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Ryan Talks About Ashley Dumping Him...Twice

Ryan Park took some time out to talk about his time on "The Bachelorette" today during a conference call with reporters.  He sounded a little bit down at times, but that's understandable since he just watched himself get dumped...twice on the show. 

I asked him what was going through his mind when Ashley told him that she didn’t want to meet his family, and that she wanted to end the date right then and there.  Ryan said, “A lot of things were going through my mind, I was rather surprised, I didn’t see it coming, after watching I totally understand, I see the connection with the remaining bachelors.”  He also said that she didn’t feel a spark, but he thought that she did and he certainly did.  He thought that their one-on-one date wandering around the temple and performing tai chi wasn’t very romantic and he wished that they had an opportunity for something more romantic, but that never happened.


When it comes to him going to Fiji, Ryan says he has no regrets.  “I’m glad I did go, I didn’t totally understand but now it becomes clear after watching it, but what wasn’t shown was the good interactions we had together and good conversations, the connection, passionate connection, wasn’t there for her, but I’m glad I went back it was on my mind, maybe more time a more magical ending, but I got the closure I needed,” Ryan said.


Ryan also added that he thought he and Ashley may have worked out had they had an earlier one-on-one date, but kind of backtracked and added that after seeing her with J.P., he doesn’t think anything would change the connection that they have together.  He says he could see Ashley ending up with either of the guys but saw something special between her and J.P. more so than with Ben.


He was also asked if he was in love with Ashley and he said, “No, there were qualities I admire and do love about her, but no, I am not in love with Ashley.”


For you single ladies out there, he says that he is not dating anyone right now!  He also said that he isn’t sure about being the next “Bachelor” or not, simply because it goes into every aspect of your life and he isn’t sure about that part.  But, this single guy says he is ready to find love and is waiting for the show to conclude first before going out and looking.


As for his positive sunshiny attitude:  “I just truly believe that being positive is so much more enjoyable and so much more rewarding, and so many people are taken in the blink of an eye, no matter what your beliefs are, you have one shot in this life, in this body that you have, and I’m fortunate because some people aren’t capable of being happy and positive.  I had a wonderful family, a lot of love around me, a lot given to me, and it would be a real shame if I wasn’t spreading good will with my energies,” Ryan said.


To read more about his relationships with the other guys and what happens on “The Men Tell All” check back tomorrow for the full transcript!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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