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Did Ben Find Love on 'The Bachelor'?

At this point in the game, you're guess is as good as good as mine.  Ben Flajnik is being very elusive to whether he found love or not on this season of "The Bachelor".  As always I hope that he did, but you  never can tell!


In a conference call interview today he said, "I’m happy with my decision in doing the show, another good experience, a therapeutic adventure for me."  When he was pressed later on, he said he was "happy with the experience".  Hmm.


He didn't provide many details on the ladies either.  He said they were open and honest and that "I found the most normal everyday life kind of dates to be my favorite".  So look for those dates!  They're probably with "key" ladies!


I asked him about how he felt when the limos started to pull up that first night what was going through his mind and he said, "Normally I’m very cool calm and collected, sheer panic and terror set in, it took the first few ladies to settle in."


One interesting tidbit is that one of the ladies has previously dated Ben before!  She's his ex-girlfriend!  He said he wasn't overly upset with the show or producers for bringing her on though: "Those are difficult moments and situations to be put in, it helps exercise relationships and what is encompassing of that."  That was a weird answer.


As for what he's looking for, "I’d asked for a professional working woman someone who was experienced and worldly, they did a really good job with selecting the women this time."  Well at least that sounds promising!


I hope to have the full transcript to post tomorrow! 


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


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