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September 2011


Full Transcript of Interview with Holly Durst

Here is the full transcript of the conference call interview with Holly from yesterday.  I've highlighted my portion of the call in PURPLE.

Question:         I guess we want to just start from the beginning and find out when you found out your – you and Michael were both going to be in the house and when you decided to become partners. 


Holly Durst:    Michael and I had been asked to be at Bachelor Pad when we were still together.  And then we broke up and then we were asked again and I had nothing to lose at that point, so I did it.  And we decided to be partners a week before going into the house, but that was the first time we had spoken in three months. 


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Michael Stagliano Talks About Holly & Blake, and What's Next For Him

Michael had a phone malfunction it turns out, so he rescheduled the conference call interview for a little later.  I got to talk to him first, and I asked him what he would do with his winnings.  He said that he plans on going on a vacation within the next month, maybe to the Caribbean, anywhere that Blake and Holly aren’t around, and taking some time to hit the reset button on himself.  He also said that he planned on giving 10% to his church as he always does with his money.

I then asked him if he would ever be interested in becoming “The Bachelor” because, let’s face it, we want him to find love!  He said that while some people may hesitate and say that they don’t know, he said, “Yes, absolutely,” he thinks it would be the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world and meet 25 amazing women.  Let’s start the campaign now “Michael for The Bachelor”!


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Holly Durst Talks About Big 'Bachelor Pad' Win and Engagement

Holly Durst one of the winners of this year's "Bachelor Pad" spoke to reporters in a conference call today about her big win.  Michael Stagliano was supposed to take part in the second part of the call, but something happened and he was unavailable, so I hope to bring that to you at a later time!  Either they couldn't do the call together or they didn't want to, because they were each supposed to take their own separate turns with the call, instead of doing it together.

Holly said that she and Michael were asked to be on the show when they were still together, and then they broke up, and the producers called and asked them again.  She says they decided to go on and about a week before taping began they decided they should partner up.

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The Battle for Love and Money in the 'Bachelor Pad' Finale

This three-hour monster finale was a doozy so let's start at the very beginning and work our way through it.  This week begins where last week left off, and things are awkward between Michael and Holly.  Blake is gone, but Michael had to see how upset it made Holly that Blake left.


Chris Harrison breaks up the tension by announcing that the final four couples are packing their bags and heading to Las Vegas.  They arrive at a giant theater and a giant wall pops out of the stage and spins around.  It’s the stage for Cirque du Soliel’s Ka.  Members of Cirque du Soliel teach the couples a routine and they have just one day to learn it.  The couple that does the best performance according to the judges will win immunity and the lowest scoring couple will be eliminated immediately!


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Are Blake and Holly Engaged?

Wow, I didn't think this would happen so fast!  According to People Magazine, Blake Julian and Holly Durst are engaged!  As if just dating and making out in front of her ex-fiance wasn't bad enough, they've decided to put the nail in the coffin of Michael Stagliano's dreams of ever winning Holly back.


A source says that they are engaged and that Durst is planning to move to South Carolina where Blake works as a dentist.  OTRC.com reports that they tweeted some joyous tweets.  It's not clear if getting engaged is actually what they were writing about at the time, but it does seem to make sense.

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Full Transcript of Interview with Blake and Erica

Here is the full transcript from the conference call interview with Blake Julian and Erica Rose!  They talk about a lot of interesting things that went on in the house, and if they would ever consider doing the show again.  The questions and answers from my portion are in PURPLE.


Question:         I guess we want to start out by asking Blake, if you can tell us what the status of your relationship is with Holly? 


Blake Julian:    You know, that’s something I think everyone should wait until the finale to really figure out. 


Question:         All right, fair enough.  We’re also wondering if there was ever any attempt made on your guys part to try to get a couple of other couples to come together with you against Kasey and Vienna rather than going to Kasey and Vienna and giving them the rose? 


Erica Rose:      I wish that we did that but we didn’t — I don’t know, we didn’t really think about doing that because we knew that there was no way that Mr. Andre will go against Kasey and Vienna and I don’t know if we could have gotten Michael and Holly to do that.  I know we could have gotten Cook and Edward to do that but Michael was just so upset with Blake and he was so emotional about the Blake and Holly situation that he might have said — he might have agreed with us at the time and said yes, I’ll vote of Kasey and Vienna, but then when he saw, you know, Blake and Holly kissing and when he noticed the two of them together he was definitely going to try and get rid of Blake like no matter what happens. 


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Deleted Scene from 'The Nearlywed Game' on 'Bachelor Pad'

"The Nearlywed Game" Challenge on "Bachelor Pad" was pretty funny at times.  There were some awkward questions asked which got some very interesting answers.

In this deleted scene, you can learn a little bit more about the contestants, but you can also see where they are using strategy to answer their questions.


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Ben Flajnik is the next 'Bachelor'!

Congratulations Ben Flajnik!!! You're the next "Bachelor"!


It will be interesting to see if he can rebound and open his heart again to love after his proposal was rejected by last season's "Bachelorette" Ashley Hebert.

Ben is a winemaker from Sonoma, California.  He says he's been in love three times, and proposed once, all unsuccessfully.  Let's hope that he can find love this time around.


We'll have to wait a while to see Ben's quest for love, the new season of "The Bachelor" does not begin until January 2012!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese

Blake and Erica Talk About Their 'Bachelor Pad' Elimination

Blake and Erica made the crazy mistake of giving immunity roses to Kasey and Vienna, so this week they spoke to reporters about their elimination from "Bachelor Pad".

I feel a little bad because I asked Blake why he decided to start up with Holly knowing that Michael was in the house and was it very awkward for him.  Blake said "As far as it being awkward, it’s awkward anytime you are in a relationship, everyone has ex’s and her ex was in the same house.  She told me repeatedly that they were single, she said she was not his girlfriend."  He added that they did have feelings for each other but that they "weren't as strong on her side" and that you can't help what you feel something and it feels right.  He added that he doesn't like these kinds of questions.  SORRY!  Inquiring minds want to know!

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Competing as a Couples and Getting Eliminated as Couples!

This week the contestants on “Bachelor Pad” coupled up.  From here on out they were told by Chris Harrison that they would be competing as couples and getting voted out as a couple.


To her credit, Holly stuck by Michael, even though her heart currently belongs to Blake.  The only two people not currently with someone are Blake and Erica, so naturally they teamed up, although Erica seemed to see it as an opportunity to put the moves on him.


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