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Full Transcript of Interview with Holly Durst

Here is the full transcript of the conference call interview with Holly from yesterday.  I've highlighted my portion of the call in PURPLE.

Question:         I guess we want to just start from the beginning and find out when you found out your – you and Michael were both going to be in the house and when you decided to become partners. 


Holly Durst:    Michael and I had been asked to be at Bachelor Pad when we were still together.  And then we broke up and then we were asked again and I had nothing to lose at that point, so I did it.  And we decided to be partners a week before going into the house, but that was the first time we had spoken in three months. 


Question:         Oh.  And did Michael really find out in the taping of the show that you were engaged (inaudible)? 


Holly Durst:    Yes, because it had just happened and I tried calling him the night before to tell him.  But his phone had already been taking away for filming. 


Question:         At the finale, one of the big – it was obviously why should we pick you.  But you didn't really get a chance to answer that question.  Michael answered it instead.  What move or strategy do you think earned you the vote, you know, $125,000? 


Holly Durst:    I was always a very loyal player, and I got down to the point where I had to choose between – my partner and the person I was falling in love with, which is Blake.  And I stayed loyal to my partnership with Michael even though it was a very hard decision.  And I think that alone being loyal to my partnership earned me the money. 


Question:         And do you have any regrets about the way things kind of went in the house with you and Blake and Michael being in there? 


Holly Durst:    No, I don't have any regrets.  I wish I would have been more straight-forward with Michael to let him know that I didn't want to get back together with him because he clearly, you know, poured his heart out to me and I didn't reciprocate the feeling very much and I can – it made me kind of look like the bad guy, I guess, that I was unsure. 


But now, looking back I really wish I would just been straight forward with him and told him that I didn't want to be back together. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Hi.  Congratulations on the win.  I was wondering what you plan to do with the money? 


Holly Durst:    I have written a bunch of children's book and I've been – the only thing that's been holding me back from getting them published is the financial part of it.  So, I am so thankful that I won this money because now I could finally publish my book.   And the first one I'm going to publish is called “Chocolate socks”. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Chocolate, what? 


Holly Durst:    Socks, because that's my favorite thing.  They're chocolate in Socks.  So, I've created a book about it. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Cute.  And I was wondering if you and Blake had picked out a wedding date or anything like that or if you have any idea of when you might be having a wedding? 


Holly Durst:    As of right now, we're not sure.  But he definitely can't wait for it. 


Jennifer Matarese:       Like, any idea, like spring or summer, winter?  Anything like that? 


Holly Durst:    Possibly spring or summer. 


Question:         So, it looks like at one point you're convinced Michael was going to keep the money based on his speech and how upset he was after learning the news of your engagement moments before he revealed his answer.  So, what was going through your mind?  Did you think he was actually going to keep the money or did you have a gut feeling all along he would stick with your prior agreement and split it with you? 


Holly Durst:    I knew that a hundred percent that we would split it no matter what happens.  We knew that we were a partnership and there are times where, you know, our partnership could have been broken, and it never was because we both stayed loyal to each other.  So, I knew a hundred percent that he would took share. 


Question:         OK.  Great.  And it seems you suspected something was going on before Blake's proposal given the show have tons of cameras to film you two out together that day.  Did you expect the proposal at all or was it somehow really a complete surprise to you? 


Holly Durst:    It was a complete surprise.  We had been filming all day long, just a bunch – but they didn't show any of what we had done.  But we had been filming all day long.  And the last part of it was that little picnic, and he proposed.  And it was definitely a huge surprise. 


Question:         OK.  And there were a few times where you mentioned during the show, a conversation that you had with Michael before the show had started where you said that he wanted to hold off and getting back together until Bachelor Pad was over.  Could you talk a little bit about that?  Was that just Michael's decision for you to hold back on getting back together?  Was it a joined decision?  And if it was only Michael, what was your reaction?  And had you originally been hoping to reconcile things between you guys on the show?  Are you not upset otherwise, or what's the story there? 


Holly Durst:    Well, I think when he originally started saying that he missed me and wants to get back together to me, I didn't really believe him because I thought he had just missed me because he was around with me all the time and, you know, his emotions were heightened because we were in the house and I was the only person that he really knew. 


So, I thought that's the reason.  So, I told him I was like, "I don't think that anything should happen in this house or you shouldn't pursue me here, you know."  This is something he want with, you know, that to happen outside of the house.  But that was all before I'm with Blake.   So, everything after that definitely changed. 


Question:         Hey, Holly.  You and Michael seem to think at one point that if you pick Graham and Michelle in the end that you'd be handing them the money, so why do you think it actually turned out to be the landslide win for you and Michael? 


Holly Durst:    I honestly have no idea.  I didn't expect it to happen like that.  And I'm grateful for every person that voted, but I did not know it was going to go that way, whatsoever.  I thought that Graham and Michelle had pretty much won by a landslide.  And then once people started flipping those names, I was just – in shock. 


Question:         Did you have going in, like, an idea, like, "OK.  Obviously, Blake is going to vote for you and anyone else?  I mean, was there anyone else was in shock, like, you know, Gia was someone who flipped your name over? 


Holly Durst:    I – honestly, I have here the list of people that I knew for sure who are voting for Graham and Michelle, and that was Kasey, Vienna, William and Melissa.  And so, those were I know for sure vote for them.  And then I knew people that I would think would vote for Michael and I. 


But then they were, like, about five names that I had no clue which way they would go.  And they (inaudible) those people ended up voting for Michael and I.  So, it was definitely a shock. 


Question:         Now, we only saw a few questions from the eliminated contestants.  Can you give an example or some examples of what did the people ask out there? 


Holly Durst:    They asked what we would do with the money.  All – putting, you know, like – they just want to know just what selfish thing we wanted to do with the money.  And, you know, Michael said he would like to take a vacation and I said I want to publish my books. 


Question:         OK.  And there was a little teaser, it look like at one point, Justin was asking Graham or someone like, you know, "You never said two words to me, or whatnot."  Was there any kind of an altercation between Justin and Graham during the finale or was that just after the fact – you know, we read that there had been kind of an altercation at the after-party.  Was there anything on the show itself that happened? 


Holly Durst:    No, not that I know.  I think Justin was angry at Michelle because Michelle is the one that ultimately wanted Justin off, I guess.  And so, I think that there was a bad blood from that side. 


Question:         So, just to clarify.  Have you already been planning to move to South Carolina before the engagement? 


Holly Durst:    Yes, I was. 


Question:         OK.  Great.  And would you and Blake ever consider having a televised wedding to share it with your viewers? 


Holly Durst:    No, not after that.  I mean, the whole – we didn't want to hurt Michael, and that was wrong the way it happened.  And I don't want to rub salt in the wound, so to speak.  So, I don't think of televised wedding, or something, that we would want to do. 


Question:         Sure.  And hopefully, this is just a theoretical question, but given Blake proposed with one of the shows Engagement Rings, does that mean you have to give it back to the producer, like, The Bachelor and Bachelor Couples, if you guys happen to break up? 


Holly Durst:    We're never going to break up. 


Question:         Good answer.  And do you feel some of them remained good friends with Michael or do you think – do you kind of think the engagement has complicated things where it might be a little awkward between you guys or...? 


Holly Durst:    I'm not quite sure.  I think we both need to give it some time before a friendship could happen. 


Question:         I  just wanted to ask, you said you didn't want to hurt Michael and it was wrong the way it happened.  Can you explain that?  Like, what was wrong and, like, what did you expect to happen and what did they do that you didn't want them to do? 


Holly Durst:    I had tried calling him the night before to talk to him.  Actually, Blake wanted to call him and I told Blake it would be better for Michael to hear it from me.  But when I finally tried to call him, he already had his phone taken away for production reasons, for the finale. 


And I beg to them to let me talk to Michael before, and they refused.  They were like, "No, it" – I mean, I tried really hard.  I did not want it to be a shock to Michael.  I didn't want him to be blindsided at all because Michael and I have a very good friendship and I didn't want to hurt him at all.  And I... 


Question:         OK.  And then, does he know that now?  Did you have a chance to talk to him after the fact to say, "Look, this is what I wanted to do and this is what..."? 


Holly Durst:    Yes, yes.  I did.  And, like, he went up and shook my hand afterward and, you know, he really said, like, "Congratulations," and everything was fine..  And now it, you know, it seems like more than that.  But they didn't, you know, they show that in the ending and everything was fine. 


Question:         The finale showed your explanation of why you pick Graham and Michelle, but how easy of a decision was that for you and Michael?  Did you come close to picking Kasey and Vienna instead? 


Holly Durst:    No, we never did.  We knew from the moment – I mean, we talked to them and Kasey and Vienna, we're all about what they wanted to do with the money.  And it was all me, me, me.  And then with Graham and Michelle, they said, "You know what, we're going to love you no matter what you choose, you know, no matter who you choose." 


Question:         So, watching it back, did Graham's reaction kind of surprised you a little bit? 


Holly Durst:    Yes.  I had no idea Graham was acting like that, and, you know, it's really disappointing.  But Graham definitely has a dark side to him when he drinks, and that came out.  


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


Donna Granese

Micheal, should be the next bachelor!

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