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Previews of TMTA, 'The Bachelorette' Finale, and ATFR

ABC has put out some news releases on both “The Men Tell All” and about “The Bachelorette” finale!  First up, just as I suspected, that snake Bentley doesn’t show his face.


“Although one of the guys on everyone's lips this season - Bentley - has chosen not to attend, that didn't stop the rest of the men from discussing his shocking behavior and treatment of Ashley. Chris talks to Michelle Money about her warning to Ashley to stay away from Bentley because she had learned he wasn't interested in her, and that it was more a game to him.

But no discussion is more emotionally charged than when William is questioned about the moment he convinced Ashley to send Ben C. home. The men - not to mention Ben C. -- are skeptical of William's story that the reason he told Ashley that Ben C. was looking forward to Internet dating when he got home was only to protect the Bachelorette. When William takes the hot seat, he can barely stand the heat. He can't even look at the footage being played of his time on the show. And when a clip of his infamous comedy roast of Ashley is played, he can't bear to hear it.

Ryan P. takes the hot seat to talk about his prickly relationship with the other guys. He, too, struggles to watch his emotional exit from the show. It was all too real when Ashley sent him home. Ryan admits the journey changed him - for the better. And then Ames, the unique and intellectual bachelor who fell hard for Ashley, steps into the spotlight. He explains that he took things slowly because he wanted his relationship with Ashley to last forever. Ames also looks back at his Muay Thai boxing date, which sent him to the hospital.

Things heat up as Ashley must face the men she rejected. Immediately emotional, she discusses with Chris how difficult the season was for her and how much she regretted wasting so much time and not spending it with the men who were really there for her. Then Ali, DeAnna and Jason share with Ashley their thoughts about what she went through this season as she struggled with Bentley. While it has been a trying season for her, Ashley explains that at least now she knows what she doesn't want.

It's the bachelors like you've never seen them before! The special also includes a sneak peek at the season finale and the final two bachelors, Ben F. and J.P., vying for Ashley's heart and the final rose.”



Now to what happens on the final episode.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t especially care for Ashley’s sister’s attitude!  You may recognize her from the “Extreme Couponing” show on TLC, which also mentioned that she is divorced.  So I don’t know if she is the best judge of who is right for anybody!


“When J.P. first arrives to meet Ashley's family at the Vomo Island Resort and Spa, he appears to make a great first impression. However, Ashley's sister, Chrystie, whose opinion she has always valued, lets her know that she doesn't see this man as the one for her. The drama erupts as the two sisters confront one another in a sensational fight. Ashley is stunned by her sister's frank assessment and seeks solace from her brother. Meanwhile, Chrystie offers J.P. a litany of things that she finds troubling about any future relationship he might be planning with her sister. He is shocked by this summary appraisal. Will Ashley be forced to reassess her feelings for J.P. because of her sister's brutal opinion?

The following day, Ashley's attempts to clear the air with her sister fail and fireworks start again - especially when Chrystie drops the bomb that she saw more chemistry between her sister and

Brad than Ashley and J.P. Another heated verbal sparring session ensues while Ashley worries how her family will receive Ben F. But when this amiable bachelor arrives, he immediately charms everyone with his carefree attitude and sense of humor. Even Chrystie is happy to see Ashley be herself around Ben F., which will only make her decision ever harder.

Ashley is now down to her "last chance" dates with the final two men to bring some clarity to the situation. She and Ben F. soar in a helicopter over the Fijian seascape, landing near some natural hot springs where the couple spends a steamy time together. Later the date turns serious when the emotional Ben F. finally completely opens up to Ashley and admits that he loves her. This outpouring of emotion has a definite effect on Ashley.

The next day, Ashley and J.P. meet and the distressed bachelor is still reeling from Chrystie's harsh judgment of him. He begs Ashley not to let her sister's opinion influence her decision, but Ashley is determined to make sure that the man she picks is right both for her head and heart. Desperate to convince her that he is the one for her, J.P. admits he's falling madly in love with her. He even surprises her with a special gift that night as they snuggle.

Her journey is over and both men are ready to propose, but there is still one heart-breaking decision for Ashley to make before she can find her happily ever after.”


It sounds like there’s some very, very hurt feelings that need to be aired out on “After the Final Rose”. 


"With Ashley's search for her soul mate over, she talks to Chris Harrison about the two final bachelors this season in "After the Final Rose" special. She'll take viewers back to exotic Fiji on the final day, and to what she was thinking when she made the most challenging decision of her life. Ashley and the bachelor she rejected square off in an emotional discussion about his dramatic exit from the show - and he wants some answers. He will confront Ashley for the first time since that day he left heartbroken. Finally, Ashley and the man who received the final rose are together in public for the first time. They will discuss the difficulty of sustaining the relationship in secret, the roadblocks they encountered on their journey - including a surprise guest, Ashley's sister Chrystie, who was one of those obstacles -- and what the future will hold for them. It's an emotional conclusion to Ashley's heartfelt journey to find true love.”


See that makes me really think that she picked J.P. since her sister didn’t seem to care for him too much, but as far as I can tell, I don’t think she really liked Ben all that much either so we’ll have to wait and see!


“The Men Tell All” airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. and “The Bachelorette” finale and “After the Final Rose” air on Monday night from 8-11! 


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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