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Full Transcript of Interview with Melissa and William

Here is the full transcript of the interview with Melissa and William.  I am so sorry for the delay!  There was a problem in getting it this week for some reason! 


 Jennifer Matarese:       So, Melissa, you reacted really strongly when you left the show.  What was going through your head at that moment?


Melissa Schreiber:       You know besides just being completely exhausted, I feel like, you know, I felt very betrayed at the time by my friends in the house.  But I also understood that, you know, it was a game and that, you know, it was a very likely outcome.  But honestly at that moment I was just so exhausted.  That's why I didn't really talk in the limo.  I just had nothing to say.  I was just kind of (over) it I think.


Jennifer Matarese:       And William, we didn’t really get to see too much of what was going on with you in the house.  What would you have liked us to see?


William Holman:         You know I think I did a lot of stuff that was just, I think me, it was comical, there was a lot of funny stuff that I did but I think for ABC it probably didn't fully pertain to the story line that they were trying to portray and really have the, you know, Jake, Vienna,  and Kasey thing go on so I think they kind of pushed that aside but they have so much footage to go through that, you know, they want the story line to be purely that's your pad and, you know, for the $250,000 and the relationships that are being built with between the guys and the girls I didn't have a relationship that was going on with any of the girls in the house so it just wasn't much of a story line to go with I'd say.


Question:         So I'm wondering, William, if you could go back and do it all over again and maybe change your strategies?  How would you change your strategy and how would you keep yourself in the game longer?


William Holman:         You know, the only thing that I would definitely think about changing was that very last night.  Maybe convincing everybody that I was worth keeping around and that maybe (Casey) should have been the one that was voted off that night.  As far as strategy, you know, I think I played the game pretty well but when it came down to it I wasn't as competitive as some of the other people that were on there.


The only thing that I would change is actually trying to talk more with everyone in the house about, you know, why they should keep me on board.  I think because I laid low it was easy for people to just say, you know, yes let's take – let's take William out because we don't want to hurt (Casey's) feelings because he'll definitely say something to us about it if we let him go.


Question:         And Melissa, despite a lot of Bachelor Pad house guests coming to your defense on Twitter last night you were still having negative reactions to everything that went on.  Do you have any regrets about what happened in the house?


Melissa Schreiber:       Well I don't think I had negative reactions.  On Twitter last night I just, you know, I always try to respond to people who say nice things and so I try to, you know, tweet them back and say thank you.  And the other thing is that, you know, a lot of people don't know especially if, you know, they just watch the (inaudible) and they don't go on Twitter or Facebook that we're all, most of us are actually good friends.  So that's rather a misconception a little bit. 


But what was your other question?


Question:         I was just wondering if you had any regrets about your title on the show.


Melissa Schreiber:       I don't regret any of it.  Do I wish that I had done things differently?  Absolutely.  Do I wish that I had, you know, chosen a different partner in the beginning?  Absolutely.  So I don't regret it.  I do regret some of the decisions that I made.


Question:         Hi, I've been watching the show.  I was curious, Melissa, you were so emotional.  Was there any blowback from you in your real life from the – from your actions?


Melissa Schreiber:       Not at all.  You know what?  My friends and family have been so supportive and they know that I'm not that emotional, you know, outside of the 'Bachelor' world.  It's so funny because every episode that airs I get like 50 typed messages from just friends and family like saying, "Who are you?  Like we don't even recognize you on TV." For some reason, when I'm in the 'Bachelor' house I am just so overly emotional.


But there definitely hasn't been any backlash or anything like that.  It's all been really positive.


Question:         So if you were asked to do it again, and this is for both of you, would you both do it again?


William Holman:         For me I would definitely do it again.  Just because, yes they didn't show a lot of me but the relationships that I've made and the friends that I made in the house, you know some of the best friends I ever made were in that house.  And it was a lot of fun.  I definitely enjoyed it.  It's a shame that people didn't get to see all the jokes.  Because there was some pretty funny stuff.  But I would definitely do it again.  I wouldn't do (inaudible).  I wouldn't go and do a second season of it but going back I would definitely do it again.


Question:         Melissa?


Melissa Schreiber:       You know I'd have to agree with William.  We made so many, you know, good friends and had so many laughs and  so much fun, that, you know right now if you asked me would you go back and do like season three of Bachelor Pad, hell no, but you know, but you know when it comes time and they ask you it's like, you know, I don't know how I would respond.  You know a year from now if you came to me and said would you do it again?  I'd like to think that I'd say no but I don't know- I don't know for sure because it was so much fun.


William Holman:         Yes, and I'll say that the people that you're on the show with are great.  Guaranteed you have moments in the house that are emotional and whatnot but you also enjoy hanging out with the producers.  You enjoy seeing them again and they're all great people.


Melissa Schreiber:       Yes.  (inaudible).  There's a huge difference.


Question:         Well I have to say watching it I don't get that all of these wonderful friendships are formed because it always looks like you guys are on each other.


William Holman:         Well I would say that, you know, yes some people develop quite the relationship with friends but you know there's a couple of guys in that house and there's a couple of girls that, you know, I will always be friends with and, you know, my place is open to them that if they ever come to Columbus they know that we're going to hang out and if I go to them, you know, we're going to be hanging out.


It's guaranteed all 18 people are not all tight knit friends or anything like that.  But there are some strong relationships that were made.


Melissa Schreiber:       I would have to say that I've been in L.A. for a couple of weeks now and I have become so close with so many of the people.  And, you know, I would – I would honestly tell you that I consider each and every single person except for maybe two people close friends.


William Holman:         Sorry.


William Holman:         Sorry Melissa.


Melissa Schreiber:       Wait what did you say?  What did he say?


William Holman:         You said that two people that you wouldn't consider close friends and I'm assuming me so I apologize.


Melissa Schreiber:       No you're not one of them.


William Holman:         Oh OK –


Melissa Schreiber:       No – no – no.  I was not – you were not one of the people.  I do consider you as a friend.


William Holman:         OK.  Just checking.


Melissa Schreiber:       Yes.  No.  You are not one of those people.


Question:         I guess this kind of follow up on what you were just saying Melissa.  (Inaudible) do you still feel at that level of hurt from Blake?  Or what are your feelings towards him now?


Melissa Schreiber:       I actually have no feelings, whatsoever, towards Blake.  I am kind of at a point where I'm over it, you know.  I feel like he's still going to Twitter and saying, you know, things that I don't think are appropriate and he still (retweeting nasty) things about me and we actually had some e-mail correspondence that was very passive aggressive on his end.  So I literally have nothing, you know, to say about him other than, you know I just want to be done with him.


Question:         OK.  And I'm kind of curious whether you guys think or who you guys think who's going to make it to the end?  Do you think that  (inaudible) and (Casey) and (Dan) and people are  going to kind of get fed up with them and then they're going to be on the chopping block or do you think that they do have a good chance of making it to the end?


William Holman:         Well me personally, I mean part of my strategy in the whole thing was a lot of people thought get rid of the power couples but there was only really one true power couple in the beginning and that was (Casey) and (Vienna).  But when you come down to it and you have three couples in the end, more than likely they were going to vote (Casey) and (inaudible) off.  I mean I can see that happening that whoever's left in the end is just going to say well it's time for them to go.


You know, from what I know there was already a plan set in motion a long time ago for who would be on Bachelor Pad so I like myself, Blake and (inaudible) were put in a rough spot because we're fresh coming off of it.  We don't know anybody on the show and everybody was able to kind of communicate and talk and kind of set up their alliances even before the show started.  So that was a very difficult thing to overcome.


So I was fortunate with – where I did make it in the (show).


Melissa Schreiber:       (inaudible), you know, we are shooting the finale live.  So we don't know who's going to win.  But what I will say is that (Casey) and (Vienna) – they knew what they were doing.  I mean they came in their best playing the game.  I respect and love both of them.  I wouldn't be surprised if they made it to the final two couples.  But we'll just have to wait and see.


Question:         Do you guys have a preference.  Someone that you want to win?


Melissa Schreiber:       My favorite people in this – my favorite – go ahead.


William Holman:         No you go ahead.


Melissa Schreiber:       Sorry, well my favorite people in this planet.  like right now are, I mean,  I love Kasey and Vienna so much, but Michelle Money is like I love her so much , she is like a sister to me, so I would love to see Michelle Money in the end.


William Holman:         Yes for me whoever makes – the two people that, you know I have incredible respect for in the house in the best way is Michelle and Ella.  They're both single mothers.  Taking care of kids that is one of the most difficult things in life.  So, you know, $250,000 that would definitely help them and raise them in a much better environment.


But as far as a team to make it to the end,  I would say team (money gram) that's who I would like to see in the end but (inaudible) always for single mothers–


Question:         And you had sort of a rough go in your season in the Bachelorette in terms of the relationship of other people and so when you went into the Bachelor Pad were you – do you feel like you were perceived better or you kind of came off more yourself?  Or do you think it was sort of a similar situation occurred because it sounds like you had a better connection with the people there.


William Holman:         Yes,  I think because of the environment that we're in  it was different for me, you know,  I felt a lot more relaxed and I don't know if this is the right word to say but it didn't feel orchestrated, I guess, even though, you know, it's all set and your days are taken care of but it was a lot less pressure on hey there's one girl that we're going after and you're trying to see what happens in that relationship. 


This is like, you know, you actually get to hang out with the guys and you're not sitting there competing for a girl.  But I think I was a lot more myself on Bachelor Pad.  Actually I was still myself in that different environment but and it was new to me so maybe I definitely did act differently.  But yes I – I – I was comfortable and much more myself on Bachelor Pad.


Question:         And, Melissa, you had said early at one point  in the show that you had spent a lot of time defending yourself after your round of the bachelor and sort of – and I know you also had a rough go coming out of it and how people perceived you and things.  So it strikes me as odd that you would even go on Bachelor Pad.  Is the money – is that just good enough, you know, reason to partake in all of this stuff again and put yourself out there in the public again?


Melissa Schreiber:       You know I actually was asked several  times to do the show and I said no several times.  I didn't actually agree to do it until about two weeks prior to finding out.  And I really, genuinely came on to, you know, to repair my image and obviously which it did not work like I'd hoped it would.  And also to try to win the money.  you know.


So like I said I – I – I think I literally did not agree to do it until two weeks prior and I had been asked for months so you know (life) doesn't always work out the way you hoped it will but I'm not – you know, I don't regret it.


William Holman:         Yes, for me it was also different for me because there'd only been two episodes that had aired of Bachelorette and then I was already out in L.A. filming  Bachelor Pad so I didn't even know how I was going to be perceived.  I was worried about it and I was glad that I was gone doing the (rest of the) episode and I was glad that I was gone for that but I didn't even, you know, I heard about everything once I got back and then did the (inaudible) so at that point and time I'd already filmed, you know Bachelor Pad.


So I wasn't even sure how it was going to be perceived but I just wanted to go out there and be me.  And Ms. Schreiber or Melissa, you know.  definitely you can get emotional but that's her.  That's who you are.  And you accept it and if you can be emotional do that.  You know, you can be upset if a guy breaks your heart or anything like that.  That's OK.  That's real emotions.  You know Blake played with your heart on that.


And just own it and be OK with it.  We talked about it before in the house and I wished they would have aired that conversation, but honestly that's a trait of yours and live up to it.  Be OK with that.


Melissa Schreiber:       Yes, I'm just disappointed because I never, I never fall like for people, especially after that short amount of time.  I think it was just the environment and also, you know, wanting to have a partner so badly to get through the game with.  That it scared me to not have a partner.  I was way overly emotional, like way too emotional.  I'm sorry, I mean, I wish,  I could change it all.  But I can't.


William Holman:         Well and Blake has a lot of those traits that you probably are looking for in a guy so it was very difficult –


Melissa Schreiber:       (inaudible).


William Holman:         Yes, so this is the guy that I would like to partner up with and then see what happens outside of the show.  Unfortunately you got to see a different side afterwards but –


Melissa Schreiber:       Yes.


William Holman:         You know don't beat yourself up too much about it because you'll find the right guy and you'll be OK.


Melissa Schreiber:       Thank you William.  And I'm actually not looking for someone anymore but I did learn that, and I learned it very quickly, that Blake is not the kind of human being that I would ever want to be with.  You know he's not, in my opinion, not a good person, so I'm just glad that I (dodgedobbled) it.  That's how I feel.


Question:         William you know we asked (inaudible) the same question a couple of weeks ago about Blake and if you kind of pushed, if you'd seen any of this side of Blake, because Blake is kind of portrayed as, I don't know conniver I guess  (inaudible).  But do you feel like you noticed that stuff while you were on the Bachelorette with him or do you think that it's even fair that he is sort of being a conniver.  Do you think that he even played Melissa?


William Holman:         I definitely think he played Melissa.  I mean he played Melissa.  (inaudible) On that it wasn't like a hint of that he was just a dishonest person about you know Ashley whenever we had conversations.  Blake in the house he's a competitive person.  And he wanted to win, and he wants to win.


And for – he was willing to do whatever he had to make sure he was safe.  And you know being with one girl will only get you one vote.  But if you can kind of talk with another girl and get another vote, you've got it.  He played on (Melissa's) emotions and it worked for him and he always got her vote, and you know, it's too bad that money does this to people.  And this is what happens and this is the outcome.  You know, money's not everything.


Melissa Schreiber:       Yes I'm not good at lying and conniving and backstabbing.  I'm just not good at it.  And I genuinely trusted this (inaudible) and, you know, there was so much that people on, you know, watching the show did not get to see and even people in the house, you know,  Blake and I would go one on one off, you know, by ourselves all the time and talk or, you know, and people didn't see it.  So, you know, there was a lot more emotion because there was a lot more (inaudible) to me that unfortunately viewers didn't get to hear and see.


You know there was a lot more kissing, there was a lot more hugging, there was a lot more emotional stuff going on that no one knows about except Blake.


William Holman:         (Inaudible).


Melissa Schreiber:       I think he puts it he says (inaudible) actually. 


Male:   He calls it (inaudible) yes.


Melissa Schreiber:       Yes there was definitely some of that.


Question:         Hey.  So how do you guys feel about Jake?  There was a lot of talk about from Vienna and Kasey trying to get people against him.  What were your feelings about Jake when you got in the house and when you left?


William Holman:         My feelings, my honest feelings were I couldn't believe that a bachelor was in the house for Bachelor Pad but it makes for great TV having him and Vienna in the same house.  You know when he gave the end of that rose the first night that kind of lost my trust with him because we had talked and he said, you know, Vienna was going to be the first one to go.  And then to see him give her the rose I was just in shock.  And I couldn't get a gauge on Jake.


So that's the reason I ended up voting for him to go in last week's episode because I just didn't know where he was.  But he obviously just came on the show to apologize to her and kind of keep knocking on her door and say sorry as many times as he could.  I mean hopefully those two are just completely done now and there's no communication between them, but you know (Jake's) got aspirations, he's out there to do other things  and to be in the spotlight and that's what he wants to do.


And if that's what he wants to do good, but I didn't agree with going on Bachelor Pad to try and regain your image as far as like to just apologize to (Vienna) that kind of didn't set well with me.


Question:         Oh.  How about you Melissa?  What did you think about Jake?


Melissa Schreiber:       You know, I agree with almost everything that William said I mean I don't think he went on there, you know, to keep the money away (inaudible).  I think he really did come on there to apologize to (Vienna) and, you know, I do respect him.  He's been nothing but wonderful to me.  He's been a good friend.  He's always been very kind to me.


So as a person I have nothing bad to say about him at all.  On the other side of the fence you know, Vienna and Kasey are they are friends of mine and I spend a lot of time with them, and it hurt me to see Vienna so upset in the house.  But I have literally not a bad thing to say about Jake about as far as the way he's treated me.


Question:         Has anything surprised you Melissa like watching back, you know.  like Erica making her move for Blake or anything like that?  How did you feel about that and was it a surprise to see or did you know she was doing some of those things about you?


Melissa Schreiber:       Erica is the funniest person I swear like she and William should have their show because they are both the funniest people that I have met in my entire life.  Like if William and Erica were not in the house like the dynamic would have been totally different because they just keep you laughing 24/7.  William is like the funniest guy I've ever met in my entire life.  Erica doesn't realize that she's funny and that's why she's funny.  Like everything she does she doesn't mean to be funny she's just ridiculous.  It's just so funny.


I knew that Erica was doing everything that she was doing.  I didn't know that she was like sitting behind like walls and couches, spying on me.  I thought it was hilarious.  But I knew that she was flirting with all the boys and trying to, you know, gain a partner because Erica was you know the only girl in the house that didn't have a partner.


So I knew that she was doing that stuff behind my back but I couldn't even be mad at her because she was so funny about it.  So.


Question:         So you guys said yes you met a lot of friends and you had a good time.  If you could take like one  favorite time in the house?  What would be your favorite thing?


William Holman:         I would say my most memorable time is when I realized I was getting voted off, Michelle was sobbing really bad.  I felt bad at that point but I turned to Graham,  Michael and Kirk and I said, "Guys, you know, this is my last night there and I said do you guys just want to have one last beer together and just enjoy the moment being there?"  And so we went and got a beer and sat on the outside and out back of the mansion and just relaxed.


And that was about the time.  You know, as far as everything else I can't remember how many times we laughed about the weirdest stuff in the world.  I mean some of the stuff that I joke on.  I don't even get where it comes from.  But that was the best time for me was just sitting down with the guys and have one last drink.


Question:         OK.  OK.  How about you Melissa?


Melissa Schreiber:       God that was so many –


William Holman:         When you were playing hide and seek with Blake?


Melissa Schreiber:       No not funny at all.


William Holman:         Blake?


Melissa Schreiber:       Blake?  Blake?  Blake?  I have to say that one of my favorite times ever actually, you know, involves William.  He did this segment called 'cooking with Erica.'  I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. 


William does impressions and maybe he'll do one on the call with Erica.  He does an Erica impression that is so hilarious that one morning William,  I think it was (Ella) and myself, we were up early with one of the producers and he just did this segment like a morning show, 'cooking with Erica'  because she had cooked us all dinner the night before.


And then he started taking questions from the audience and like me and (Ella) were asking him questions and he would answer as Erica.  And it was just so – I remember crying.  The producer was crying.  It was so funny.  So that's one of my favorite memories that I have.


William Holman:         I put two big cantaloupes under my shirt and said, "Hey boys, it's Erica.  Hey".


Melissa Schreiber:       And then we asked him like "Erica if you were to win the $250,000 what would you do with the money?


William Holman:         I can't even remember what I said now.


Melissa Schreiber:       You were like I think I'll just go (inaudible) and have my maid carry all my bags and oh it was so funny.  It was just so funny.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


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