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Full Transcript of Interview with Blake and Erica

Here is the full transcript from the conference call interview with Blake Julian and Erica Rose!  They talk about a lot of interesting things that went on in the house, and if they would ever consider doing the show again.  The questions and answers from my portion are in PURPLE.


Question:         I guess we want to start out by asking Blake, if you can tell us what the status of your relationship is with Holly? 


Blake Julian:    You know, that’s something I think everyone should wait until the finale to really figure out. 


Question:         All right, fair enough.  We’re also wondering if there was ever any attempt made on your guys part to try to get a couple of other couples to come together with you against Kasey and Vienna rather than going to Kasey and Vienna and giving them the rose? 


Erica Rose:      I wish that we did that but we didn’t — I don’t know, we didn’t really think about doing that because we knew that there was no way that Mr. Andre will go against Kasey and Vienna and I don’t know if we could have gotten Michael and Holly to do that.  I know we could have gotten Cook and Edward to do that but Michael was just so upset with Blake and he was so emotional about the Blake and Holly situation that he might have said — he might have agreed with us at the time and said yes, I’ll vote of Kasey and Vienna, but then when he saw, you know, Blake and Holly kissing and when he noticed the two of them together he was definitely going to try and get rid of Blake like no matter what happens. 



Question:         Is there anything — the question goes to both of you.  Is there anything you wish you had done differently from day one, something you think would have kept you in the house? 


Blake Julian:    I can think of something, but no I think there are so many different ways to go back and second guess yourself and I mean this is a game that none of us had played before and I don’t think we were all ready for, you know, the scope of the amount of emotional (depth) and strategy involved.  I think partner selection would have been much more carefully considered on my part, I don’t know about you Erica. 


Erica Rose:      Yes, I did really have — I mean I didn’t really have a partner.  The whole time I kept switching and, you know, but going back I don’t know who I could have been partnered with.  I mean, you know, people that got late home the first night like Justin or someone could have been a really good partner so maybe I would have thought about that more carefully and it was just really the first two weeks that I thought like I wasn’t playing the game that well. 


And I was just voting the way that Kasey would tell me how to vote, you know, and I wasn’t thinking for myself and so if I could go back in time I would probably start thinking early on but I had wanted to be partners with Jake and I do think he would have been a really great partner and it’s just unfortunate that people wouldn’t give him a chance to compete because of their emotional issues then I guess like the biggest thing is that people you know who are really voting a lot of times with their emotion and I never did that, I never lost my emotions in the game and go overemotional and that’s not who I am as a person so it’s hard for me to anticipate the actions that people that think with their emotion. 


Question:         And again this question goes to both of you.  Would either of you ever do Bachelor Pad again or have you just had enough? 


Erica Rose:      I don’t think I’ve had enough of it because I feel like it was a good experience for me and it was fun and I made a lot of great new friends and, you know, of course I would do it again and there were things I’d do differently but at the same time I wouldn’t want to be like Gia who comes back and no one gave her chance because they’re like, oh she’s already had a chance.  So even coming back here is a disadvantage I must say brought back more than one, but if they brought back more than one person that came back then I think it could be easier. 


Blake Julian:    Yes and this... 


Question:         Blake would you come back? 


Blake Julian:    You know, that’s a difficult –- it all depends on how you phrase it because would I do — would I do the game again, I would want to do it again just because I would know how to play it better. 


What I — in reality will I really go back and do another show probably not so that’s just -– I’m, you know, sometimes I’m a perfectionist and I definitely did not play this game to perfection and I’d like to do it again just to see if I could do any better for my own personal reasons.  But, you know, I’m at a pretty good place right now and I don’t think — I think TV has had enough of me for a while. 


Jennifer Matarese:       So why did you guys decide to give the roses to Kasey and Vienna and for one of the other couples.  I mean, did you really think they were going to protect you after like, I mean I don’t know if you had seen other people try to make deals and then they got eliminated and just didn’t seem to be working well for anyone. 


Blake Julian:    Well, what — unfortunately what we didn’t get to see was, Erica and I approached Graham on the show who had the most secure spot in the house and they also had roses and we basically looked for their guidance saying listen, if there’s anyone that you want us to give it to then that would be great because that would make three couples, you know, Graham and Michelle whoever they wanted in the finals and then us. 


Unfortunately, they kept their hands clean and didn’t; they just said, you’re going to have do what you feel is right and, you know, giving the rose to — Holly and Michael didn’t really seem like the best strategic option just based on Michael’s feelings for me. 


So, unfortunately Kasey and Vienna, you know, claimed, as they had the whole time, to have the most influence and the most power in the house and whereas (inaudible) were kind of on the bubble also and, you know, it seemed like the last ditch effort to have them put their money where their mouth was essentially and unfortunately they were broke. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Erica did you agree with the decision to give it to them or were you considering something else? 


Erica Rose:      Yes.  I mean I did — we talked about also giving it to Kirk and Ella but, you know, they didn’t make it strong as an argument I guess and Kasey wouldn’t even let them finish.  He actually came in and interrupted but I do feel a little bit manipulated by Kasey and I do think — I mean as I watched the episode I saw Vienna trying, you know, to convince everyone hey you guys wouldn’t want to be against Ella and me and you should keep Erica and Blake, you’d rather be around them in the end so it’s not like they completely went back on their word. 


Like, they did try and they didn’t vote for us like they said they would, but I think that in their minds they did have Michelle and Graham under control and in their mind they were running the house and so they believed that when they gave it to us and we believed them and they didn’t know that in the end (their own alliance) you know, wouldn’t listen to them.  They had no idea so, I think it showed them too for the first time that people don’t listen to them and then talking to them after this, you know, they have different ideas of what we could have done too like, for example. 


I don’t know why we never thought of getting rid of Michael and Holly that just never even crossed our minds.  It was like they were not even up for consideration for elimination and maybe we should have thought about that, you know.  So there’s a lot of other options and different ways we could have gone but we weren’t going to — we were trying to do what was best for us strategically so we weren’t going to give it to Kirk and Ella just because we thought they needed the money the most because that wouldn’t help us at all; we were trying to vote strategically not emotionally. 


Jennifer Matarese:       OK.  And Blake, you mentioned Michael and, you know, starting something up with, you know, Holly while he was still there, I mean I know that was awkward but why did you decide to go ahead with that? 


Blake Julian:    Well, let’s see.  As far as -– basically it’s awkward any time you’re in a relationship and I mean everyone has going to have exits.  The awkward situation here was that, you know, her ex was in the same house and she told me repeatedly that they were single and I mean she would say it in front of everyone that she’s not his girlfriend and he admitted that they’re not together and, you know, they did have certain — he –- well, they did have feelings for each other obviously if they were engaged. 


My story that I got from Holly was that, you know, they weren’t as strong on her side and unfortunately you just — you can’t really help when, you know, something feels right and it becomes the only thing that matters.  So, it wasn’t so much a logical decision more of a, I don’t know just kind of a feeling.  I didn’t — honestly didn’t even really, I don’t know, it never crossed my mind to ignore her, that would seem like an impossibility. 


Jennifer Matarese:       OK, thank you. 


Blake Julian:    I don’t like those questions. 


Erica Rose:      Yes. 


Question:         So my first question is for Blake.  Were you surprised that Holly voted to eliminate you and Erica instead of Ella and Kirk and looking back on your relationship with Melissa what are your thoughts on how you treated her and what her reactions were.  Like, you kind of find yourself responsible for maybe leading her on at all or maybe making poor decisions or would you attribute her emotional breakdown simply to her personality and you might say they were unjustified? 


Blake Julian:    Well, I mean I know that what I did in terms of playing the game, you know, was pretty clear cut.  The way that it was shown was a little bit less justifiable.  I definitely regret kicking Melissa, you know, that was one of those in the moment things that just kind of happened. 


We had discussed before we went on a date that I was not looking for a long term relationship, a relationship of any kind and she understood that on what I stood so I was really surprised at her response to the fact that I was, you know, flirting with another girl in “Bachelor Pad” after one date with her.  It definitely shocked me and, you know, pretty much from that point on we tried to remain strictly platonic partners and even then it was difficult to really predict where, you know, her emotions were going to take us. 


Question:         OK and just to clarify, were you surprised that Holly voted to eliminate you guys instead of Ella and Kirk? 


Blake Julian:    Yes, I mean not — I wasn’t surprised.  She came to me and explained, you know, that Michael was her teammate and she was really torn about the whole thing and I mean I felt bad putting her in a position like that, have to chose, so it wasn’t a lot surprise; what surprised me was the fact that, you know, it took Holly on my date with Michael’s consent and he was actually the one that said take Holly on a date, give her the rose and keep her safe and then we’ll form an alliance and so I did that, kept her safe and the favor was not returned. 


Erica Rose:      Yes. 


Blake Julian:    That was the surprise. 


Erica Rose:      Yes, I mean — I just felt like we could have maybe tried to get them eliminated but, I know that Blake would have never voted off Holly and I would have tried to get him to and he just wouldn’t have been able to do it; I just don’t think he would have.  So, it does kind of frustrate me because I’m not the one in the relationship and I was his partner and I really kind of was stuck and that’s why I was upset. 


You know, because there was really nothing I could do like he would never vote against her yet she would vote against him and I just knew it was an unfortunate situation and I was on pretty good terms with everyone in the house and so it was just kind of –- it was hard for me, you know, because there was nothing I could do and I was also disappointed with Michael because I thought he was one of my friend and so I tried to talk to him, I thought — I tried to talk to him so many times and tell him that he should get over it and not hold. 


Like, it’s not Blake’s fault that Holly is not in love with him anymore and he should talk about that with Holly and work on things with her and not blame everything on Blake.  I mean that’s the easy thing to do but Blake not the — Blake wasn’t there when they had problems with their relationship, you know, six months ago so, I just did not like the way he was handling things. 


Question:         OK and Erica, you were very persistent when asking Blake to continue your date into it’s overnight portion?  When he initially refused your offer and said he just wanted to go back to the mansion to strategize and didn’t want to miss out on the conversation, did you believe him or did you think all... 


Erica Rose:      Yes, I knew it was not because of that and I knew that it was because he wanted to hang out with Holly and I am very observant, I had been watching Michael just getting more upset and more upset watching Blake with Holly like Michael was literally at his breaking point and, you know, I thought it would be a good idea to keep Blake away and to maybe give the illusion that he wasn’t interested in Holly anymore. 


I know he didn’t want Holly to think that but maybe if everyone else in the house had thought that then, you know, Michael would have said OK, he’s moved on he’s just — and I know Blake was worried about his reputation but whatever, Michael could have thought OK, you know, like he’s moved on, he’s ready, you know, to meet other girls, he’s not into Holly and then Michael wouldn’t have been so against him, but Blake didn’t want to think what would be the best thing strategically.  I think he was more worried about what Holly would think and, you know, I mean yes I was being very aggressive about it but I really had good reasons for it. 


It wasn’t like — it wasn’t like I was doing something without reason.  I did think that that would be the best idea and even if that didn’t happen I do think that if we came back and Blake hadn’t been making out in front of Michael maybe things would have been different.  You know, of course Michael did want Blake to leave when he sees them making out so yes, I think that a lot of things could have handled differently but you can’t go back in time and I know that I did everything I could; personally I can’t control other people so I couldn’t have done anything differently myself. 


Question:         Did you ever reach a point during that conversation with Blake where you regret or maybe now embarrassed for coming onto him so strongly when, you know, he didn’t really seem genuinely interested? 


Erica Rose:      Honestly I just think it’s really funny.  I’m not the kind of person that ever gets embarrassed with myself.  Yes, it was really funny watching it and I thought it was hilarious and thought it wasn’t — I wasn’t embarrassed at all. 


Blake Julian:    Erica you know that, that scene, fireplace, was after voting right; everyone had already voted? 


Erica Rose:      Oh really, I didn’t know that, OK.  I thought would be cool and I was like, why was he doing that? 


Blake Julian:    No, that was my goodbye. 


Erica Rose:      OK.  See I didn’t realize that and I thought that’s what made Michael — the way it played out I thought that’s what made Michael be like, oh my god, I have to get rid of him now so it’s just funny how like when we watch things and they’re edited we forget like the way it really happened. 


Blake Julian:    Yes, it’s difficult (inaudible) very persuasive. 


Question:         I have a follow-up for Blake on (inaudible) Michael and Holly earlier and you were saying, you know, how you, you know, Holly would speak to you about it and she was single et cetera in the house; did anything surprise you watching it back particularly between (inaudible) conversations Holly and Michael, could you realize he was still that into her? 


Blake Julian:    You know, I really wasn’t; several of those conversations — I mean I wasn’t around for them and for whatever reason from the very beginning Michael and I never really became friends and so he never confided in me; I think he had Graham and Kirk for that, and we never became close and I didn’t get to see, you know, a lot of what he was going through.  You know, and had I, it’s difficult to say if I would have done things the same way.  So, watching a lot of these conversations it was — yes it was difficult, you know, I felt really bad for the both of them. 


Question:         And Erica did you go into the house hoping to find love at all? 


Erica Rose:      Yes, I did that; as a single person you’re always going to go in there hoping to find love and, you know, there was so many cute like little love stories that happened in the house while I was there so it would have been nice to have my own but at the same time I feel like we had enough of that and just because there’s a group of like nine guys, they’re all attractive and cool and fun and, you know, it doesn’t mean that that means you’re going to find love with them. 


It’s not like, this isn’t the Bachelorette like you don’t have a group of 25 guys take out just for you.  So, in the group of guys of course, I was attracted to them and everything but it wasn’t — there was no potential of the guys that were there for me to have a lot of connection with them and you just can’t force something if it’s not there. 


Question:         So Erica, I want to know, are you firing the fortune teller or are you still believing in that? 


Erica Rose:      Actually I still have my astrologer but I did call him immediately after Bachelor Pad and I was like, (Herb) what happened, you said I was going to win and he’s like; well, you know, something in your chart changed but also (Herb) had warned me about trusting Scorpios and Kasey was a Scorpio and for some reason I just ignored (Herb’s) advice and I felt like, well I could really trust Kasey and (Herb) must have been wrong because Kasey is a good Scorpio and whatever. 


So now thinking back up on I, if I hadn’t obstructed Kasey and I would have listened to (Herb) and, you know, I like got in the way of my own feet probably and maybe if we had given it to Kirk and Ella who knows, like maybe Michael would have got passed his emotional differences and voted off Kasey and Vienna and then Blake and I would have made it to the final like you never know.  So I don’t think it was my astrologer’s fault completely that I didn’t win so I’m still consulting with him all the time. 


Question:         OK.  And I guess Blake, I kind of felt bad for you a little bit as the weeks progressed, I mean, I don’t know, I kind of feel like you can’t really help who you fall for and it’s a weird situation because, you know, obviously, her ex near her and still hooting for her and is very much pushing for them to get back together so, but I did feel like, wow, everybody is sort of ganging up on him and not really liking him and he’s sort of the bill in it the moment, do you think that it was a fair portrayal; I mean, do you regret any of the actions you gave. 


Do you think any of them were kind of, I don’t know against bro code or any of them were just sort of bad form or do you feel like it was more an edit thing and, you know, you were just being who you are? 


Blake Julian:    Well that’s a long question.  In terms of regretting anything, I mean I definitely regret kicking Melissa because that set in motion a lot of very vocal negativity towards me where she rallied the house against me so that kind of started people thinking well this guy, you know, he’s maybe not so great when, you know, a lot of the things she was saying was not exactly accurate and so once she was finally gone and that drama was eliminated, you know, I ended up — basically I don’t know, if you could say that I broke bro code because Michael and I weren’t exactly bros; like I said, we never became close. 


You know, I did — I probably shouldn’t have kissed her but as you said, I mean you just really can’t help who you fall for and I never in my wildest dreams anticipated having such a wonderful date with her.  And, you know, I just — I don’t regret that at all, I mean I regret that it made, you know, it hurt his feelings and that’s never anything that I want to do; I’m not trying to hurt anyone, you know, at a certain point you have to live your own life. 


Question:         I mean, now that you are watching it, I mean because you said last night, you know, obviously, you know, these people are your best friends or anything but it doesn’t feel great to see, you know, to outwardly see an expression of like disdain for you or dislike for you and how has it been.  I mean, are you — does every week it gets a little bit like more like oh, you know, like everybody hates me or are you OK with it, you don’t care, I mean is it something you can put behind you. 


Blake Julian:    Oh, I mean it’s definitely something I can put behind me.  I know it’s a game and I know that it’s just, you know, you can’t win everyone over and like I said, the chain of events that took place really did paint me in a pretty negative light within the house not even in editing just kind of the way people, you know, their general feeling about me in a group mentality.  I mean, I’m sure Erica can commit because she didn’t really have a great experience with the egg toss competition, so...you know, whenever you get vocal opinions of people, I don’t know, you always say I don’t want anyone talking bad behind my back but it’s really no better if they talk bad right to your face. 


Question:         Yes, that egg competition was quite brutal Erica.  I really — my heart broke for you a little bit.  I just thought, man, people are mean. 


Erica Rose:      Yes.  I’m impressed with myself for like hanging in there after that and lasting as long as I did, you know, I mean it was really just humiliating and half of me just wanted to leave and not stay in the house and people that are thinking and saying such bad things about me, you know, and so it was just — it was really difficult. 


I’m not the kind of person that wants people to feel sorry for me and I don’t like to play a victim or be a victim and, you know, it just, it was very tough, I felt like it was really like fooling and just a really mean challenge and it was even worse when it aired and I got about so many people reaching out to me like, you know, expressing their concern for me and saying they felt bad for me and like I appreciate the sympathy but I don’t like people to feel bad for me, like I’d rather have people laugh with me and not like say that they were crying for me. 


Question:         Right.  One last question and, you know, with Kasey and Vienna saying I — I don’t know it’s hard watching it from home because I think like I’d feel angry every week where I’m like why are these people consulting with them, why do they keep listening to them, why do they, you know... do this stuff and I wonder if in the moment are they really that much -– that good at this game or that manipulative. 


Erica Rose:      Yes, they are; they’re very, very convincing and Kasey he just like, he won’t give you a chance to talk to anyone else.  He really gets on you, he simply gets in your head.  He was saying things to me like I can visualize us four being in the final four. 


He was like saying all these things and, you know, I really believed him because I knew that Graham and Michelle had been voting with him every week and I thought that they would listen to him and I thought that Michelle would want to get rid of Ella because they’re both single moms; I thought she’d view her as a threat right, you know, and yes Kasey and Vienna were really, really good at playing the game and it does make mad because watching all the other weeks like I would try to eliminate Kasey and then it’s like this week I’m like saving him and so it doesn’t really make sense but it makes me mad because I think that we’re both a lot more intelligent than Kasey. 


So, it definitely sucks to be manipulated by someone that you feel like you should be out manipulate yourself. 


Question:         Blake, this question is for you.  I actually was just wanted to sort of hear your thoughts.  You know, when you are watching the episode back specifically how, you know, Erica joked about, you know, her mission being to get you into the missionary position, if you could talk about that it would be great. 


Blake Julian:    I think Erica is great.  She definitely has a wonderful sense of humor and, you know, she’s not afraid to put it out there and just be, you know, be her fun self.  I mean in the competition when, you know, a question came up and she said that she, you know, sleeps with someone after three dates and like I’m kind of a slut, she just plays it up, I mean it’s hilarious and doesn’t take life too seriously.  So, you know, it was — it gave me a laugh, it was fun.  I mean I knew exactly where she was coming from. 


Question:         Great.  And Erica, I know you touched on this a little bit earlier but, you know, any regrets for coming on too strong or were you, you know, it’s like... 


Erica Rose:      No, I think it was funny.  I mean I loved coming on like really, really stronger, but sometimes I think I like to do that and just see what’s going to happen and get reactions and like push the envelope a little bit and like I said it was funny to watch and Blake and I really good friends so, you know, it didn’t make things awkward or weird between us but if I -– one thing is, if I would have known about the fact that Blake and Holly were already developing such strong feelings with each other and I mean, they didn’t really want to give away any details about their date that they had, those few dates and so I had no idea the connection between the two of them and watching it now, you know, I think it’s so cute.


And you know, I wouldn’t just like interfered with that and I wouldn’t have — I am the kind of person that believes in girl code and, you know, I like Holly a lot.  So if anyone had came to me ahead of time and told me about the two of their relationship I wouldn’t have like tried it, but I didn’t know so I wasn’t really doing anything wrong at the time. 


Question:         Blake, things seemed to get a little awkward during your dinner with Erica when she was asking you to join her on the overnight date?  Erica, gave us her side on this a little bit but could you verify what your actual reasoning was behind rejecting her offer because with Holly and your reputation and everything, it seems like kind of a lot of excuses were bounced around? 


Blake Julian:    I mean they’re not exactly excuses, I feel like they’re pretty valid.  You know, I had a few different reasons, yes I clearly didn’t want to give the wrong impression to Holly and at that same point, you know, give the wrong impression to AmErica.  I mean I didn’t want to be the guy that goes on general dates and, you know, doesn’t care who he is hanging out with and staying with, I mean that’s not me.  So, you know, my reputation was part of it and Holly was part of it and, you know, strategically staying away from the house, I mean they were all, you know, valid points I felt. 


Question:         OK sure.  And Erica, you and Vienna didn’t seem to get along too well on the show but it seemed like right after the show finished filming you arrange for your dad to give Vienna a nose drop; how did that come about, I mean do you always kind of arrange these procedures for people you’re not close with or was it kind of like a peace offering or who was behind that? 


Erica Rose:      No, it was her idea; honestly, it wasn’t my idea despite — she may tell a story; it was her idea and she knew that my dad’s like an amazing plastic surgeon so even though, I mean and we didn’t get along for the most part but I think that by me saving her and like giving her that final rose and me going home when she knows maybe she could have gone home if we hadn’t given it to them like that kind of like made up for any difference that we might have had through like me hanging out with Jake or whatever difference we had and so we were friends. 


You know, we left on a good note and as soon as she got home she called me and we kind of arranged it.  My dad was excited to do it because it was really funny before I went on the show; he said, “tell Vienna I want to do her nose” and I was like, “dad I can’t tell her that” like that’s rude.  Someone needs to, you know, approach me themselves.  I’m not going to come up to someone and say, “hey, you need to do your nose” but she definitely looks so much better now and I’m sure you guys have seen pictures and you’ll see the finale like, he did a great job and I don’t mind helping other people look better, you know. 


I’m not like that kind of girl that is competitive with other girls that way.  I want everyone to look prettier and I can’t reveal who so I’m not going to but actually another cast member recently went to my dad for plastic surgery.  So, you’re going to have to wait until the finale to see who that was. 


Question:         OK sounds good.  And Blake, it seemed like at times you felt the game was kind of just completely out of your hands because small decisions you tended to make — tended to wait into these big dramatic moments like when you kissed Melissa on your one on one date and then she kind of thought you were dating afterwards. 


Did you feel like you just repeatedly got dealt a bad round of cards that kind of forced your reputation into a deeper hole that you couldn’t get out of or, would you say based on your actions you might have deserved the backlash a little bit. 


Blake Julian:    You know, I’m not going to sit here and say I’m not to blame for anything because that’s -– I’m sure, you know, I didn’t — I did not play things the right way and, you know, I never meant to lead Melissa on, I never meant to hurt her feelings and produce such a strong emotional reaction from her. 


That was really the first thing that got to me and that was kind of a pretty big death blow to get away from because it seemed to fall on me constantly and, you know, I mean there’s things that I would have done different of course, you know, that’s the whole reason that if, you know, you’d want to go back and try again to try and do better.  So, I’d say that my cards definitely weren’t the best to be dealt but, you know, I probably could have played them a little better also. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Hi Blake, I just had a follow-up with you.  You know, if Michael hadn’t even been on the show at all, do you think you would have gotten to see more of, you know, the love story going on between you and holly and, you know, more about like what made your relationship, you know, grow and be special? 


Blake Julian:    I have no doubt about that.  I mean the first night in the house, it was — I almost teamed up with Holly; she was going to be my partner but there was a rumor going around that she was secretly kind of involved with Michael if not romantically then strictly like they’re teammates before they got into the house and several people kind of told me that and then when I asked Holly she denied it so, I immediately assumed I couldn’t trust her.  I didn’t know that the first night I had met her.  If Michael hadn’t been there then we would have ended up being partners and, you know, I’m not sure how far we would have gotten but we definitely would have had more fun. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Absolutely.  And Erica, we saw you, you know, kissing Jake and do you have any hopes of rekindling anything with him at some point? 


Erica Rose:      Oh, I mean after I left I — like I don’t think it showed everything that happened between Jake and I.  Of anyone in the house I probably spent the most time with him and really got to know him as a person and so after I left I was hopefully of he and I hanging out but I’ve only hung out with him once since the show and I think, you know, I still have unanswered questions. 


He said we need to talk and we need to figure out, you know, we need to discuss everything that happened and whatever and I think he felt — he said he felt kind of betrayed by my friendship now with Kasey and Vienna and he and I have never really gotten to have that last conversation like we need to have so maybe today at the finale I’ll bring things up, but I don’t think that he wants like a further relationship with me and I was like a little sad about it.  just as I do think he’s a really great guy and I think, first of all I think he’s gorgeous but I think he’s a good person and he’s different to me than the person that Vienna described him to be for sure. 


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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