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Blake and Erica Talk About Their 'Bachelor Pad' Elimination

Blake and Erica made the crazy mistake of giving immunity roses to Kasey and Vienna, so this week they spoke to reporters about their elimination from "Bachelor Pad".

I feel a little bad because I asked Blake why he decided to start up with Holly knowing that Michael was in the house and was it very awkward for him.  Blake said "As far as it being awkward, it’s awkward anytime you are in a relationship, everyone has ex’s and her ex was in the same house.  She told me repeatedly that they were single, she said she was not his girlfriend."  He added that they did have feelings for each other but that they "weren't as strong on her side" and that you can't help what you feel something and it feels right.  He added that he doesn't like these kinds of questions.  SORRY!  Inquiring minds want to know!

As for the status of Blake and Holly's relationship, he says that we'll have to tune into the finale next Monday to find that out.  Blake also said that he wasn't looking to hurt anyone's feelings on the show and that he felt really bad when he was watching what Michael was going through.  He said that Michael never really talked to him much so he didn't know that he was feeling that bad.

Erica said that she regretted their decision to give the rose to Kasey and Vienna, but when they had talked to Michelle and Graham about forming an alliance, they were both told to just do what they wanted to do.   She added that she was not embarrassed by coming on to Blake and him shooting her down.  She said she didn't know that his feelings for Holly were that serious, but now that she knows she wouldn't have done that.  Erica said, "I'm not the kind of person who gets embarrassed with myself."


On an interesting side note, Erica's dad is the one who gave Vienna her nose job!  You'll get to see her new nose in the finale too.  She said Vienna approached her about it and funny enough, before she left to do the show, Erica's dad told her to offer a nose job to Vienna, but Erica didn't because she thought that would be rude.  Erica's dad also did some plastic surgery for one other "Bachelor Pad" contestant and just who went under the knife will be revealed Monday night as well.


Erica also said that she really did enjoy spending time with Jake and that she was hoping maybe to start something up with him after the show, but she says she thinks that he isn't interested.  She mentioned that she's started seeing someone since the show so she's happy.  Also, don't pity her for the egg throwing competition.  She said it was hard to go through and hard to watch, but it was even harder to hear that people were crying for her because they felt so bad.


I'll have the full transcript tomorrow and Blake goes into more detail about Holly and about his horrible decision to originally partner up with Melissa!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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