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Conference Call Interview with Ashley and J.P.

As a special little bonus, Ashley and J.P. did a conference call with reporters this afternoon.  I asked them if they might be getting to see J.P.'s family since they are in New York and Long Island isn't far away, and he said that they hoped to very soon, but they are on this whirlwind media tour today so once things settle down a bit they will.  His family seems so nice!  I think that Ashley is going to love being a part of it!

I also asked them if they planned on remaining friends with some of the guys who were on the show, or did they want to leave that all in the past?  J.P. said that he definitely cannot wait to pick up the phone and call Ames, Mickey, and William because he was pretty close with them and he said that being in the house was like a big fraternity.  Ashley said that she hopes to stay in touch to some degree with all of them because they all experienced something unique that not many people have in being on the show.


Ashley was asked what she would have done if J.P. decided not to propose, and she said she would have been perfectly happy just being in a relationship with him.  She said it he didn't feel ready then, she would have just been thrilled to have him in her life, and that the engagement wasn't necessary but it was great.


They also broached the topic of being brought up in different religions.  J.P. is Jewish and Ashley is Christian, but they say the difference never became a problem for them.  They say they are happy to celebrate all of the holidays together, and as for how they will raise their future children, Ashley is leaving that up to J.P.!


Ashley gushed when she talked about looking for an apartment together.  They both seem so excited about all of their future plans!  Ashley said that J.P. already cleared out a whole closet for all of her things at his place and she thought that was the sweetest thing ever!


I'll post the full transcript of the interview tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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