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Full Transcript of Interviews with Brittney and Shawntel

Here are the full transcripts of the interviews with Brittney and Shawntel from the other day.  They both talk about a lot of interesting things.  For example, Brittney talks about what it was like to watch Lindzi go out on the date that she was going to go on.  Shawntel gets into what she thinks of Emily as a potential 'Bachelorette' and what she would do if Ben is still single at the end of all of this.  I highlighted my portion of the conference call interviews in PURPLE.




Jennifer Matarese:         I was wondering why you didn't just try to go on the one-on-one date to give it a shot with Ben and see if maybe your first impression or something wasn't quite right about him. 


Brittney Schreiner:          You know, I thought about that and that is exactly why I was torn in the process.  I thought if I don't give it a try, I'll never know.  But there's something that just didn't feel right, and my heart wasn't in it, and I wanted to be up front with Ben, and I wanted to be honest.  But I don't think that we were connecting on that level and I could have gone, but I didn't want to take that opportunity away from one of the girls that was connecting with Ben. 


                So I just thought, decided to do a very selfless act and to make the harder decision and to let him continue on with his search with women that he was connecting with.



Jennifer Matarese:         And what was your grandmother's reaction to you deciding to come home?


Brittney Schreiner:          She was surprised, just like everyone else.  She really wanted it to work because she is such a big fan of Ben and of the show.  But she's a great support system and she was understand – understandable of my decision. 


Question:            So tell us a little bit about how you got along with the other girls in the house and did you form any genuine friendships? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I got along with everyone pretty well.  I stayed as far away from the drama as possible.  But I did form a few good relationships with some girls in the house.  I think that there are really a few girls that are genuine and have a good head on their shoulder.  So I hope to continue on our friendship.


Question:            Are there ones that you're hoping make it further than others based on your knowledge of them, their personalities and whether or not you find them to be true real people? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I do.  I certainly want the best for everybody, but more importantly, Ben.  And I think Ben is pretty good with his judge in character and he should be able to rule out the fake versus the real, so I think Ben will make a good choice.


Question:            Good.  So during this week's episode when you realized Ben was asking you on a one-on-one date you said that something just didn't feel right to you and although it probably was going to be the most amazing date you'll ever go on, and while you should be thrilled and excited you just weren't and you were torn and confused like you had just mentioned.  Can you talk a little bit more about what you were thinking at that time?  Like why were you so overwhelmed and confused? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I think because my heart wasn't in it.  I wasn't as excited as the other girls, and I wasn't being as aggressive.  So I really came down to a make or break for me.  I really needed to push forward through this and see if this is a good fit or I needed to go ahead and let him continue on and give the other girls this amazing opportunity.


                And I did some soul-searching.  And it started right after the second rose ceremony.  I really had to dig deep and it dawned on me that I just shouldn't be here and I don't want to take that experience away from anyone else and it was a hard decision, like I said, and it was completely a selfless act.


                But I wanted the best for Ben, so I decided that now is a good a time as any and San Francisco is his home town.  So the last thing I want to do is take away the one-on-one date in his hometown even though the date looked amazing. 


                But I'm really glad he had a good time with Lindzi.  They look like they're connecting very well and I'm happy for them.


Question:            OK, and there has been some speculation that you decided to quit because all of the girls that had been on one-on-one dates before you had been getting roses and you might have felt that maybe meant the odds were that Ben was there for probably going to be eliminating you during your date and you basically just maybe wanted to avoid the embarrassment and maybe dump Ben before he could dump you.  I mean, what are your thoughts on that?  Is there any truth behind that speculation? 


Brittney Schreiner:          There's not any truth behind that speculation.  I don't mind getting dumped, it's happened before.  If I wanted to pursue something and I wanted to go further with a guy, I think that it's worth trying.  I just knew that my heart wasn't in it, so I just kind of didn't want to waste anybody's time.


Question:            I had a question, I mean your grandma was so excited and it made me think that maybe from the beginning you went on because she was more excited and she had this idea and it was kind of fun to go and experience that with her and it was less about Ben in the first place.  I'm wondering if that's – or if you really did get there and said, no, Ben's not really for me. 


Brittney Schreiner:          So, yes, I really did get there and thought Ben's not for me and I don't think I'm right for Ben.  So I think it was a two-way street.  But my grandma was extremely excited because she's such a huge fan of the show and I really brought her on to stand out from the crowd and to capture his attention since he is really close to his family, and I'm very close to my family as well.


                So it wasn't about so much my grandma, it was just a little addition to the process that I thought would make it a little bit more special.


Question:            Then my other question was, given what's happening with Shawntel coming back and how upset everyone seemed.  Were you – are you as excited that you missed that? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I'm really excited, it's not – like I said, I tried to fly under the drama radar which I think I did a really good job of doing.  But I'm surprised the girls acted the way they did.  I think I would have questioned it just as much as they questioned it.  But I'm glad I missed it.


Question:            If you would have kept her, or whatever, you didn't think that was a fair thing either?


Brittney Schreiner:          I don't know the history between Ben and Shawntel and it's hard to say what's fair and what's not fair.  I think Ben just really needs to follow his heart as well and if he felt like she was something that he wanted to pursue; he should have kept her and if not to let her go.


                But I do think that he has connections with girls in the house that are obviously stronger than his relationship with Shawntel and that's why he made the decision he did.


Question:            Hi, we were just wondering what's been happening with your life since you left The Bachelor and what you've been up to professionally and personally. 


Brittney Schreiner:          Professionally, I am still doing medical sales and continuing to just do business in my area.  And personally, I'm not dating yet, but I do have some things in the works. 


Quuestion:         In the past, people who have left the show early on on their own accord whether it be for personal reasons or for work reasons, we are honoring requests to come back and sometimes they've been accepted and other times they have been turned down.  Is there any chance we'll see you late on this season? 


Brittney Schreiner:          No, I don't know if you will see me on the season later on and I'm not sure what the future holds, I really don't.


Question:            OK, and what was it like to watch Lindzi go on the date that you – was supposed to belong to you.  Is it a weird out-of-body experience to be a fly on the wall?


Brittney Schreiner:          And actually it kind of is and I knew the date was going to be amazing and it was.  It was the ideal date for me, the concert and I play the piano as well, so it looked like the perfect date.  But I was extremely happy.  I mean, Lindzi I think is a great girl and they seemed to have a great chemistry so there's a part of me that I – it's kind of like well, that could have been me.


                But on the other flip side, I know I made the right decision and I'm extremely happy for them.  I think really she has a great head on her shoulders.


Question:            My first question for you is what would you do differently had you have to do the experience all over again?


Brittney Schreiner:          You know, I don't think I would have done anything differently.  I think I was honest. I stayed true to my heart and stayed true to myself and maybe I – I really can't say there's anything I would have changed throughout the process.


Question:            OK, my other question for you is, what's something surprising you learned about Ben that we're not going to be seeing on TV?


Brittney Schreiner:          You know, I think you're going to see everything there is to know about Ben on TV.  He's extremely passionate and he's loyal and he has a cute little dog that he treats like his son.  So I think what you're seeing of Ben is what you get.  I mean, what you see is what he's showing. 


Question:            You said Ben just wasn't for you, and was that because there was just no connection or is it you prefer different characteristics, different personality? 


Brittney Schreiner:          There was really just no connection.  I don't have a cookie cutter approach to finding a guy.  I'm very open and I've dated multiple different types of men.  But we just didn't have that spark that you look for when you start dating a guy and that's basically what made me torn about the situation.


Question:            And whatever you told the other women that you were deciding to leave, what was their reaction?  Were they quite encouraging you to stay or do you think maybe secretly they were quite happy to have one last woman in the running? 


Brittney Schreiner:          Probably a little bit of both, depending on which woman you talked to.  But there were a few girls that were surprised and shocked and sad, and they said, why don't you just kind of wait it out and see how it goes?


                But to me it just wasn't an option because I had to make such a quick decision on the one-on-one date, and I just didn't feel right taking that one-on-one date when I knew I just wasn't in it and I wanted to make sure Ben had the best experience as possible because this experience is once in a lifetime.

                So I had a little bit of mixed feelings on both side.


Question:            I have a question, have you found love again, or are you looking for love right now? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I am looking for love.  I think I will continue to look until I find it.  So I am still looking.


Question:            Have you been on dates since you left the show? 


Brittney Schreiner:          You know, I haven't.  I got right back into work, and I've been focusing on that, but I am planning on opening up my heart again and seeing what else is out there.


Question:            OK, and when did you start to realize you didn't have feelings for Ben? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I think it really dawned on me after the second rose ceremony.  I think that's when I realized our relationships were being formed and that I just needed to leave.


Qusetion:            I just want to talk to you about after you left the show, how did you feel once you left and once you got into that cab.  Do you regret it at all? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I don't regret my decision because – I'm just going back to being honest with yourself.  I think that is the most important in life and when I left, I was really sad because I knew that this opportunity wasn't going to come again, and I also knew that the fairy tale love that I was hoping for coming into this, it didn't work out and so it was kind of a sad moment.  But I'm happy with my decision and I hope Ben finds what he's looking for.


Question:            OK, great.  Last question.  He obviously gave you a gorgeous necklace to go on that date with.  Whatever happened to that necklace, did you give it back to him? 


Brittney Schreiner:          Yes, I gave the necklace back, I didn't keep it.  I hand – I gave it back to him.


Question:            So Erika said a couple times during last week's episode that Courtney was basically trying to deflate all the girls in the house who hadn't gone on a date yet and was perfectly doing things to get under everyone's skin, which were attempt to Erika actually admitted were working.  Did any of the girls in particular like Courtney influence your decision to leave at all? 


Brittney Schreiner:          You know, they really didn't.  It's very – you have a lot of women around you and of course, they're going to state their opinion.  But at the end of the day, I focused on two people and that was Ben and myself. 


                And when I was thinking and doing the soul-searching of “is this a good fit for me?
 I knew that I had to make a decision based on the two of us and not them.  So when I made my decision it was just for us and not the girls.


Question:            OK, and I think you might have touched on this a little bit why did you choose to go on The Bachelor?  Was it more your idea or your grandmother's?  And was it the type of situation where you went on to kind of please your grandmother because you know she loved Ben so much or did you make your own decision in the hopes of really finding love? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I made my own decision in the hopes of finding love and it was my idea to go onto The Bachelor.  I knew of The Bachelor because of my grandma and we would watch episodes together.  We watched Brad’s season together, but she really didn't even know I was applying for it until later on, and that's when I came up with the idea of, “hey, why don't you come with me since you're such a big fan and you love Ben and I need to make a really big first impression.  So let's kind of do this together.”  So that's kind of how that played out.


Question:            OK, and you mentioned that watching the show you think Ben is making the right decisions for himself.  So while you were on the show, which bachelorette did you think would be good for Ben?  Who did you consider to be the frontrunners at the time, and did you also think that anyone was there for the wrong reasons? 


Brittney Schreiner:          You know, I think that that's the half and half.  I think that there is some there for the right reasons, and then there's some there that aren't there for the right reasons.  Time will tell with that.  I don't really know.


                But there are a few girls that I think are the frontrunners, and I think it's really clear when you watch the episodes on who he's attracted to and who's he connecting with on that level and I don't – I think that there's a handful that I would recommend as great girls from the time that I was there.


                But it's so early in the competition that so much can change from here until now, I really can't say for sure.


Question:            OK, would you mind giving a couple names though of at least the girls you thought were good for Ben?


Brittney Schreiner:          I think Kaci B. is such a sweetheart.  I've had a chance to talk to her and she's just an amazing girl.  When I talked to her on the show she was just very down to earth, just very genuine.  I also thought – I like Emily.  Emily and I hit it off really well.  And I think Emily would be a good fit for Ben as well.  And I would say Nicki.  I think all those girls are great girls and have a lot going for them.


Question:            I don't want to belabor this but I just wanted to clarify.  It was strictly Ben and not the process.  I know you've said it was Ben that you weren't connecting with.  I know you said it wasn't about the girls, but it wasn't about the show and going through an experience of finding a guy that way that turned you off? 


Brittney Schreiner:          No.  I think that anytime you date a guy there's going to be competition.  I mean, they might not be all in the same living quarters.  It was definitely a different experience.  Being in the Bachelor bubble is different from watching it on TV than actually going through it.  It does bring out a lot of emotions and it's very, I guess, interesting experience.


                But if I had to do it again, I would.  And if I had the opportunity to do The Bachelorette side and have 25 guys, I would.  I think it's such a fun and unique experience, but it did not turn me off or did not steer me in one direction or the other. 


                It just simply came down to the fact that we weren't connecting and I had to follow my heart.


Jennifer Matarese:         Hi, Brittney.  I was just wondering because there's been a lot of talk about this.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  What do you think of Ben's hair? 


Brittney Schreiner:          No, yes, that's hilarious.  I think Ben's hair is OK.  I definitely do not usually go for that type of hairstyle, but it seems to be working for him.


Jennifer Matarese:         Was the general consensus in the house that the girls liked it, or are some of them dying to get him a haircut at some point? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I would say the only as of now that was in love with it that I saw was probably Courtney.  But we didn't really talk a lot about his hair.  We talked a lot about more of his father abilities and who he was as a person rather than his physical characteristics.


Question:            You said that you would probably go back to the show if you were going to be the Bachelorette.  But would you consider considering that you were on the show for such a short time going back for another Bachelor? 


Brittney Schreiner:          If I was given the opportunity, I would.  And I don't know, like I said, I don't have a cookie cutter boyfriend.  But I would definitely throw myself out there (inaudible) I mean, what can you lose at that point?


Question:            You said Ben just – you didn't feel the spark but you don't really have a type.  Do you think there's another Bachelor from the previous season who's still available on the market, or somebody from The Bachelorette that you would have had a better connection with? 


Brittney Schreiner:          I do, I think Brad.  I'm really drawn to Brad from what I've seen of him on both seasons he was on TV.  I think there's just something there that I'm drawn to.  So he would have to be my only pick as of now.





Question:            Yes, I'm curious.  When you spoke – you had said that you had, oh my goodness, my names are all getting mixed up now, Brad, Ben.  You had spoken to Ben a couple of times before.  Can you tell us a little bit about the conversations you had before you went back to The Bachelor? 


Shawntel Newton:          Yes.  When he was on Ashley’s season, I made it really clear and apparent that I had a crush on him on Twitter.  I would send posts out saying, “oh, my gosh, I want to meet this guy, I really like him.”  And he sent me a message on Twitter and so we both were kind of private messaging each other back and forth.


                And we exchanged numbers, and I was a little embarrassed because I was like, “oh, my gosh, I didn't know you had a Twitter, you're not supposed to be reading this.” And so we just had some good conversations, getting to know each other a little bit and since he lives in San Francisco, I live in Chico we were like, “oh, we should meet up sometime and get to know each other even more.”  And it just never really happened. 


                But we continued texting and talking and then once it kind of got towards the end I didn't hear from him as much and I learned that he was becoming the next Bachelor, which made as to why we weren't talking as much.


Question:            But do you think this has helped going back to the show or harmed your chances of maybe becoming The Bachelorette in the future? 


Shawntel Newton:          Oh, good, I haven't even really thought about The Bachelorette.  I honestly just really wanted to – I mean, I really didn't want to go back on, I just – I wanted to meet Ben and it was kind of like, well, this is the only chance I have. 


                Unfortunately it's going to be back on national television, but it's worth trying and so I haven't – I don't really know if it's ruined My chances.  I haven't even really thought about The Bachelorette.  I was just more focused on well, I need to meet Ben and unfortunately, it didn't work out.  But that's okay.


Question:            So were you surprised by the way the women reacted to you and can you talk a bit about the tension in the room that night?


Shawntel Newton:          Oh, my gosh.  I was beyond surprised.  I mean I expected going in to that cocktail party to have some girls – well, probably to have all the girls upset with me or a little confused.  I would be the same way.  I would be sitting there thinking, “oh, gosh here comes another girl just to add more tension.”


                But I did not get expect to get the reaction that I did.  It was really, really uncomfortable to sit there and have like 15 really pretty girls pick on me.  I really felt like the kid on the playground that everyone picks on.  And literally it was like out of a movie “Mean Girls,” and I just was not expecting that.


                To my face I had a girl just say some really harsh things and watching on Monday, hearing girls even comment on my body image, saying that I'm “uglier in person,” or that I'm a “bitch” it was like, whoa, this was not easy.


                There was nothing that could have prepared me for that at all, and it was not easy to watch on Monday.  And the tension was so intense but I just was not expecting that.  I really was hurt by all the comments that were made.  There is not really one thing that was said that was nice.


Question:            Oh, that's terrible.  Is there anything that Ben – anything that came up in your conversations with Ben between his time on The Bachelorette and now this (inaudible) on The Bachelor, is there anything that he said to you that would have led you to believe that his reaction would have been different when you showed up and that you might have been getting a rose?


Shawntel Newton:          You know, our conversations were very good.  There was a connection there and I know that he felt the same way.  Unfortunately with me going in on the third cocktail party he kind of played by the rules and he felt that, I believe, that it was just very unfair for the other girls, which to defend him, yes, it is unfair, but I'm sorry, this whole – the whole situation is unfair.


                And you're trying to compete for a guy and what's one more girl?  I mean, also I said in my interview, my closing interview on the show, I said you need to set that aside.  You need to set being fair and everything, that needs to be thrown out the window right now.  This is someone that you potentially are going to marry and I don't really think fair comes into play.


                And I went in there thinking I'm going to get a rose because I knew that he felt something for me, too.  Unfortunately I went in on a third cocktail party, but let's just – I had – there was the time I could go and I don't regret doing it, but I was so surprised and when he said goodbye to me, he said “it's not fair.” 


                I thought, well, you know what, OK, you're doing me a favor now. 


Question:            Just another question and you're probably repeating yourself a billion times.  But did you think like it was the whole fair thing that he was talking about, once he said that this wasn't right, you shouldn't really be there, I mean, how did you really feel? 


Shawntel Newton:          When he told me when he was saying goodbye to me, is that what you're asking?


Question:            Yes. 


Shawntel Newton:          At that moment when I was standing up in the rose ceremony and there was one rose left and there was Jaclyn, Erika and myself, I was like,” I'm going home.”  I could just see it in his face.  I could tell that he was uncomfortable.  When Courtney, I think that's her name, went up to him, she was up there for a while and I knew she basically gave him an ultimatum saying, I think she called me (inaudible) which is not easy to hear.


                But she's saying basically “if you keep Shawntel, like I'm out,” and I think a lot of those girls felt that way and so standing up there I was like, “you know what, I'm going home” and when he escorted me out, that was all he really had to say aside from “I hope there's no hard feelings, but it's just not fair.” 


                I just said, well, I thought, all I could say to him was, “OK, good luck” because I was just so emotionally drained from all the girls and I had two minute with him and it was like, oh, my gosh this is just crazy.  And I feel words but by the end I just thought, you know what, Ben did me a favor because one if I would have stayed, oh, my gosh it would have been even more intense but also like, I don't know, I just think he's already kind of had some connections with some of the girls and he didn't want to ruin that.


Question:            Okay.  All right.  My last question is, how are you now after being off the show?  Are you still looking for love, are you single, are you dating? 


Shawntel Newton:          You know, I'm dating.  Chico's a small town but this was a couple months ago and so I didn't go on the show being like, oh my gosh, I'm in love with Ben or anything, so it wasn't so hard to get over – the hardest part for me was the emotional side of – with the girls.  Coming home being like, wow, I just felt like I was a little kid getting picked on.


                So that took some time to just kind of get over, but I'm actually going back to school this coming semester to get into the Master's program, and I'm at the funeral home and I love it there, and I love my little Chico community.


                So things are really good and it just was another risk that I was willing to take and I don't regret doing it at all, and hopefully, it showed people too that it's – to take risk even with love, and I tried and unfortunately it didn't work out, and I got picked on in the middle of it.


Question:            I guess my one question was is – do you think that – I mean, I don't know.  Do you – I thought it seemed a little bit outrageous that the girls were so upset and I kind of – I think I felt like you did that if he thought that there was something there, like if the goal of the show is to find love and he thought there was something there, it seemed to me like he needed to put his own feelings first, and I don't know if that was possible for him because I think, like you said, it was obvious that Courtney was sort of giving him an ultimatum and he does have his relationship falls off.


                That said, I mean, was there a shock for you to go – I mean, would you have done the whole process again?  Like would you – was that even in a possibility or was it that you called in too late to like work it out to go on the third date because had you been there from the beginning maybe it would have been different. 


Shawntel Newton:          And I believe he, Ben, even said something like that. “Shawntel in the beginning, it would have been different.”   Unfortunately, it just – it was too late, I guess, for me to do that.  Not only did I have reservations here in Chico but as the time went on I knew that they were already starting to like get going with their journey and all that.


                It was kind of like, well, shoot – there it goes, it's OK, I'm not going to do it.  But then like it just kind of weighed on me, you know, like oh, my gosh, I want to – let me see if it is too late.  And they had been there for many days and so I had talked to Chris and he was like, you know, we're coming up on our third rose ceremony and I thought, well, is there any chance that I can kind of risk doing this?


                And so he helped me in making it happen and it is unfortunate that it had to be the third rose ceremony cocktail party because I knew there'd be even more tension.  There probably would have been less tension if I came out the first time or the first night with the other girls.


                But regardless, they still would have been upset that I was there.  So it really didn't matter when I came, I don't think, and I think knowing that I went into the third cocktail party, I thought I don't think that anyone's already in love with him yet.  So I didn't feel like I was stepping on too many toes. 


                But I've been in that situation before.  It's uncomfortable, you're vulnerable.  But I was kind of like he – I was hoping that Ben would, when I got there, would just focus on like he and I, what we kind of I thought had.  But I think he was focused more on the other girls and their feelings, and he kind of put his own aside, and I was surprised by that because that is the whole point of the show is to find someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. 


                And if you – I just was surprised the girls were that surprised that I showed up.  I'm sorry, but throughout all these seasons, something happens.  There's always surprises and if I was there I would have been upset, but also I would have just been secure enough in what I had with him and not worry about if five other girls showed up.


                I mean, you've got to focus on what you have and that's why I felt that those girls were so harsh to me because I think a lot of insecurities came out and I brought that out with them and I think when Ben watched on Monday he was taken aback, he was surprised that the girls treated me so poorly.


Question:            Yes, they really did not – they did not do themselves any favors by looking – I mean, they –


Shawntel Newton:          No, they –


Question:            - (inaudible) with how they sort of reacted I didn't think.  My other question is is I know you were there for a brief time and obviously most of the time you were there you were trying to convince him to keep you and go – backtrack, but I imagine there was some amount of time where you were around women and I'm wondering if you – if anybody stood out to you for being more pleasant or maybe better fit for him.


                Like if it couldn't be you, maybe this girl or the reverse of that, did you see anyone that was like, “oh, my God, I cannot believe he's giving that girl a chance?” 


Shawntel Newton:          Yes.  Well, when I got there, I had about a couple minutes with Ben and obviously he was speechless, had really not a whole lot to say which I expected because it was a complete surprise.  And I knew I was going to be walking into a lion's den and I was very surprised by the way all the girls reacted to me.


                There were a couple girls, there's a girl Jennifer, who we haven't really seen a whole lot of.  She was one girl that did not say anything rude to my face or that I saw behind my back to the camera.  Kaci B., she was very pleasant to sit next to.


                She even offered me, if I stayed, to share a room with her, which was really nice.  And Lindzi, too, was pretty sweet to my face.  But then when I watched on Monday, hearing Lindzi say, you know, “oh she tried to strut her stuff or whatever, I would have done a better job,” that kind of surprised me and then Kaci B. I heard say “all this is happening because of Shawntel,” and I thought “wow, I don't really think I can make anyone pass out but, OK.”


                So, I mean, honestly, I think Jennifer by far the one that stuck out the most as being a very pleasant person and a classy woman.  And Kaci and Lindzi too, they were sweet to me. 


                I was very thrown off by Elyse.  She was one that was very – that was kind of yelling, actually, a couple times at me that I thought, well, you can lower your voice a little bit.  And Courtney and Rachel there's also, they're a couple girls that were just, I don't know.  I'm pleasant to be around and this girl Jaclyn, too, she actually sat me down and told me, she said, “honestly, when you walked in the room I said that I wanted to punch you in your face.”


                And I was like, wow, oh, my gosh, OK.  She apologized to me for that but still I just – I really did not – I was there for a couple hours having to defend myself and girl can only take so much and I was ready to walk out. 


                There was a time that when Chris Harrison walked in, he said it's time for the rose ceremony.  Nobody knows this, because it was not on camera, and I was by myself.  I snuck off to the bathroom and I cried for a good couple minutes before the rose ceremony.  Not because of Ben, not any of that, it was because of just the women. 


                I can't even really say women, but the girls, they were just so harsh to me and defending myself for two-and-a-half hours was exhausting, and so I cried for a little bit, regained my composure and went back out into the rose ceremony.


Jennifer Matarese:         Hi, so you mentioned Courtney a little bit.  What do you think of her?  I mean, do you think she just doesn't seem like that great of a person?  I mean, I was really surprised that she made that comment to Ben about you kind of in front of everybody. 


Shawntel Newton:          Yes, Courtney, as I'm watching, I was watching the first two episodes before I made my appearance.  Ben makes it very, very clear to me and to I think a lot of people that he's kind of head over heels for her, and so it really didn't surprise me when she went up there and told him basically like this was not easy that Shawntel came in here and basically telling him that if I stay, she's out.


                And I think that was the biggest influence that Ben had was from Courtney and a huge reason why I went home was because of her.  I think he is very much – he's been falling in love with her.  I think he is choosing her in the end as well, is how I feel, which is very surprising because of the way she acted with me, too, wasn't the classiest. 


                And when I got sent home she laughed and said something like “sayonara” and I just thought “wow, like Ben needs to see this.”  I don't know, I think he was completely surprised by the way even Courtney reacted with me when I showed up. 


                But I do think that Ben's making it very clear that he's completely into Courtney.  Out of all the girls, he – I think he's totally into her more.


Jennifer Matarese:         Why did you think that Ben felt something for you?  Can you elaborate on that a little bit?


Shawntel Newton:          When he and I talked, he reached out – we both reached out to each other on Twitter, and he would call me and I would call him and we had really good conversations.  I have family in Sonoma, he has family in Sonoma.  San Francisco's very close to Chico and so we were just were like oh, we have a lot of things in common and I enjoyed – you know when you talk to someone you can kind of tell if there's a connection there or not, and if want to talk to him again or not. 


                And I definitely did and I know he did because he wouldn't have continued to have conversations with me.  And so it wasn't like oh, my gosh, I'm in love with this guy, but it was like I really feel like there could be something, and I think Ben's the kind of guy that a lot of girls can see themselves with because he's very laid back and he's just comfortable with himself.


                And I like that, I find that very attractive in someone.  It was kind of like here we go, why not, let's see.  And I was pretty confident walking in there thinking that he's going to keep me because I knew how he felt, and I said I was just very surprised that he kind of put his – I think he just put his feelings aside and just was focusing on how he's going to hurt the other girls.


                Which in ways I can understand, but also the whole point is about him.  And if he decided to keep me the girls should understand that and respect that and back off. 


Question:            So what did you think about Ben's move to deny all three of you girls that final rose?  Did you find it a little arrogant or maybe even rude, or did you see it as Ben was just being decisive and knew what he wanted? 


Shawntel Newton:          That's a good question.  When I was standing up there and there was the three of us left and one rose, I at that moment I kind of felt like I'm going home.  I don't think he wants to keep me here because of just all the tension that had been going on and with Courtney basically telling him if you keep Shawntel, I'm going home.


                And so I think he was really confused, but I think that he didn't – I think as far as Erika and Jaclyn, I just don't think that that was really going anywhere.  With me, I know that there had been a connection before but he sent me home because he was afraid of the other girls and he didn't want to hurt their feelings, which was really unfortunate for him because I think there was something that could have been something great.


                And he even said that on camera.  He said, “Shawntel's someone that I could see myself with” and his decision by sending me home I think wasn't really so much his as it was him thinking about the other girls and what it would do to the group of girls. 


Question:            Sure.  And being on TV has obviously been a huge benefit for Ben's wine business.  So do you think that played any role in his decision to not give you a rose?  Like he's maybe almost putting a positive public image above his search for love? 


Shawntel Newton:          I don't know about that.  I think it was more – honestly I think Ben was scared of the other girls.  I think – especially Courtney.  I really think that he is head over heels for Courtney and she gave him an ultimatum, and he sent me home because he didn't want to lose not only her but the other girls that he had there.


                I never really thought about anything towards his winery or any of that to make himself look good.  I think if anything a lot of people were thrown off that he didn't keep me because of way that he not only that he was so surprised to see me and I think it was one of the girls had said they look like they had chemistry just by talking for the two. 


                So I don't really think it had anything to do with him trying to prove to anybody, aside from proving to the girls that I don't want to hurt your guy’s feelings, but really it's not about them, it's about him, him trying to find love.  So that just surprised me.


Qusetion:            Sure, and Ben basically said he didn't give you a rose because he didn't want to jeopardize the relationships he had formed with the other one and he thought he'd lose his credibility if he kept you around over the other bachelorettes. 


Shawntel Newton:          Right.


Question:            Do you think that's legitimate and do you think the dynamic in the house amongst Ben and the other bachelorettes would have really changed if Ben had decided to give you a rose? 


Shawntel Newton:          I think that they would have gotten over it because they need to understand, and I think they're having a hard time understanding, this is about him, it's not about necessarily them as a group. 


                I mean, it's all going to come down to one person anyway and I just was completely surprised that he focused more on his group of girls.  Like why are you focusing on the whole group, you're going to be going down to one anyway.  And so it just surprised me that he was focusing more on all of his girls as a whole and not individually. 


                I don't know, I just was – I think that it would have changed maybe a little bit, Ben keeping me, they would be upset about it, but – and if they were to continue to be upset about it if I stayed, well, Ben should see that that it's just someone he doesn't need to be with anyway because she's insecure and just focusing on things they shouldn't be.


Question:            So you said that you guys kind of developed a little bit of a relationship before you went on The Bachelor.  Were you blind-sided when he had left for The Bachelor, did you know that he was going to leave?


Shawntel Newton:          I had ideas that he was going to be asked since I knew that he was like talked to and in fact he and I kind of talked about it and he – well, he wouldn't talk to me a whole lot about it, but I'd say like things like, “oh, my gosh.  We need to meet before you make this decision,” and it just never happened.  And I don't blame him for wanting to be The Bachelor.


                He's got – you know that you're going to have all these different options and so I think a lot of he and I, it was really bad timing unfortunately.  So when I didn't really hear from him a whole lot I kind of knew, OK, he's made this decision to be the next Bachelor, and so I backed off because I was like, wow, I'm not going to go back on the show and do it that way.


                And then as I said to (inaudible) I kind of thought, well, shoot, like he's going to be engaged in a couple of months, I kind of want to at least meet him in person and see if what I felt over the phone and in that sort of relationship I want to explore it a little bit more, and so I called Chris and said, “is there way that we can make arrangements for me to stop by?”


Question:            Did you feel betrayed kind of when he left, like did that hurt you when he left because you guys did form a little bit of a relationship, he kind of -


Shawntel Newton:          You know, it did.  I mean, I wasn't in love with him or anything like that.  So that made it a little easier not being like, oh, my gosh, my heart is completely broken because I was in love with this guy.


                It was more like, I just was thrown back by him.  All he had to say to me was, “it's just not fair.”  There was really no further explanation aside from him telling me that the girls that he has he wasn't want to hurt their feelings.


                So that kind of was a little hurtful because I thought, my gosh, like you need to throw fairness out the window right now.  This is some – this is someone that you could maybe with the rest of your life whether it's me or any other girl.


                And so it really did surprise me that he just kind of focused on his group of girls and threw me out so quickly and not – I was – I really did not think I was going home.  I really thought that he would keep me and at least take me on a date or something and just see if there was something. 


                And I would have liked that a whole lot better and even for me we could have gone on a date and I could have been like, OK, well, we had good conversations but obviously there is nothing really here and I could have gone home that way and I would have felt better about that than standing, talking to him for two minutes, getting picked on and then getting sent home.


Question:            But you don't think he had like lied to you when he left?  So you don't think he was like trying to hide anything from you by leading to The Bachelor? 


Shawntel Newton:          No, I don't think he lied.  I didn't feel betrayed like, “oh, my gosh he did The Bachelor.” No, not at all.


Question:            You spoke about unfortunately how poorly treated you were by the other women and how bullied you were.  Do you think you would confront them again at the reunion? 


Shawntel Newton:          Yes, at the Women Tell All or something, I'm – I'm hoping to have apologies to be honest from some of them because I even stated to the girls, I said, I put myself in their shoes.  I said, I understand but I'm not – you don't hear it, I'm not going to make best friends, I understand that.  But don't be rude.


                You don't need to be that rude to somebody and watching someone say that you're ugly and you have big thighs and talking about someone's body image, calling them a bitch, saying you're trash, then dumpster trash, that is so unladylike and I'm hoping that at the Women Tell All that I get apologies from them because they were just so rude and I honestly will probably walk out if I sit there and I just get picked on again because I'm not going to deal with that.


                A girl can only take so much and I sat there for two-and-a-half hours defending myself and getting picked on and I won't do that, that's not going to happen again.


Question:            OK.  And a little bit off topic, but you would be a great person to ask.  Some rumors, completely unconfirmed though, they were just on the internet yesterday that Emily has been chosen already to be the next Bachelorette.  Since you got to know her well in person, do you think she would be a good casting call for that?  And there were also rumors that Bentley would be interested in pursuing her. 


Shawntel Newton:          Yes, that would – I think if Bentley came back for Emily that would be even more drama than me coming back for Ben.  But I think if Emily does decide to do this or that's what ends up happening, I think – I mean Emily's a great person.  A lot of people have fallen in love with her and her daughter.


                I think it would be hard just because of her daughter and if they did traveling and everything, because I know that she struggled with that when we were on Brad's season together with being away from her daughter for so long.


                But so in ways, yes, I mean she'd be great because now a lot of viewers want to see her fall in love and really like her.  But she's a very good person, though I think it'd be really hard for her to send people home because she's so nice.  And having to let people go and if Bentley came back, her handling certain situations I think would be very hard for her just because she's so sweet.


                But, I mean, I definitely would watch, and she's a great person.  So I think if she decides to do it, then good luck for her.


Question:            I mean, let's be honest, it's not like a lot of these people stay together, even if they do get engaged.  I mean, Brad didn't even pick someone the first time.  So knowing what you know now and seeing how Ben handled that and put the women's feelings above his, say we get to the end of this, he doesn't pick someone or he does and it falls apart quickly and you're single, would you still be interested, or did you see something that day where you were like, “OK, never mind, he doesn't even have the balls to keep me if he –“ 


Shawntel Newton:          No, I wouldn't be interested.  I mean, I think he's a good person, I mean, as far as friendship possibly or like I would hope to stay a friend.  But, no, after just that whole situation, I know that people can crack under pressure.  I had mentioned that on camera saying that Ben, he did crack under pressure.


                And that to me, that was such a setting that either he could like make it to where I’m like oh, my gosh, this is the guy I'd want to be with for the rest of my life because he's keeping me and he did feel something, or the way that it unfortunately went, he sent me home and to me that's like, you know what, I want a man that's going to set that fair aside and like keep me among all these other women too. 


                And so, no, I wouldn't be because in that situation, him sending me home was like, “OK, well, if he's not going to do it there I'm not going to come back to it.”  So, no, I wouldn't.


Question:            Shawntel, your conversation with Ben at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony seemed a bit short.  Do you think there was anything else you could have done or said to convince Ben to keep you around?  Like do you wish you maybe had been more assertive or stolen more of his time from some of the other girls? 


Shawntel Newton:          Well, when I walked in I had to interrupt his conversation that he was having with Elyse and I knew, I mean, just that cocktail party since I've done this before, you don't get a whole lot of time because there's still so many girls they want to talk to and they're going to interrupt you. 


                So I kind of knew the drill.  And when I talked to him I was – I wasn't so much at a loss for words, but I kind of felt that I didn't need to say a whole lot because we've talked before and all I basically said to him was, here I am and I want to get a chance to get to know you more and I'm willing to, if you will have me stay at the rose ceremony, and if you give me a rose, then I'm excited to hopefully get a date and get to know you.


                And if you don't feel anything, then send me home, and I don't really think that I don't regret saying what I did and I don't feel like I should have said anything more.  I think just me being there and just saying “here I am, keep me because I think that you and I both know that there has been something between us” and I thought that should have been enough, and I don't think there could have been anything else that I could have said that would have made him keep me because he wasn't thinking really about me and him, he was thinking about his women as a whole and as a group.


Question:            OK, and you said he talked to you quite a few times before he signed up to go on The Bachelor, but did you ever really try to tell Ben how you felt about him and that maybe you'd like to pursue a relationship with him before he signed on?  Or do you think he really knew how you felt? 


Shawntel Newton:          When we had talked before we – I definitely made it pretty clear like, OK, let's get together.  I want to meet you in person.  I already feel like just from having a conversation with you, and he was feeling the same way too. 


                He's like – but since the show was going on, he couldn't really be seen in public with anybody.  And so – but I made it very clear like I would like to get to know you more, and I would like to meet you in person and it just never happened through all the chaos with him being on Ashley season and then pretty much going right into being the next Bachelor.


Question:            Sure.  And my last question is: Were you really apprehensive to go on The Bachelor again because of how your season with Brad had turned out?


Shawntel Newton:          It's funny, because when I went on the first season with Brad, none of us girls knew who we were about to meet and all that and I had no idea who Brad was anyway and getting to know him, bringing him to the funeral home, I don't regret any of that, and Brad was a great guy but then getting – watching after the season getting to – seeing all these other guys and seeing especially Ben, I was like “now he would be someone that I'd actually want to sign not only myself up for but to go see even back on national television” like what I did.  But I didn't really think about my time with Brad and everything.  That was a year ago and I thought, OK, I had that and that was great, but now here's someone that I actually do want to go on and get to know more.  And that's why I went (inaudible) I would never have done that if it was someone else.


                I didn't even want to do it in the first place because it's an exhausting process but it was Ben and I thought, well, I want to see if there's something more.


Question:            While Ben was on The Bachelorette he seems to catch not only your attention but also Jennifer Love Hewitt, another TV personality.  What made him so attractive in the way he presented himself on TV? 


Shawntel Newton:          I think a lot of it was just his way – he was just laid back and that's how I think every girl wants a guy which is really chill and relax.  He's very confident and I think being a wine maker and all that just makes it even more attractive.


                I also like the long dark hair.  I just find him great, and I think – and obviously a lot of girls did.  In fact, when I walked into the cocktail party, I had a couple of girls say to me, they're like, “oh, my gosh, when you walked in we're like please don't tell me that's Jennifer Love Hewitt walking in right now.”  (Inaudible).  But, yes, apparently I don't know if they dated or went on a date or what.  I've heard mixed things about that. 


                But I think a lot of people fell in love with him.  This is a guy that a lot of girls can see with because he's so relaxed and confident and a lot of women find that very attractive, like me.


Question:            And I know that you were driving yourself there and a lot of times there's the (inaudible) in traffic.  Were you actually planning on getting there hopefully before the cocktail party had started to speak to him privately in his hotel room or something, or were you planning on arriving during the cocktail hour to confront him in front of the other women? 


Shawntel Newton:          Well, Chris had told me that arriving around the time that the cocktail was going, so I was prepared to get dressed and to walk into a lion's den and probably have to walk by a bunch of girls and even hearing some people's comments saying, “Shawntel, you should have said hi to the girls; you should have acknowledged them.”


                Well, sorry, no, I focused strictly on Ben and wanting to see him immediately even though I had to interrupt his conversation.  But that was my whole focus.  My focus was not these other girls.  It was not to get to know Ben, it was too – it should have been my (inaudible), and I've got his guts to be walking into this lion's den and apparently it wasn't enough for him.  So it just didn't work out.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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