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Recap of 'The Men Tell All'

“The Men Tell All” was basically everything I expected it to be: a lot of guys making peace and also bashing each other. 

Also, Bentley never showed his face, but that doesn’t surprise me at all.  The night began with Ashley in the house recapping her time and memorable moments with the guys.  She talked about her experiences with drunk Tim, “The Mask” Jeff, and William. I thought it was interesting that she said that as for William, “The timing was right” to send him home because she felt stronger for the other guys.  She and Chris Harrison also talked about Ryan and her dumping him, and then at last, Bentley.  Ashley says that she never saw that disgusting side of him that we all saw, and in fact, she saw a great side of him, but she admitted that he played her.



Ashley also relived some unseen moments on the show.  It was hilarious that on her first date with J.P., he broke the entertainment center while trying to set up a movie and then she fell asleep on him…aww.  In Vegas, Mickey’s manhood ended up in his stomach as he tried to get wine for their dinner.  He flew in a harness up the huge wine wall and the harness was not meant for men.  They also showed the clip of Constantine and Ashley’s paper lantern getting peed on by a dog.   Ashley nearly threw up on her date with Ames when they had a plate of larva and crickets at their dinner (eww).   And at a dinner with Ben, they couldn’t get the rice out of these special sticks.  Another funny moment, Ashley got a toe cramp doing tai chi with Ryan and hopped around for a while. 


It was also interesting that they addressed the things that viewers noticed that even the editing staff never saw.  For instance, there was a banana with two round pieces of fruit in a bowl on the table in the hotel room when Chris told Ashley that Bentley had returned.  Also, viewers wanted to know what was up with the huge vat of Vaseline that Ashley had on her nightstand!  It turns out it’s for her chapped lips. In fact, she basically rubs it all over her face.  She says she’s going to try switching to chapstick soon, ha-ha!


In the middle of the show, there was a “Bachelor Pad 2” preview and it looks way crazier than last season, let’s leave it at that.  I can’t wait to delve into that next week.  It seems like Blake is going to be causing a LOT of trouble in the house!



Then, all the guys were brought back out and I just have to say, why are Chris, Stephen and a few others there?  They were hardly on the show!  The guys talk about what their first impressions were of Ashley, and what the very first night was like.  Tim talks about getting wasted, but he looks really good!  He looks much better when he’s not toasted.  He says he hardly remembers anything.


They talked about Ryan and the guys had a little nickname for him “Goober”.  Hmm.  “Goober” the next “Bachelor”?  We’ll have to see. 


They then played the clip of Ryan throwing Ben C. under the bus for the dating website.  Ben C. says that he doesn’t “recall” saying that, and the guys jumped all over William for bringing it up.  Ben says it was a joke and says it was a pure undercut. 


Ryan admitted he was a little spastic.  The guys say that they felt like he was putting on a show.  They then went on to talk about “The Mask” and belittle him a bit.  Tim said the mask was creepy, but he said he felt bad about the way he acted towards him on the show.


William was the first guy to take the hot seat.  They played the awful clip of him roasting her, and he couldn’t even stand to listen to it.  He plugged his ears as it played.  Then, he watched himself getting dumped by Ashley.  He says he’s only watched the first episode because he can’t stand to watch it.  He said he’s really embarrassed by what he said and he said that he hates the sound of his own voice. William added that the only thing he wants Ashley to know is that there was no malice in what he said in the roast, and that he’s happy she found love.


Ryan took the hot seat next.  He and Chris talked about his relationship with Ashley and what went wrong.  They played the clip of the infamous boring water heater conversation.  They showed him watching the breakup and that was really tough for him to see.  Chris Harrison says that was one of the most devastating exits they’ve ever had.  Blake started up with him, about why he was so devastated.  He thinks he was just in love with the idea of being in love.  Seriously, I think Blake’s a little jerky.  Ryan went on to talk about all of the relationship books he read to prepare for the show, and said that he took pages of notes.  My husband seemed to agree a little with Blake and I can see their point here, but I think that he was obviously seeing traits in Ashley he was very excited about and it’s always a letdown when you are dumped! 



Ames was up in the hot seat and the ladies went wild.  I was really surprised.  I guess I’ve always been more of a Ryan fan, even though I do like Ames quite a bit too.  They replayed the clips of his concussion and the elevator kiss.  I guess there was someone in there with them (the camera guy) and they talk about how unexpected it was in the elevator.  Ames talked about how he took things slow with Ashley because he wanted it to last forever.  He said he didn’t realize how far behind they were when it came to where she was with the other guys, so he could understand later why she sent him home. 


Then it was time to talk about Bentley.  They replayed all of the disgusting things he said.  Chris Harrison addressed the elephant in the room: the fact that Bentley isn’t there.  I hate how they cut the promos to say that he would be there, but knew all along that he wouldn’t share his face.  So then then guys bashed him while he wasn’t there to say anything about it and that’s basically it. 


Michelle Money came up to talk about the information she texted Ashley about Bentley before the show started.  She explained how his ex-wife told her about how he wasn’t interested in Ashley, how he was promoting his business and how it was more of a game to him.  She thinks it didn’t really have anything to do with his business. 


At last, Ashley came out.  Her hair is even darker now.  She commented that the guys look really good.  But, she says she is happy it’s all coming to a close.  She said one of the lowest points of the show for her was seeing how all the guys reacted to Bentley and being played by him.  She said being called an ugly duckling on television had been awful.  Tim apologized to Ashley for getting so drunk.  He also told her that he’s so glad that she’s happy, and he added that he’s rooting for the guy from NY (J.P.).


DeAnna, Jason and Ali came out to talk to Ashley and give her advice.  I’m not totally sure why DeAnna was there, but I guess she is getting married soon, even if it is to someone who is just related to someone on the show.  Ali says that she’s so happy, and then it was funny because Rated R and Kasey were in the audience and everyone remembers how she booted the two of them off.  DeAnna talked about eliminating guys and how no one understands how hard that is.  Jason talked about the pressure of the show and the rollercoaster of emotions.  It wasn’t my favorite part of the night, even though it is always good to see Ali again!


They had some hilarious outtakes, but Ames seemed to be a bit annoyed at being called out for being a robot (he kind of is).


Lastly, there was a recap of J.P. and Ben and the million dollar question…who will Ashley pick?


As the credits rolled, they auctioned off Jeff’s famous mask and it raised $2,000 for the orphanage in Phuket that they all volunteered at. 


Make sure you join me Monday for the exciting “Bachelorette” finale followed by the “After the Final Rose” special! It all begins at 8 p.m. on ABC!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese





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