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Mean Girls, Kissing, and One-on-One Previews of Next Week's 'The Bachelor'

I have got some great previews for you!  This first one, I have to say is so disappointing to see.  If there's one thing I HATE, it's mean, catty girls.  

Check out this clip in which one of my favorites, Kacie, is quickly sliding into second place behind Lindzi.  I can't believe she would treat someone else like this, although, because it's just a clip, we don't know the full context of it yet.



Next, it looks like Blakeley doesn't take that kind of abuse lying down, instead she goes after Ben full force.



Finally, it looks like Kacie gets some one-on-one time with Ben.  She spends it by kiddying it all up with some baton twirling.



I hope to have much more for you this week, so please keep checking in!  I should have a brand new interview with Ben on Thursday!!!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses, 
Jennifer Matarese 


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