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December 2011


Full Transcript of Ben's Interview

Here is the full transcript of the interview that Ben did the other day.  He talks about his nude scene on the beach where he does a little skinny dipping and tells you a little bit about the mysterious older woman we've been seeing in the previews.  The questions I asked him along with his answers are in PURPLE.


Question:            Well, I’ll just get to my question.  So, did you find love?  I know you can’t reveal too much.  But tell us about – about that part of the show.


Ben Flajnik:         I, obviously can’t tell you that.  But, you know, I'm happy with my decision in doing – in doing the show.  You know, another good experience, another cathartic therapeutic adventure for me.


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Did Ben Find Love on 'The Bachelor'?

At this point in the game, you're guess is as good as good as mine.  Ben Flajnik is being very elusive to whether he found love or not on this season of "The Bachelor".  As always I hope that he did, but you  never can tell!


In a conference call interview today he said, "I’m happy with my decision in doing the show, another good experience, a therapeutic adventure for me."  When he was pressed later on, he said he was "happy with the experience".  Hmm.

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Meet Ben's Ladies on 'The Bachelor'!

The big announcement has been made!  The 25 ladies vying for Ben's heart have officially been announced!

Bachelorette announcement

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