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Courtney and Ben Strip Down on 'The Bachelor'

Ben whisked the ladies off to Puerto Rico and things get hot and spicy this week (but before we get to the skinny-dipping, here is a complete recap)!  Chris Harrison welcomes them and fills them in on what is going to be happening.  There will be two one-on-one dates and one group date.

All ladies


Nicki got the first one-on-one date.  The date card read: “Let’s find a new love in Old San Juan”.  They take off in a helicopter and go to Old San Juan.  They get to walk around this beautiful town and then, it starts to downpour!  Plan B!  They decide to go shopping for dry clothes and pick stuff out for each other at some authentic shops.  Could it be an omen?  Ben and Nicki stumble across a beautiful wedding in Old San Juan.  Ben revealed that he would like to have a big wedding (perhaps on TV?).




Nicki talks about her divorce a little bit and how she wants to be cautious and that she thinks it’s good to live together before you get married.  Nicki had a lot of feelings rush back to her watching that wedding.  It seems like she might be open to a second chance at falling in love.



Later, they sit around and talk about her divorce and she tries to open up to Ben as much as she can.  She just hopes it was enough to stick around.  Well it was!  Ben thought that she was young when she got married and everybody makes mistakes, so he gave her a rose!



Back at the house, the group date card reads: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.  Going on this date are: Lindsay, Courtney, Jennifer, Kacie B., Emily, Rachel, Casey S., Jamie, and Blakeley.



Time for the group date!  Some of the ladies are a little disappointed that there are no actual diamonds…it’s a baseball diamond!  The ladies are going to play some baseball.  They get to do drills with the coaches and players from the baseball team there.  They do some batting and fielding drills, and then it’s game time!



The winning team of ladies gets to go off to dinner with Ben and have a beach party.  The rest of the losing girls will have to head back to the hotel, so they are out for blood!  Because there is an odd number, one lady has to play on both teams (um Blakeley?!) nope!  Ben picks Lindzi, and she is thrilled, she gets to go on tonight’s date no matter what.




The game is only two innings so that’s good.  I love when Courtney said, “Blakeley is like a champion out there, who knew that strippers could play baseball.”  Ha!  She’s crazy.  The game went into extra innings because the teams kept tying it up!  Jennifer steps up to the plate for the blue team and she ends up striking out.  Aw, let’s hope that’s not a prediction of things to come in the future for her and Ben!




Blakeley takes it really hard and is crying as the other girls get picked up in a helicopter to go party with Ben.  Courtney of course says that the other team should “Walk it off” because “There’s no crying in baseball” ha-ha.  She has some great lines.



By the beach, Ben talks to Kacie B. about his past relationships.  He says that he knows it’s out there for him but he doesn’t want to come up empty again.  He later picks her to take a walk and give her the date rose!  Courtney really wants to up her game against her now!  She brings up the idea of skinny dipping to him and it peaks his interest, but they obviously can’t do it now with the other ladies there.  So now, the idea is out there!



“Let’s find love somewhere private” is what Elyse’s date card for their upcoming one-on-one says.  She’s really looking forward to finally getting Ben all to herself.



Once Ben arrives, a private yacht picks them up!  She talks about how she gave up her job completely and she missed her best friend’s wedding to be on the show.  Sheesh, way to keep things light and fun for the guy.  I mean, that’s just not fair to him!  Then jokingly, she says, “Let’s just screw everyone else and get married here on this beautiful island.”  To which Ben later replies, “Let’s jump off the side of the boat.”  Hmm, not exactly what she wanted to hear.  Anyway, they go swimming and it looks like a fun time.



Later they have dinner and it is just so beautiful.  It couldn’t be more romantic.  She explains how she’s accomplished everything she wanted to as a single person and now she knows what she wants and she wants to get married.  She explains that she’s taking it very seriously and she felt really behind before but she’s happy that she’s on the date with him.  It’s not going very well though; he doesn’t seem to be having that much fun to me.  He picks up the rose and he explains that he was hoping for some things that he just didn’t find and he doesn’t think that they can get to the level that he is at with some of the other women.  He apologized and said he has to follow his heart and says, “Unfortunately, I can’t give you this rose.”  UGH!  Why did he have to hold the rose, it started off with her thinking that she was going to get it!  He should have just left it here on the plate.



Elyse couldn’t hold back her tears, and he walked her down the beach to a waiting ugly boat and loaded her up.  Before she left she asked him what she did wrong and he explained it wasn’t anything that she did, it just pretty much wasn’t there for him.  I felt so bad for her leaving like that and crying.




The girls start freaking out when they see Elyse’s bags getting picked up back at the hotel.  Courtney says, “Maybe she drank too much and her inner ‘Jersey Shore’ came out.”  Seriously?!  What is wrong with her?  To the credit of the other ladies, no one laughed at that comment.



So Courtney sneaks off in her robe with a bottle of wine and some glasses.  She even had lotion in her pocket for if he wanted a massage!  Whoa…  Ben is totally off guard, but he’s just going with it, because let’s face it; he probably can’t wait to see what she’s going to happen next.  His words:  “Why not, why the hell not”.  Because there will be HELL to pay Ben!  These other ladies will not forget this easily if they find out.



They stripped off their clothes and into the water they went – NAKED!  There was a lot of naked kissing going on and who knows what else.   




The next day she says they had the best time ever.  Ben says they shared a “very intimate moment” and he feels pretty bad about it.  He seems like he wants to confess to everyone.  But he hasn’t said a peep yet.  Blakeley confesses to him that she writes down something nice about him every day and that she never thought she deserved someone like him.  It was really weird.  But, Ben loved it and there was a lot of kissing that followed.




Then, Courtney starts talking about how much she loves being naked and skinny-dipping.  So crazy.  Like clueless fools they all start talking about how freeing it is and blah, blah, blah. 




On the beach, Emily tries to talk to Ben about Courtney again.  Give it up girl!  Just stop already, he’s not listening.  You know what that means, “He’s just not that into you.”  For real.  She tells Ben that she thinks Courtney is kind of a weirdo and all of this other stuff and how much it bothers her.  Ben tries to explain how he feels and says that she doesn’t know how he feels and what goes on.  He tells her to “tread lightly”.  What?!  Emily…you really need to just leave because this is not working!




Time for roses! 

Kacie B. and Nicki already have roses.  The seven others added to that are:





Casey S.






I can’t believe he got rid of Jennifer!  Why?!  He could have easily gotten rid of Jamie or Casey S. there’s nothing going on there as far as I could tell.  Jennifer has a gracious exit where she tells him she wants him to find love.  If I were here I would have asked why. I mean, they seemed to have a good connection to me.  Poor girl left crying in a jeep.  I felt so bad for her because she was crying so much she could hardly breathe or talk.




Next week they all head to Panama City, Panama!  It looks like the connections get a lot deeper.  Something horrible happens to Casey S. and Chris Harrison breaks the news to her and she’s crying a lot…I’m guessing maybe someone died?  Also, they show a preview of what’s to come in the next few weeks and it looks like all of the ladies decide to go talk to Ben about Courtney because they think things are getting out of control…that should be good.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese








Ben needs to get rid of Courtney. She is a user!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is playing him for the fame. Plastic she is.

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