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Melissa: I Came On To Repair My Image, It Totally Did Not Work

Melissa and William took some time today to talk to reporters about their time on "Bachelor Pad"

Melissa says that she had turned down being on the show several times and just two weeks before filming she decided to be on the show.  She said, "I came on to repair my image, it totally did not work."  I wish she would have thought this through better.  She said that just being in the "Bachelor" house seems to bring out her emotions. 


As for her friends and family, she says they hardly recognize that emotional girl on TV because outside of that situation, she's nothing like that.  Well this is twice now, so I see a pattern.  She said she had a great time with no regrets (not even Blake?) but said, "Hell no!" to doing season 3 of the show.  However, she added that if she were asked a year from now, her answer might change.  She says she made great friends in the house with the exception of two people.  If she did, the advice I would give her is to leave love out of it, find a partner that you can be friends with and trust and go for the money!


As for the whole situation with Blake, there's been some nasty tweeting going on between the two, and according to Melissa, some passive aggressive emails as well!  I wish we could see those!  Blake basically thinks she's mentally unstable, and Melissa wants nothing to do with him ever again.  That sounds like her most sane decision yet!


William, he's such a sweetheart.  He totally came to Melissa's defense.  He told her, her feelings are her feelings and she should just own them.  He also said that Blake totally played her and he can't blame her for reacting strongly.  William added that Blake never acted that way during his season of "The Bachelorette" with Ashley.


I asked him about his footage often not making the episode and he said it just didn't really fit into the whole Jake, Vienna, Kasey storyline.  He said he flew under the radar for a while and is happy with how far he made it, but there wasn't really much he could do about the whole thing.  William says alliances were made before the show even started and he was still on "The Bachelorette".


There's so much more all about these two and their feelings about Jake and everything else that went on in the house.  I'll have the full transcript posted tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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