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Monica Talks About Her Time on 'The Bachelor'

Monica Spannbauer took some time to chat about her time on "The Bachelor" today.  You may be surprised about what she actually thinks about Ben and what happened with Blakeley.


Monica said that she thought the first night she met Ben she found him to be "stuffy and boring" but then thought he was kind of quirky and fun when she spent a little time with him.  But, you mix Courtney into the equation and that all changes.


About Courtney she says that "I absolutely think she's wrong for Ben, but the more I watch the show they possibly deserve each other."  She says that she really doesn't like the way she treats other people, but never personally had an issue with her.  Monica says that "If he's that shallow and she's that manipulative then they deserve each other."



She said that she was thinking Kacie B the whole way, but now she hopes that he doesn't pick her because she thinks that "He is not deserving of the kind, wonderful person that she is" and suspects that he would just end up breaking her heart in the end. 



Monica said that first night also got blown out of proportion.  She says that she and Blakeley were in the limo together and they found that they were close in age and that they hit it off as friends right away.  As for the things she said to Blakeley, "it did really happen, but it was not me being bisexual or into her".  She said that she was aware of the cameras but didn't realize they were picking up their whispering and she was just trying to say if it doesn't work out with Ben at least they are able to make a new friend out of this situation.



I'll have much more of this interview tomorrow when I get the full transcript!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



Kortny is a terrible person! OMG! Can't Ben see that? Or is he Frikin Blind?!

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