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Competing as a Couples and Getting Eliminated as Couples!

This week the contestants on “Bachelor Pad” coupled up.  From here on out they were told by Chris Harrison that they would be competing as couples and getting voted out as a couple.


To her credit, Holly stuck by Michael, even though her heart currently belongs to Blake.  The only two people not currently with someone are Blake and Erica, so naturally they teamed up, although Erica seemed to see it as an opportunity to put the moves on him.




This week’s competition was the “Nearlywed Game”.  They had to answer all kinds of different questions about each other.  It’s basically the “Newlywed Game” but without any kind of marriage involved (thank goodness).  Everyone thought Kasey and Vienna would have an advantage here, but that proved to not be the case at all!  They got so many questions wrong about each other proving that they haven’t really taken any time to get to know each other despite dating for over six months.



Holly and Michael also didn’t fare to well, often guessing the wrong answers.  The big surprise here was Erica and Blake getting a lot of questions right and Michelle and Graham somehow getting almost everything right.  It became abundantly clear that they had a system worked out when the question was “What age did your partner lose his virginity” and Graham answered 7.  Fortunately, that’s not true.



Michelle and Graham’s system was that anytime there was a number question, their answer would be 7.  Anytime a question was about a girl in the house, the answer was Holly, and anytime it was about a guy the answer was Michael.



Their system worked and they won the game which gave them a fantasy date and immunity!  Blake and Erica came in second, so they also got a fantasy date, but no immunity roses.



Graham and Michelle get to go on a date to a movie screening of “What’s your Number”.  To their surprise a helicopter picked them up and took them on a ride.  Eventually they landed at a private pool with an outdoor movie screen!  It was really amazing.



They seemed to have a lot of fun.  Michelle waited it out and finally Graham kissed her.  She says that, “He kissed me like I’ve never been kissed.”  Aw!  That’s really sweet!  I think that there could be love brewing between these two!



Back at the house, Kasey and Vienna have a big blowout fight in front of everyone.  Vienna announced to everyone that Kasey ripped the ring off her finger because she refused to have sex with him in the house.  That made everyone really, really uncomfortable.



After talking it out for a while, they both agree that what they really want to do is cuddle.  Sure you do Kasey!  Once in the bedroom you hear Vienna say, “Let’s get it over with.”  If that doesn’t say true love I don’t know what does.



Blake and Erica meantime get to go on their fantasy date.  Blake of course wishes that he was going with Holly, but is ok with spending sometime hanging out with Erica.  If he only knew that she was showing everyone the lingerie she was hoping for Blake to rip off of her later!



They go on a secret mission to the Mission Inn, a gorgeous hotel!  There was one big surprise: they were given two roses to save another couple.  Instead of talking about what they should do with those roses, the whole time Erica just tried to convince Blake to have sex with her.  It was really kind of pathetic.  I have no idea why she even wanted to sleep with him.



He tells her no and they eventually go back to the house where Holly is waiting around for him and so happy that he didn’t spend the night with Erica.  For some insane reason, they decide to give the roses to Kasey and Vienna.  Have they not learned one thing from watching everyone else get voted off?  Keeping them around does no one any good! 



In the end, Blake and Erica were eliminated, mostly by Holly’s vote!  Michael gave her the authority to make the final decision on which couple to vote for and she decided to go with her allegiance to him.  However, she did slip Blake a little note upon his exit where she told him that it wasn’t the end for them as a couple!


Next week, it’s time for the big finale.  After it’s whittled down to the final four, it goes to a finale in front of a live studio audience and the winner of “Bachelor Pad” will be awarded their $250,000!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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