their hands off of each other.  She got hundreds of J.P.’s magical kisses, and the cameras left the room before it got too steamy.


Finally, Ashley wanted to make sure that the two remaining guys actually wanted to be there, so she went through with the rose ceremony.  Ben and J.P. gladly accepted the roses, and next Monday, we have ourselves a finale!


“The Men Tell All” will air on Sunday night at 9 p.m. on ABC.  There’s no word (even though the preview alludes to it, there is no shot of him in the studio) if Bentley is going to show his face.  Then, Monday night from 8-10 will be the finale, followed by “After the Final Rose” from 10-11!  Three full hours!


Next week looks so intense.  Ashley’s family and she apparently don’t see eye to eye on this whole process. They tell her that she’s too much for one of the guy’s to handle and she doesn’t take that well.  She goes as far as to call her sister a b*tch.  Yikes!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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