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A Fairytale Ending for Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum!

Oh my goodness what an ending.  I really got involved with this season, maybe more so than in the past because everyone involved seemed so real, and were real people with real emotions the whole time (minus Bentley).  That was never more evident than in the dramatic proposals Ashley was offered by both of the final men.  Let’s recap the night.


It began with J.P. and Ben both getting to meet Ashley’s family in Fiji.  Her mom, sister, brother and step-dad were there to meet the guys and try to help her to decide who was best for her.  I think they ended up confusing her more than anything though. 



J.P. was up first and he and Ashley were so hopeful that things would go well…but boy they couldn’t have been more wrong.  I have never seen a more disastrous meeting between one of the remaining two and the “Bachelorette’s” parents!  It was heart wrenching to watch!  Ashley’s sister Chrystie really laid the smack down on poor J.P.  After talking with the two of them for a whole 10-15 minutes, she told Ashley that he was not right for her.  She said that she didn’t see a connection there, and she hated that she said that she makes herself laugh when Chrystie had asked them if he makes her laugh.  Ashley cried and cried but that couldn’t stop her!


Chrystie then went and spoke outside with J.P. and she was very frank with him.  She said that she did not see the two of them together, she just didn’t get it.  J.P. says it was probably just nerves and does his best to try to explain why they were the way they were when they first met, but she just wasn’t having it.  He tried explaining how much he loved her, but Chrystie wouldn’t listen to it.  Creepy Chrystie even asked him what and old guy like him (34) would want with her much younger little sister (26).  I mean, it’s not like they are decades apart here!  She’s just really exaggerating the situation.  Maybe she’s even a little jealous!  For those of you who don’t know Chrystie is divorced!  So it’s easy to see how she could be a little jaded.  Also, I loved how Chrystie kept saying how “rational” she is and how Ashley is not.  Correct me if I’m wrong but, Chrystie is COVERED in tattoos…not exactly the mark of a rational person in my mind.


J.P. and Ashley go outside to talk after he realizes there is literally nothing he can say to change the way Chrystie feels about him.  They chat about the way Ashley feels about the whole situation and J.P. is startled to learn that Ashley really cares about what Chrystie thinks and she really needs to think about everything.  J.P. had expected her to be a bit more reassuring and he leaves questioning everything.


I should mention her mom, brother, and step-dad all tried to reassure Ashley to not let her sister bother her too much and that they all liked J.P. a lot, but she was still really irked and confused.


The next day, it was Ben’s turn.  I was worried, and so was Ashley, that Chrystie the saboteur would ruin things for her with Ben too, but she showed a different side.  Ashley was acting like her silly self, and her sister saw that as a positive sign.  Ben tells Chrystie that he loves Ashley and that they have a real joy together.  Chrystie totally buys into it and really seems to like Ben a lot.  Still, Ashley is bothered that she likes Ben but not J.P.  Ashley explained in an interview segment that while she feels like she has everything with Ben, she can’t forget her feelings about J.P.  She feels that there is something there that can last a lifetime.


The following day, Ashley and Ben have their final date.  They get into a mud pit and get really sexy!  They rub the mud all over each other sensually and kiss.  Ben decides that he’s going to tell Ashley that he loves her that night, but he doesn’t want to tell her during the afternoon because he wants to “keep things light.”  I think that might have been part of the problem with them, he never knew when to keep things serious and really show her his love.


Later, they share some alone time back at a hotel and he tells her that he loves her at long last.  She kisses him stronger than ever, but can’t say anything until the finale.  He felt like he felt love in her kisses.  Poor Ben said that he could kiss Ashley forever.


Then, the next day J.P. had his chance at a last date.  They start things off clearing the air about her sister.  I loved how J.P. said that Chrystie was flat out wrong and then he changed the subject to the conversation he had with her step-dad.  He told J.P. to leave without regrets, and he takes the opportunity to tell Ashley that he loves her madly.  I think she seems so calm and at peace with J.P.  I mean, she doesn’t have to put on a show or the “acceptance show” as I would call it.  She can just relax and be herself.  I don’t know if I saw that with her and Ben. 


That night, J.P. gave her a photo album with a letter that he hoped would be the first chapter in their love story.  It really was perfect and he wrote the most romantic things ever to her. 


At last, the guys meet with Neil Lane to pick out some bling.  Ben chose an infinity ring that meant love forever (not my favorite) and J.P. selected an ascher cut (maybe square but looked ascher to me) with small diamonds around it and on the band.  It was gorgeous!


The first guy to step off of the tiny plane and make his way over to Ashley was Ben.  That’s always the march of death.  I felt so bad for him watching this I could hardly stand it!  She starts to try and let him down, but he stops her, says before you say anything, and then launches into his grand speech…but then it was the worst thing. 

He got down on one knee and proposed!  She grabbed his hand and gently pulled him up and explained that he wasn’t the one.  He said that he didn’t see it coming.


He basically started to bolt away, but she chased after him and said that she didn’t want it to end that way.  He said it has to end badly or it wouldn’t be ending.  She tries to say nice things and he says he doesn’t need her to sugar coat it.  He tells her that J.P. is a great guy and he’s sure they’ll be happy together.  Poor Ben is heartbroken and they take him away in a little tin looking boat. Ashley felt awful and said that she hated that she just did that to Ben.


I was so glad there was a commercial break because I needed to recover after that awful goodbye!  But thank goodness for J.P.  He exits the plane smiling and as soon as Ashley sees him she starts smiling like crazy.  They also had the most gorgeous sunset going on for the backdrop to their magical moment.  They gave each other a deep hello kiss!  J.P. started by saying it was the happiest time of his life and that he loves her so much.  Ashley jumped in and said that she’s been waiting forever to tell him that she loves him and she wants to be with him forever. 

That was J.P.’s cue to get down on one knee and pop the question.  She said YES!


It really was a perfect fairytale moment!  They are adorable and clearly perfect for each other.  He also accepted the last rose and they kissed in the ocean. 

I thought it was hilarious when they reminisced about the beginning when she walked in and said that she could see her husband standing in that room.  J.P. said he thought “What the F*** is she talking about?”  Hilarious!


Then it was time for the “After the Final Rose” special.  It began with Ben coming out.  His hair clearly looked flat ironed and I don’t know how I feel about that exactly, but he looked pretty good, but unhappy to be in the position he’s in.  His eyes got glassy as he had to watch the clip of Ashley letting him go.  He said it was a long flight home with several layovers after he got dumped, and if things weren’t bad enough, he had to head straight to a friend’s wedding!


Ashley came out and he seemed a little freaked out to me.  He said to her “nice ring” and the audience gasped!  He said hey, it was a joke!  They agreed that they’ll always have something special, but I don’t think they intend on being friends.


After a ridiculously long promo for the new show “Take the Money and Run” J.P. finally reunited with Ashley.  They talked about how it was so hard to have the space between them for the past couple of months.  They kissed a lot and then got to watch their proposal for the first time.  Her mother cried in the audience.  They of course started kissing again! They are not shy with their PDA!


Then the moment I was waiting for, they brought her sister Chrystie on stage.  She seemed embarrassed by the way she acted and tried to explain it.  J.P. says he still doesn’t understand it but its water under the bridge.  She said she was the biggest jerk ever and she was ashamed of how she acted (good).  Team Cupcake!


The big announcement: Ashley and J.P. are moving to the big apple!  Hooray, they are coming to NYC and getting an apartment together!  I can’t wait, because that means hopefully I’ll be seeing sightings of the happy couple around the city.  There is no wedding in the works just yet, but let’s let the kids get settled first and then we’ll hound them for more details.


I’ll be chatting with the couple tomorrow after they appear on “Live with Regis and Kelly” so please check back for that video on Tuesday!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese




Angel in AZ

Hello there,

I'm so glad to come across a blog where this couple is treated with respect instead of rude and unnecessary comments. I'm honestly happy for JP and Ashley and I wish them nothing but happiness. It has to be difficult (to put it mildly) to put yourself and your love life out there for the world to have an opinion about, and I know this has to have been rough for Ashley. I just hope that the end result is that she has found a true love that will last forever.

Ashley and JP, be kind to each other you two. You deserve the best.

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