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Are Blake and Holly Engaged?

Wow, I didn't think this would happen so fast!  According to People Magazine, Blake Julian and Holly Durst are engaged!  As if just dating and making out in front of her ex-fiance wasn't bad enough, they've decided to put the nail in the coffin of Michael Stagliano's dreams of ever winning Holly back.


A source says that they are engaged and that Durst is planning to move to South Carolina where Blake works as a dentist.  OTRC.com reports that they tweeted some joyous tweets.  It's not clear if getting engaged is actually what they were writing about at the time, but it does seem to make sense.

The tweets happened one day before the taping of the "Bachelor Pad" finale, so hopefully we'll get the whole scoop next Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC!


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