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Michael Stagliano Talks About Holly & Blake, and What's Next For Him

Michael had a phone malfunction it turns out, so he rescheduled the conference call interview for a little later.  I got to talk to him first, and I asked him what he would do with his winnings.  He said that he plans on going on a vacation within the next month, maybe to the Caribbean, anywhere that Blake and Holly aren’t around, and taking some time to hit the reset button on himself.  He also said that he planned on giving 10% to his church as he always does with his money.

I then asked him if he would ever be interested in becoming “The Bachelor” because, let’s face it, we want him to find love!  He said that while some people may hesitate and say that they don’t know, he said, “Yes, absolutely,” he thinks it would be the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world and meet 25 amazing women.  Let’s start the campaign now “Michael for The Bachelor”!



As for picking the “Share” card, Michael says that he honestly thought about picking “Keep” because Holly got Blake out of this whole deal and he felt like maybe he deserved the money after everything he had to go through, but he said that’s not the kind of person he is and that “It’s important for me to keep promises to the people I care about.”


Michael also said that he went into the “Bachelor Pad” just wanting to be platonic friends and partners with Holly for maybe the first two days and then as time went on and the more conversations he had with her, the more he fell in love with her.  He didn’t think “Bachelor Pad” would be the best place to rekindle things however, and would have liked to have been able to explore that after they were done with the show, but Blake basically got in the way of that whole plan.  He said he and Holly had talked about going to their favorite restaurant and even her seeing his family again.


Going into the finale, Michael says he was on very good terms with Holly and that it was very “sh*tty” what she did.  He said, “I feel like ABC had their role in keeping it from me, but what Holly and Blake said, ‘We tried to call you’, they had 48 or 36 hours, ‘I tried to call you,’ if you pick up the phone and dial it, I’ll pick up in seconds.”  He felt it was an ultimate disrespect to him especially after he says he’s shown respect for their new relationship and engagement.  He wishes that they would have refused to go out there on stage and made sure that he knew that they were engaged so that he wouldn’t have been blindsided in front of a studio audience on national television.


Michael also went on to say that he “loves being in love” and that while it’s great that women around the country are now “lining up” to try and date him, he said, “I’ll take just one, one would be great.” Aw!


He does think if Blake hadn’t been on the show maybe he and Holly would have gotten back together, but on a brighter note, he said he’s fallen in love with Graham, William and Kirk as friends.  He thinks that he’ll be friends forever with these guys.  As for Graham’s outburst when he thought Michael and Holly weren’t going to pick him and Michelle to go to the final, he said it made him love him even more because he knows that’s how much Graham values their friendship.


Michael said he believes that Holly is going down a tough road right now.  When she told Michael that she was moving to South Carolina to move in with Blake she said, “I don’t know what I’m doing.”  Hm.  He said she doesn’t have a job lined up there and she’s moving away from her whole support system of friends and family, but he wishes her luck and wants her to be happy.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


Donna Granese

I believe when push comes to shove Blake will be loyal to himself. I am not saying that is wrong, but Holly had a real partner in Micheal. In the long run, they could have a wonderful life together. I hope for her sake she is in a loyal relationship with Blake. The show did not show a loyal side in Blake at all. Micheal should be the next bachelor. My best to all of you. That was a rough and hurtful competition.

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