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Amber T. Talks about Her Elimination on the First Night

Amber Tierney was eliminated on the first night of "The Bachelor".  Despite her background of big game hunting, this huntress was unable to get aggressive enough to snag some alone time with Ben.

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Amber says that she decided to do the show on a whim, "A friend of mine was a huge fan, she was going, so she said you should go, I questioned it, but she talked me into it, I decided to go, and it was a good experience from there."


As for not getting a rose from Ben: "I was a little surprised and a little disappointed as well because I saw Jenna got a rose, it made me question Ben’s intentions and I realized that she was fragile at that time and he didn’t want to hurt her anymore."


Her take on Jenna: "I didn’t see a lot of what went on between Jenna and Monica, I was shocked at how upset she got, she was a little emotionally unstable, it was a long night of shooting and emotions get exaggerated."


Amber says that she's rooting for Nicki although she thinks Ben has a crush on Courtney.  She thinks that Nicki is a really nice girl and that she though she saw a spark between Nicki and Ben.


She says that when she first met Ben, "Initially there wasn’t a whole lot of chemistry but if we would have had time to sit down it would have been different, I wish I was a little more assertive and approached him and had a conversation with him and it isn’t like me to really go and interrupt and try to do something that I wouldn’t normally do I guess I would normally. I’m not the person to make myself stand out in a negative way I guess."


There is so much more to this interview!  I'll have the full transcript to post tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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