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Holly Durst Talks About Big 'Bachelor Pad' Win and Engagement

Holly Durst one of the winners of this year's "Bachelor Pad" spoke to reporters in a conference call today about her big win.  Michael Stagliano was supposed to take part in the second part of the call, but something happened and he was unavailable, so I hope to bring that to you at a later time!  Either they couldn't do the call together or they didn't want to, because they were each supposed to take their own separate turns with the call, instead of doing it together.

Holly said that she and Michael were asked to be on the show when they were still together, and then they broke up, and the producers called and asked them again.  She says they decided to go on and about a week before taping began they decided they should partner up.


Holly was also really upset how Michael found out about her and Blake's engagement on the finale show.  Blake suggested calling him, and Holly told him it would be better coming from her, so she tried calling him, but the show had already taken his phone away ahead of the finale.  Holly says that she begged the producers to talk to Michael, but they told her no.  As a result, don't expect a TV wedding.  Holly said that would just be rubbing "salt in the wound" for Michael and she could not do that to him.


Holly says that she and Blake haven't set a date yet for the wedding, but that they can't wait to be married.  She added that they are considering trying the knot in the spring or summer.


As for why she deserved to win, she says that she was always a very loyal player, and when it came down to choosing between her partner and the person she was falling in love with, she stayed true to her partner and she thinks that being loyal earned her the money.


She says that she doesn't have any regrets but she wishes that she was more straightforward with Michael.  She says that she never wanted to get back together with him and she didn't initially believe him and she says he poured his heart out to her. 


Holly says that she plans to use her $125,000 winnings to help get her book published.  She wrote a children's book called "Chocolate Socks" and she says the only thing that's been holding her back from getting it published is the money.  She added that Michael plans to take a vacation.


On Blake proposing, she said "It was a complete surprise" that they had been filming their date together all day long, and that the last part of it was the picnic when he proposed.  The show provided the ring and if they ever break up, she'll have to give it back, but she said, "We're never going to break up".  Let's hope so! 


As for the fate of her and Michael, she says that they need some time apart and he needs time to heal before a friendship can really happen.


Holly also talked a little bit about an incident that allegedly happened between "Rated R" Justin Rego and Graham.  Apparently, they got into a disagreement and Graham punched Justin in the eye!  I have no idea if that's true or not, but Holly thought there might be some bad blood between them because Michelle had been the one campaigning to get Justin off the show.  When asked about Graham's reaction when he thought Michael wasn't going to take him to the finals, Holly said that Graham, "has a little dark side to him when he drinks and that came out."


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


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They would be a lovely couple and see how pretty she is? I hope it will turn out for the better

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