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The Battle for Love and Money in the 'Bachelor Pad' Finale

This three-hour monster finale was a doozy so let's start at the very beginning and work our way through it.  This week begins where last week left off, and things are awkward between Michael and Holly.  Blake is gone, but Michael had to see how upset it made Holly that Blake left.


Chris Harrison breaks up the tension by announcing that the final four couples are packing their bags and heading to Las Vegas.  They arrive at a giant theater and a giant wall pops out of the stage and spins around.  It’s the stage for Cirque du Soliel’s Ka.  Members of Cirque du Soliel teach the couples a routine and they have just one day to learn it.  The couple that does the best performance according to the judges will win immunity and the lowest scoring couple will be eliminated immediately!



Out of the 60 second routine, 10 seconds of it must be choreographed by the contestants themselves!  Kasey comes up with some crazy idea to make a heart in the air, and Vienna is freaking out on him.  She wants to see him show her how to do it and he can’t for some reason.


Michael isn’t scared at all!  He starts running around and spinning off the wall.  Holly has a little trouble keeping up but, she’ll get the hang of it.  Meantime, Graham is really scared of heights, and Michelle gets a motion sickness thing going on where she feels like she’s going to throw up.  Ella feels like she’s going to pass out because she’s so scared.  She said that childbirth was easier than this! 



The judges for the competition are Trista Rehn, Jason Mesnick, and Ali Fedotowsky!  I always love when Ali is on!  She got carried out by Roberto because of her leg surgery/injury.  It was so sweet!



Michelle and Graham say they are relying on their chemistry for their performance.  They perform alongside some professional spotters.  They were kind of off at a lot of parts, but they did have chemistry like they said!



Kirk and Ella were up next.  They threw some confetti up there, did a little kiss, and really did kind of put on a cute performance.



Now the couple you’ve been waiting for: Kasey and Vienna.  They were very in sync in the beginning, but then Kasey starts doing some crazy screaming.  It was off putting to me.  However, they managed to do a great job on the wall and even did a dip at the end.



Michael and Holly get set up on the wall, and after Kasey and Vienna, the pressure is on!  They did a great job and did a part where Michael fell and she tried to catch him.  Then Michael did a crazy spin off the wall, they did way better than Kasey and Vienna.  However, they had to admit to the judges that they aren’t a couple anymore.  Will that hurt them in the long run?


The winners were Holly and Michael!  They were so excited!  They will be in the final three!


The worst of the bunch and leaving “Bachelor Pad” were Kirk and Ella.  I am so disappointed by this!  I really, really wanted them to win.  She was clearly devastated and felt bad for letting Kirk down.  I was really hoping she could have won that money for her son.  I really like Kirk and Ella as a couple, let’s see if they are able to keep it together through the finale.


Holly and Michael get to pick who they take to the finals, either Kasey and Vienna or Michelle and Graham.  Seriously, if one more person gives these two a freebie rose I’m going to smash my TV!  They tell Holly and Michael that they deserve to be in the final because of how they played.  However, Kasey got a little confrontational over the fact that Michael and Holly once tried to get them voted off.  They want them to vote based on who earned it most.  They also added that they figured they won’t win and that they are basically playing for second which seemed to be a pretty convincing argument to Michael.


Then once they walked away, Vienna criticized the way that Kasey handled the conversation and told him he came on too strong.  Kasey walked out of the room a defeated man.  He went outside to sit by himself.  So, Vienna goes and finds him to have a talk.


They talk to Graham and Michelle next and say that they think that they might lose if they take them to the final instead of Kasey and Vienna.  Graham was completely caught off guard.  He was really upset that their friendship went out the door.  Hmm, kind of reminds me of what he did to Gia.  He gets loud and really upset and Michelle has to do her best to calm him down.


Time for the rose ceremony!  Just one set of names will be announced, the ones announced get to move on to the finals.  Holly and Michael give a hugs speech and then pick Michelle and Graham in the end.  They come up and get their roses and there are your final two couples!  I am so relieved that Kasey and Vienna aren’t winning this thing!  As soon as they get into the limo she gets in and starts sobbing.


She said to Kasey, “You’re the reason we’re here right now”.  Wow, that is really cold!  She needs to get a grip!  Kasey is manipulative but he would do pretty much anything for her.  I don’t know why she doesn’t see that or care.



Now it’s time for the finale in front of the studio audience.  It begins with Ames and Jackie breaking the news that they are broken up already.  Jackie says that she doesn’t understand why Ames broke up with her and she doesn’t know what went wrong.  She said that she didn’t get any closure.  Ames said that he thought she could be the one for him, but he says that they are very different people.  He felt like the right thing to do was to say that sooner rather than later.  She admits that she didn’t get out of bed for a whole week.  She said she went from the ultimate high to an ultimate low.  Ames tries to defend himself and says he didn’t want it to end the way that it did, but he offered NO explanation as to why he broke things off with Jackie.


Gia spoke about how she lost at the game twice.  She and Justin talk about how they needed to break up the power couples, but no one would do that!  It was so frustrating to the people who were eliminated early.  William made a good point and said that they never would have voted for Kasey and Vienna to win the money.


Jake talks about getting closure.  Vienna says that she accepts it and she says that the past is the past and she’s happy for where they both are in their lives right now.  Erica rolls her eyes and says that she made a lot of effort to make him look bad.  Kirk backed that up and said that it was a one-sided story on her end the whole time.


Jake goes into the hot seat and says that he went into the “Bachelor Pad” with no expectations.  Jake says that he is a good person despite what Kasey and Vienna say.  He apologized again for yelling at Vienna when they broke up.  Vienna says that people didn’t get to see everything that they actually played charades together.  She laughed and no one else laughed with her.  Gia told her she was hurtful to him.  She says that she never got any phone calls or emails that he sent and Jake says he definitely did send them to her and tried to reach out to her. 


Jake never says that he regretted giving her the rose.  But Chris Harrison really drove it home that it was one of the dumbest mistakes ever made and it changed the course of the game for everyone.  Jake also talks to Kasey about the mean things he said in his interview segments.  Kasey apologizes for never listening to his side of the story and says that he made a fool of himself on the show.  Vienna shot him dagger eyes after he shook Jake’s hand.


Kasey goes up to sit in the hot seat next and says that he’s not surprised that he’s not in the final four/final two couples.  Kasey explains that he has a speech impediment and that’s why he sounds the way that he does.  He said that he was sorry he said the things that he said and that’s not who he is.  He said it’s upsetting to see himself act the way he acted. 


He talks about how he’s struggling to feel happy again.  He said his relationship with Vienna is obviously not a healthy one.  He said he doesn’t want to be walked on and to see their relationship like that because that’s not what he wants.  Vienna said that she was sorry but she was just being emotionally.  She said it’s not normal to put the tape in and say, “Let’s watch last week’s fight.”  Poor Kasey is just broken down and crying on stage.  I really do feel bad for him.  William basically tells them to break up but Erica of all people, stands up for them and says that she sees them fighting to stay together.



Then, Blake comes up and talks about the whole Melissa and Holly situation.  He says that he didn’t “use” Melissa, but that the lines between being partners and other things got blurred.  She basically ends it by saying she can’t see how he’s a good person with the way he acted.


As for Blake and Holly, Blake says that he is madly in love with her.  He says they haven’t gone a single day without talking since the show ended.  He says that it’s the most serious relationship that he’s ever been in.  He says it wasn’t easy building a relationship with Michael around in the house.  He said that she’s moving to South Carolina where his dental practice is. 


Then they showed a video of Blake and Holly’s relationship.  Wow, this has to be so painful for Michael.  All of a sudden, it shows the video of Blake proposing to Holly!  She squeals and says yes!  Wow.  This is serious.  The other contestants seem to not be able to understand if they should be happy for them or sad for Michael right now.  He’s still backstage with Holly waiting to come out with Michelle and Graham. 



The final couples come out on stage, and Michael freaks out he didn’t see the clip of them getting engaged.  She breaks the news to him that they got engaged.  Oh my goodness, he says its super awkward and said he is shocked and said he needs a water or a commercial.  He was upset that they didn’t send him an email or something.  He said that he’s happy for them and wants Holly to be happy.



Graham and Michelle are sitting there and she says that he was there for her with the death of her father from colon cancer.  They got to know each other very well and they have a deep respect for each other.  He says, “I do like to kiss her from time to time” ha ha!  Michelle says that there are not a lot of guys like Graham and she’s not letting him go.  They never said they were “boyfriend/girlfriend” so I’m not exactly sure where things are at with them.



Then after a few questions from their fellow contestants it was time to vote.  Here’s how they broke down:

Jake: Holly &  Michael

Vienna: Michelle & Graham

Kasey: Michelle & Graham

Blake: Holly & Michael

Erica: Holly & Michael

Melissa: Michelle & Graham

William: Michelle & Graham

Jackie: Holly & Michael

Ames: Holly & Michael

Justin: Holly & Michael

Ella: Holly & Michael

Gia: Holly & Michael


Because they got 8 votes, the rest don’t matter, now Holly and Michael get the chance to win $250,000.  If they both pick the “Share” card, they split the money.  If one of them picks “Keep” and the other picks “Share” the person who picked “Keep” gets the money.  If they both pick “Keep” it gets split up between the rest of the cast members.



Holly and Michael came back out on stage with their decisions made.  Holly goes first and revealed that she picked “Share”.  Michael then revealed that he picked “Share”!  He said “She will always be my teammate”.  Aw!!!  This just goes to show that as happy they are with the money, money can’t buy happiness.  I really hope that Michael is able to go out there and find love!  He’s such a WONDERFUL catch!



Finally, Chris Harrison brought out Ben Flajnik the next “Bachelor”!  He’s looking pretty good these days!  He says he’s ready to find love.  He says now that he’s morphed into a man that he’s proud of today he’s ready to try again.  On a side note: what’s up with his hair?  It’s all over the place!  Let’s hope they tame his mane on “The Bachelor”!  He seems sincere and sweet so I think we’ve got a real shot at a love story when it all begins on January 2, 2012!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


PS. Check back later for more photos!



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