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Previews of Last Dates with the Final Two Guys!

Ashley gets to have one more full day date with each of her remaining bachelors, J.P. and Ben.

During her time with J.P., he gives her a very special and meaningful gift.


Meantime, Ashley can't seem to keep her hands off Ben!


Who do you think she should choose?  Don't forget "The Men Tell All" airs tonight on ABC beginning at 9 p.m.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese



Ashley should not pay any mind to her sister's opinion disapproving of JP, especially when her sister is totally different than Ashley.

Ashley is more conservative from her appearance; whereas, Ashley's sister has branded her body with so many tattoos.

I think Ashley sees JP more in a romantic way, and she got confused feelings when her sister disapproved of JP, but JP does seem to be a great guy who would make any woman happy.
JP was just put in an awkward situation with Ashley's sister unfortunately.

Ashley seems to be very comfortable with Ben, which is also important. Ben also seems to be a great guy.

But in the end, Ashley should choose the one who she is deeply in love with and who, in return, feels the same about her.

Good luck Ashley!

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