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Shawntel and Brittney Talk about Ben in New Interview

Shawntel Newton who came on the third episode to try to win Ben's heart, and who had previously appeared on Brad Womack's season of 'The Bachelor' spoke to reporters about her most recent experience, while Brittney Schreiner, known for bringing her grandma on, talks about her decision to leave the show.


Let's start with Brittney.


She says that she decided to leave the show because she just didn't "feel a spark" with Ben.  I asked her why she didn't just go on the one-on-one date she was offered to really see what she thought of him, and she said, "I think because my heart wasn’t in it, I wasn’t as excited and wasn’t being aggressive.  I did some soul searching, I really had to dig deep and it dawned on me that I just shouldn’t be there."


She felt like if he was connecting with other women and she wasn't feeling anything, why waste everyone's time.  It was asked though if she thought maybe that Ben might send her home and she just wanted to beat him to the punch and she said that's not why she left, because she's not afraid of getting dumped if she wants to pursue something with a guy.


It's the usual pattern that when someone leaves the show, they come back later.  Brittney wouldn't say one way or the other if this is the last we'll be seeing of her this season.  I bet she'll probably show up at "The Women Tell All."


Ok, because I have a problem with that, I wanted to know what the general consensus in the house was.  I asked her what she and the other girls thought of Ben's hair.  She said that she thought it was "OK", but that she usually doesn't go for that type.  She thinks that Courtney's probably the only one in love with it.


As for if there are any other Bachelor's she would be interested in meeting, she says that she's "really drawn to Brad."  Seriously?!


Next, let's talk about Shawntel!  


She clarified what her relationship with Ben really was before he went on the show.  She says that they had become friends on Twitter and exchanged private messages and their phone numbers on there.  Shawntel says that they spoke on the phone and that the phone calls pretty much stopped once he officially became "The Bachelor".


She thought that going on the show would be her only chance to meet Ben in person and see if there really was something between them.


Shawntel says that she was completely surprised at the girls' reaction. "I was beyond surprised, expected the girls to be upset or confused, I did not expect to get the reaction that I did.  It was really uncomfortable to have 15 really pretty girls picking on me, it was out of the movie 'Mean Girls', to my face I had girls say some really harsh things, even girls commenting on my body image, saying I’m uglier in person or commenting on my body image, there was nothing I could do to prepare to watch what I saw on Monday, there was not one thing that was nice."  Hopefully I typed that accurately, as always, I'll have the official full transcript tomorrow.


She said that in the meantime, she's been dating and that getting over the girls' comments was harder than getting over Ben's rejection.  She said she's hoping for apologies at “The Women Tell All”.


In case you were wondering, Shawntel says she also likes Ben's longer hair.  She thinks that he's completely falling for Courtney despite her meanness to the other girls and her, and that she's a huge reason Ben chose not to give her a rose, because she gave him an ultimatum of sorts.


I'll have much more on this tomorrow!


Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese 


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